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16-Jan-21 517 Bell UH-1H Busdi, Philippines (7F)

Two UH-1s flying together and the pilot of the second aircraft remarked that he could see smoke from the engine of the first aircraft.   The pilot of the first aircraft advised that they were turning back, but as it maneuvered, it nosedived, according to reports.  The pilot reportedly made sure they would not crash land on a group of houses and hence ended up in the rice field, but the impact was fatal for all six on board.  Pilot named in the report as Lt. Col. Arnie Arroyo

Some reports say 6 fatalities and we will update this post as required

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05-Mar-20 RP-3086 Bell 429 San Pedro, Philippines

Struck powerlines shortly after takeoff, with brown-out a contributing factor.

Minor injuries reported to 6 and serious injuries to 2.


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04-May-17 Bell UH-1D Tanay, Philippines (3F)

Encountered engine trouble while on a landing approach inside the headquarters of the Philippine Army’s 2nd Infantry Divisiion in Sitio Hilltop, Barangay Sampaloc, Camp Capinpin in Tanay.  Helicopter crashed and burned out in a wooded area

The helicopter was taking part in a disaster rescue operation training course involving 60 soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division and 12 policemen from Calabarzon in Region-4 with Camp Capinpin as venue.

3 fatalities from 4 POB

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05-Jul-15 RP-C2726 AgustaWestland AW109E Mt. Maculot, Philippines (2F)

8 POB and photos show helicopter crashed in mountainous area and completely destroyed – some reports such as this one state the weather was “heavy rain and thick fog”.  This news item has a video report from the crash scene

Pilot Felicisimo Taborlupa was killed in the accident, and Archimedes “Archie” King, founder and owner of the Victoria Court motel chain died later at the Martin Marasigan Memorial Memorial Hospital in Cuenca. The six injured passengers were named as King’s wife, Ling-ling, Tatler Philippines editor-in-chief Anton San Diego, Christopher Chilip, Patricia Chilip, and model-designer Tina Maristela-Ocampo and her husband Rico.

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15-Feb-15 461 MD Helicopters MD530 Al-Barka, Philippines

Philippine military press office stated “We also commend the heroic pilots of MG MD-520 attack helicopter that was hit by enemy fire while providing close air support to the ground troops which were swarmed by the bandits,”.  Safe emergency landing made in confined area with no further damage apparent from photo

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04-Feb-15 518 Bell UH-1H Camp Evangelista, Philippines

Two POB not seriously injuried in UH-1H crash in which helicopter ended up on its roof in open grass area

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07-Aug-14 310921 PZL W-3 Sokol Marawi City, Philippines

Appeared to lose power in hover taxi for take-off  en route to Cagayan de Oro City and lost height, crashing to the ground – see full video

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06-Dec-13 Bell UH-1H Bagacay, Philippines

Crashed after reportedly developing engine trouble.  Some injuries

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24-Nov-13 RP-C3699 Eurocopter Bo105M Hagonoy, Philippines

Helicopter carrying relief supplies crashed into Manila Bay.  Two occupants – named here as Captain Irene Dornier and Captain James Eagles – both rescued by US Marines involved in the post-typhoon relief effort

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04-Oct-13 Bell UH-1H Balingasag, Philippines

Capt. Christian Uy, spokesperson of the army’s 4th Infantry Division, said that the Huey made an emergency landing in Balingasag Friday morning when the pilot noticed a mechanical malfunction

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19-Jun-13 RP-2045 Robinson R44 Tinglayan, Philippines

A police superintendent, a police pilot and another police officer survived a helicopter crash landing atop a rem ote mountain

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07-May-13 RP-C7788 Eurocopter SE313B Barangay Rawis, Philippines

EMergency landing on shoreline shortly after take-off.   Pilot  Capt. Dino Garcia and passengers Decoroso Asinas, and Efipanio Pinca suffered minor injuries while the last passenger Andre Abalon suffered serious head injuries after being struck by the rotor blades

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21-Aug-12 Eurocopter Bo105C Donsol, Philippines

Emergency landing into water 1m deep while on search for light aircraft – one of whose occupants was Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.   The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) identified the five people on board the helicopter as Navy pilots Lt. Rowene Colita, Lt. Jg. Nelson Alquiza, co-pilot; AD3 (Aviation Machinest-3) Rodrigo Gernale, AD2 Leo Calmante and Danny Pata, photographer of a Manila-based newspaper.

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11-Mar-12 Bell UH-1H Kitcharao, Philippines

Helicopter was hovering near the ground when it suddenly crashed.

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01-Oct-11 Bell UH-1H Mount Sinumaan, Philippines (3F)

Reported mechanical problems, crashed onto mountain and rolled for some distance

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13-Apr-11 Bell Huey II Taytay, Philippines

PAF Spokesman Lt. Col. Miguel Ernesto Okol clarified that the Air Force helicopter did not crash as it just “made a hard landing” as an emergency procedure.

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10-Sep-10 Bell UH-1H Barangay Nagrebcan, Philippines

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16-Aug-10 411 Eurocopter Bo105 Zamboanga, Philippines (2F)

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17-May-10 RP-C2550 Robinson R44 Barangay Iyam, Philippines (5F)

Deceased included Quezon Governor Rafael Nantes and two children, one named as Rowena Navales, 14

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06-Apr-09 RP-1946 Bell B412 near Tinoc township in Ifugao province, Philippines (8F)

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