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15-Oct-15 5Y-DKK Airbus AS350B3 Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania (4F)

Crashed and burnt out.  Helicopter was being used in support of parliamentary candidate Deo Filikunjombe, who died along with the other three on board.  Another parliamentary candidate, Jerry Silaa, posted on his Instagram that his father William Silaa had been the pilot

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07-Jul-15 Leguruki, Tanzania

4 POB injured and to hospital after helicopter crashes shortly after take off in poor weather.  Helicopter was transporting MP Joshua Nassari who was speaking on an election event.

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29-Nov-14 5H-TWA Robinson R44 Kipunguni, Tanzania (4F)

Helicopter crashed killing all 4 POB – Two pilots from the police force, a civilian pilot and a police officer were killed.  On final approach to Dar es Salaam’s Julius Nyerere International Airport.  Potential wake vortex issue from recently landed airliner?  Anti Poaching flight

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13-Apr-14 JW-9505 Agusta-Bell 412 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Crashed on take-off, ending up on its side with rotorhead against the hangar wall, injuring Tanzania’s vice president Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal and some of the others on board – total 11 POB

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29-Apr-90 5H-TPF Bell 206L1 Ndanda, Tanzania (1F)

Passenger from another helicopter parked nearby ran/walked under the tail boom and was struck by the tail rotor and killed.  Minor damage to the helicopter

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