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02-Aug-15 RF-95316 Mil Mi-28N Dubrovichi, Russia (1F)

During a display of the “Golden Eagles” display team, one of the helicopters started to spin on its axis and gradually descend until it hit the ground hard, killing the pilot and seriously injuring the co-pilot.  Post crash fire

Full video of the accident here and here (second one shows co-pilot emerging from the helicopter)

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16-Aug-12 Mil Mi-28N Mozdok, Russia

Crashed from a low hover, moderate damage, no injuries

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15-Feb-11 Mil Mi-28N Budyonnovsk, Russia (1F)

A Mil Mi-28 Night Hunter attack helicopter made a rough emergency landing in the Budyonnovsk district in Russia’s southern Stavropol territory on Tuesday, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman…  Pilot died later same day in hospital

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19-Jun-09 Mil Mi-28 Gorokhovetsky training ground, Russia

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