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06-Nov-17 N7085M Robinson R44 Inwood, US-Iowa

The sheriff was reported as saying Pilot Robert Krier with Ride the Sky Helicopters and passenger Steve Ahrendt, the owner of the cattle, were in the helicopter when it clipped a power line looking for loose cattle. Both occupants reported as suffering serious injuries.

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13-Sep-15 N135PA CHR Safari Stuart, US-Iowa

Crashed into corn field, minor injuries to pilot.  Helicopter is registered to Gary G Guisinger from the town where the accident happened

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18-Aug-15 N5743W Bell 206 Cresco, US-Iowa

According to the pilot, he departed with 25 gallons of fuel and 80 gallons of chemical to spray a bean field near Cresco. About 5 minutes into the application, the engine lost power and the pilot initiated an autorotation to a water way on the side of a hill. Upon touchdown on the uneven terrain, the main rotor blades contacted and severed the tailboom. The pilot shutdown and exited the helicopter.

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24-Jul-15 N1396X Bell 47G.4A Gilbert, US-Iowa

Substantially damaged after force landing in a field during aerial application work

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06-Sep-14 N699TQ Robinson R44 Macedonia, US-Iowa (1F)

Struck powerline while on low level agricultural work.  Pilot died in hospital on 11th September from his injuries – and was named here as Chris Moore

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13-Jul-14 N230DM Robinson R44 Colfax, US-Iowa

Force landed in field


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06-Aug-13 N83702 Bell 47G.3B.1 Vinton, US-Iowa

Tail boom severed by main blades during take-off.  Pilot reported here as Dick Sluke

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29-Jul-13 N1396X Bell 47G4A Beaman, US-Iowa

Sheriff Rick Penning says the pilot, 48 year old Timothy Harmer from Boone was not injured as the helicopter he was operating for Vista Helicopter Service of Boone struck a Cornbelt  Electric  Powerline, which took out his tail-rotor and forced his landing in the cornfield

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06-May-13 Mosquito XE Waterloo, US-Iowa

Ultralight helicopter, believed to be a Mosquito Xe, crashed – injuring the pilot

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23-Apr-13 N51767 Enstrom F28C Glidden, US-Iowa

Crashed in open field with boom separated from cabin/engine area.  Helicopter had been hired by Iowa Department of Natural Resources for a geese count

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03-Jan-13 N534LN Eurocopter EC135P2 Marshalltown, US-Iowa

Helicopter went tech at highway landing site

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02-Jan-13 N445MT Bell 407 Ventura, US-Iowa (3F)

Three killed in night time accident north of Ventura – pilot Gene Grell, nurse Shelly Lair-Langenbau and paramedic Russell Piehl.   Reports state it was the helicopter based at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa.  Post impact fire.  Was en route from Mason City to Emmetsburg.

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25-Oct-12 Sikorsky MH-60T Cedar Rapids, US-Iowa

Helicopter grounded at Rockwell Collins facility after reported wiring issue that caused hydraulic problems.

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30-Sep-12 N530KD MD Helicopters MD530F Decorah, US-Iowa

Autorotated into field and turned over after engine problems while lifting power line pole . 2POB not injured

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26-Jul-12 N8092J Bell OH-58C Waukon, US-Iowa

Main rotorblade struck powerline

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14-Jul-12 N556MM Robinson R44 Red Oak, US-Iowa

Rotor blade struck vehicle on landing

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09-Jul-12 N2919W Bell 47G.3B.2 Treynor, US-Iowa

Main blades contacted tail boom during agricultural operations

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26-Jun-12 N911KX Bell 407 Pleasantville, US-Iowa

Helicopter went AOG for unknown reason and was roaded out from field landing.  We are 99% sure this was N911KX, although the press photo shows the registration etc all covered up.  Compare to this photo of N911KX which is known to be based in Iowa.

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26-Jun-12 N488MC Hughes 269A Grinnell, US-Iowa

Tail boom struck fence on landing

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12-Apr-12 N69HJ Hughes 269A Grinnell, US-Iowa

Substantially damaged due to ground resonance

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01-Apr-12 N911KX Bell 407 Pella, US-Iowa

Cockpit indication led pilot to make emergency landing at night.  Aircraft later checked out and cleared to fly

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07-Sep-11 Tabor, US-Iowa

Robert Smith, 80, got out of helicopter on his own land, and accidentally walked into tail rotor. Non-life-threatening injuries.  Pilot named as Larry Inman of Randolph.

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02-Aug-11 N4771N Bell 47G.2 Charles City, US-Iowa

Force landed; damage unknown

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01-Aug-11 N51857 Bell 47G Joice, US-Iowa

Wire strike during agricultural ops.  25 year old pilot Joseph Sailer of Shakopee Minnesota never saw the power line across the corn field.  Press reported operated by Northland Helicopters but helicopter is registered to Scotts Helicopter Service

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25-Jul-11 N3880J Sikorsky UH-34D Wilton, US-Iowa (1F)

Agricultural ops, crashed into field, killing 54-year-old Hubert Dane Harris Jr., of Little Rock, AK.

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01-Aug-10 N39CP Robinson R44 Odebolt, US-Iowa

FAA preliminary report indicates this was a wirestrike

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28-Jul-10 N275RA Bell B206 St.Olaf, US-Iowa

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31-Aug-09 N Eurocopter EC135 Mediapolis, US-Iowa

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28-Jul-09 N Rotorway Exec 162F Arlington, US-Iowa

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