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30-Jan-21 N660TN Robinson R66 Arline, US-Tennessee

Crashed 5 minutes after taking off from McGhee Tyson Airport


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01-Jan-21 9M-SAW Robinson R66 Port Klang, Malaysia

Badly damaged in dynamic rollover on a training flight.  Pilot named here as Kharudin Dahlan, 72, and his co-pilot was, Moithu Kutti Mohamad, 52

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30-Dec-20 JA77AR Robinson R66 Ojiro, Japan (1F)

Helicopter had taken off from the Isewan Helipad in Tsu City.  Circumstances of accident unclear but it is noted that high winds were recorded around that time and a local weather observatory had issued a gale advisory.  Pilot named here as Kotaro Demura, 46, was taken to a hospital but died later the same day

Accident location was in a mountain forest

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29-Aug-20 HC-CVB Robinson R66 Manta, Ecuador

Heavy landing which resulted in the starboard skid ripped off, main blades damaged, tail strike which destroyed tail blades

Registration to be confirmed as HC-CVB is also reported as a Bell 505

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04-Aug-20 RA-06353 Robinson R66 Mount Belukha, Russia

Pilot not injured

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09-Jan-20 N450MC Robinson R66 Silver Spring Township, US-Pennsylvania (2F)

A helicopter crashed in a backyard of a home in Silver Spring Township, US-Pennsylvania. The two occupants on-board died, no injuries on the ground reported.

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21-Aug-17 RA-05750 Robinson R66 Maly Utrish, Russia (1F)

Sole occupant pilot suffered fatal injuries when helicopter crashed into a mountain, per press reports

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20-May-17 N778TL Robinson R66 Canon City, US-Colorado

Close to company base, helicopter landed upright, but with main blades slicing the tail boom off close to the tail rotor

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12-Sep-15 G-LROK Robinson R66 Denham, UK

Take-off accident, ended on its starboard side with creased tail boom, destroyed rotor mast and blades.  One of the two occupants needed first aid only.

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05-Apr-15 RA-06382 Robinson R66 Gorodki, Russia

Fell onto its side during take-off in snowy conditions

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20-Jan-15 RA-06205 Robinson R66 Tobeler, Russia

Heavy landing, reportedly after engine problems.  4 POB got out with minor or no injuries.  Post-crash fire

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22-Dec-14 N64HF Robinson R66 Henniker, US-New Hampshire

Struck tail on landing and slid into a snow bank

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20-Aug-14 VH-JRX Robinson R66 Giru, Australia

While conducting aerial agricultural operations, the helicopter struck a wire and subsequently collided with terrain. The helicopter was substantially damaged and the pilot received minor injuries.

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28-Jun-14 RA-1588G Robinson R66 Temnolesskaya, Russia (4F)

Details not yet known, but helicopter crashed killing all four POB including pilot A.I. Goncharenko, businessman Samvel Elugyan plus his 22-year-old daughter Alina Elugyan and 13-year-old son Eugene Elugyan.  Post crash fire

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29-May-14 N66CN Robinson R66 Woodhead Pass, UK

Emergency landing due to weather with three on board going to a rugby match at Huddersfield

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30-Nov-13 Robinson R66 Capitolio, Brazil

Blown over in high winds when parked on grass helipad.  Estimated date based on posting of photo in Facebook

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20-Nov-13 PR-MXM Robinson R66 Guaiba Island, Brazil (1F)

Sole occupant pilot Nelson Juliani Blanco, age 33, died in the accident

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28-Jul-13 N66001 Robinson R66 Mont Outheran, France

Main rotor struck tail boom during tailwind landing

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27-Jul-13 N646AG Robinson R66 Tunkhannock, US-Pennsylvania (5F)

En route from Lehighton PA to Endecott NY with five aboard was en route when it disappeared from radar during conditions of severe thunderstorms and heavy fog. The last communication to ATC was a report around 10 pm Saturday that he was “losing altitude and would try to return to a nearby airfield.”.  Wreckage was located at 1:50 p.m. next day in a heavily wooded area. There was no fire, and no witness.

The Wyoming County Coroner’s Office identified the victims as: Bernard Michael Kelly, 58, of Ellicott City, Md.; his daughter, Leanna Mee Kelly, 27, of Savage, Md.; David Ernest Jenny Jr., 31, of Towson, Md (Pilot).; Carl Robert Woodland, 29, of Lovettsville, Va.; and his son, Noah Robert McKain Woodland, 3, of Leesburg, Va.

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09-Mar-13 ZK-IHU Robinson R66 Oamaru Valley, New Zealand (1F)

Crashed on a ridge above the Oamaru Valley, east of Turangi, after dropping off a hunting party.  The body of pilot Mark Didsbury was found 50m away from the helicopter

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03-Jan-13 PR-DUB Robinson R66 Caraguatatuba, Brazil (2F)

Details unknown.  Helicopter “missing from radar screens” and not found until 15 days after the accident

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01-Oct-11 N266CY Robinson R66 Philip, US-South Dakota (1F)

Haakon County Sheriff Mel Smith told local radio station that the helicopter crashed in a pasture a mile south of Philip. Sole occupant 64-year-old pilot James Hladky was pronounced dead at the scene.

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12-Jul-11 N810AG Robinson R66 Girardot Airport, Colombia (2F)

Crashed shortly after take-off.  One report suggests tail rotor struck a tree, but nephew of pilot says it lost the tail at 400ft.  Fatalities named as Ricardo Cabrera (pilot/trainer) and Juan Pablo Gaviria (owner/student)

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