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26-Feb-15 Imamzadeh Ebrahim, Iran (3F)

No details released apart from fatality numbers.  One unconfirmed report quotes the type as AB212

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13-Aug-14 6-2414 Agusta-Bell 212 Dayer, Iran

Helicopter came down with significant vertical force, causing the skids to splay out, the cabin to touch the ground and the boom to detach at the root.  That said, the main and tail rotor blades were not damaged.  4 of 6 POB injured

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26-Nov-13 Bell 205 Saravan, Iran

Photos show helicopter on its side with blades _undamaged_ but tail ripped away and damage to port stabiliser

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02-Jun-13 Alborz Mountains, Iran

Helicopter carrying President Mahmud Ahmadinejad made an emergency landing.  No details.  President on board and an continued his journey by car

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14-Nov-12 Bell 214B Khorassan Razavi, Iran (10F)

Struck wires in poor visibility and crashed after rescuing five from a minibus road crash.  A further five crew on board were killed.  Extensive photo cover in news agency photo albums here , here and here

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25-Aug-12 Bell 214 Sardasht, Iran (4F)

Helicopter crashed about 6 miles from the Iraqi border in northwestern Iran.  Four killed – one Revolutionary Guard member and three crew members.  Bell 214 as a type is not fully confirmed

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23-Dec-11 Southeast Iran, Iran (2F)

Two killed after a police helicopter hit telecom tower,  located on a base of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards.  Some reports say 3 killed, not 2

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30-May-11 Bell AH-1 Isfahan, Iran (2F)

A military helicopter belonging to Iran’s Air Force has crashed near the central city of Isfahan, killing the pilot and co-pilot, a senior Iranian official says.  Deputy Governor of Isfahan Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili said that the crash was caused by technical problems in the helicopter.

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08-Feb-11 Maku, Iran

Blades struck building on take-off.  One passenger was Housing and Urban Development Minister Ali Nikzad

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09-Jun-10 (Type/Serial TBA) Semnan Province, Iran (4F)

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16-Aug-09 (Serial TBA) Bell 214 Shahriar county, Iran (4F)

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10-Aug-09 Agusta-Bell AB205 nr Kerman, Iran (3F)

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