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15-Dec-18 Leonardo AW109S Serra de Pias, Portugal (4F)

The helicopter was returning to its base in Macedo de Cavaleiros, Bragança district, after carrying out a medical emergency mission to transport a seriously ill patient to the Santo António Hospital in Porto.  The accident was located some 4-5 hours after the helicopter was reported missing.  All four on board died in the accident, named in this report as pilot João Lima, co-pilot Luís Rosindo, doctor Luis Vega and nurse Daniela Silva

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08-Aug-15 CS-HIA Airbus AS350B3 Lapa, Portugal

Positioning flight back to base at low level when it crashed and was written off

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16-Jul-15 D-HCOL Airbus AS350B2 Portugal

Aerial electrical cable collision following water discharge during fire-fighting operation. The pilot managed to immediately land the helicopter. Initial assessment reveals bucket, helicopter tail and one main rotor blade damage.

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29-Jun-15 CS-HMH Airbus AS350B3 Lamoso, Portugal

Crashed into water during firefighting operations and sank

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04-Dec-14 CS-HFD Schweizer 300CBi Ponte de Sor, Portugal (2F)

Crashed on training flight, killing Portuguese instructor and Angolan student

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18-Dec-13 CS-HEX Eurocopter EC120 Marmelete, Portugal (1F)

Struck powerlines while surveying them for energy company Energias de Portugal.  Helicopter crashed into a wooded area.  1 fatal, 2 serious.

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03-Sep-12 CS-HMO Kamov Ka32A Ourém, Portugal

Piloted by Commander Paulo Loureiro and the co-pilot Diogo Cabral – and involved in firefighting when it crashed.

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18-Oct-11 CS-HFJ Bell 212 Golfar, Portugal

Helicopter ended up upside down, but with the cabin and boom looking reasonably intact – certainly tail boom is complete and tail rotor blades do not appear damaged

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10-Jan-11 CS-HFP Eurocopter AS350B2 Corroios, Portugal

Camera operator and the pilot suffered minor injuries. AS350 was operating for television station TVI.  Location was a field adjacent to the A2 motorway

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06-Jul-10 D-HAFL Bell B205 Paranho Besteiros, Portugal

Main blades hit tree during firefighting ops

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13-Jun-09 CS-HFB Bell B206 Alvoco da Serra, Portugal

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