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11-Jan-19 N346AE Airbus AS350B2 Ponca City, US-Oklahoma

NTSB report :  The pilot and an air ambulance crewmember were repositioning the helicopter due to incoming inclement weather. About halfway into the flight, the front windshields were fogging over, and the pilot increased the demister. Upon reaching the destination, the pilot hovered near the company hangar; by this time, the windshields had completely fogged over. The crewmember warned the pilot that he was getting close to the hangar, which was on the helicopter’s left side. The pilot felt that he was high enough off the ground to move the helicopter several feet to the right, but the right skid was too low and contacted the ground, which resulted in a dynamic rollover. The helicopter sustained substantial damage to the rotor blades, fuselage, and tailboom.

Based on the available information, the dynamic rollover was a result of the pilot’s failure to maintain altitude during the hover operation with a fogged-over windshield.

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25-Aug-15 N444KD Robinson R44 Ketchum, US-Oklahoma

Pilot John Marcotte suffered minor injuries. Tail boom sliced in two places, helicopter ended on its starboard side in a hay field – approx one mile out after departing local airfield

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30-Mar-15 Eurocopter AS350 Wilburton, US-Oklahoma

Turned back after takeoff to check a malfunctioning gauge and landed back at departure point. Infant patient then ferried to destination by another helicopter

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12-Mar-15 N919EM Airbus AS350B2 Stidham, US-Oklahoma (1F)

flying to McAlester from Tulsa when it crashed, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, and no patients were on board.  Timed at around 11.25pm 3 POB, 1 Fatal

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25-Sep-14 N152CA Bell 206B Pushmataha County, US-Oklahoma

Crashed in unknown circumstances

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11-Nov-13 68-15287 Bell UH-1D Tulsa, US-Oklahoma

Damaged during ground transportation to Veterans Day event. falling off trailer and blocking the road.  Badly damaged

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19-Oct-13 N495AE Bell 407 Cooperton, US-Oklahoma

Birdstrike, landed without incident but one of 3 POB suffered minor injuries

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11-Jun-13 N935EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Talihina, US-Oklahoma (1F)

Crashed close to hospital helipad on take-off for transfer to Tulsa.  Patient on board, 1 fatal, 2 critical, 1 minor.  Post crash fire.  Fatality was the patient, Michael Wilson, 49, although unclear whether that was due to the accident or his previous medical condition (following a serious workplace injury)

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02-Jun-13 N464E Robinson R44 Keystone Lake, US-Oklahoma

Helicopter crashed into lake, 3 POB saved by nearby boaters

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02-Jan-13 N334AM Eurocopter EC130 Cromwell, US-Oklahoma

Very heavy field landing of an EMS helicopter – helicopter was headed from Seminole Airport to the Creek Nation Community Hospital in Okemah.  Skids collapsed, main blades sliced tail boom.  All four POB injured, noting that no patient was on board.

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19-Oct-12 N57948 Eurocopter SA315B Helena, US-Oklahoma

Blades struck striker plate on landing

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29-Apr-12 N406EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Hugo, US-Oklahoma

Annual check ride with NVGs in EMS helicopter.  After a satisfactory slope landing, the PIC repositioned the helicopter to a flat area and performed a hovering autorotation,
which  resulted  in  a  hard  landing.  After the flight, during a post-flight examination,  substantial  damage  was  discovered  to the tail boom and the aft portion of the fuselage

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30-Mar-12 N929JV Eurocopter SA315B Alva, US-Oklahoma

Autorotated into field during external load operations

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27-Sep-11 N606WA Hughes 500D Chouteau, US-Oklahoma

Skid struck powerline on take off and landed immediately without further incident

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23-Jul-11 N118TV Bell 206 Randlett, US-Oklahoma

Struck powerlines and force landed.  It is believed that this helicopter operates for the ABC channel 8 KTUL under the name “Ranger 8”

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23-Feb-11 N112AS Hughes 369D Henryetta, US-Oklahoma

Rolled over on landing

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15-Feb-11 N285AE Bell 206L.3 Tulsa, US-Oklahoma

Precautionary landing after bird strike

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29-Jul-10 N116AE Bell B206 Jenks, US-Oklahoma

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22-Jul-10 N918EM AS350B2 Kingfisher, US-Oklahoma (2F)

Abrupt manoeuvre by pilot (allegedly to demonstrate a coyote hunt according to the NTSB report) when it struck trees.  Pilot and one paramedic killed.  The other paramedic, who was still in the process of fixing his seatbelt, survived by being thrown clear in the impact.

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25-Jun-10 N….. (Type TBA) Oklahoma City, US-Oklahoma

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15-Oct-09 N3234G Robinson R22 Tahlequah, US-Oklahoma (2F)

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11-Jun-09 N34SD Hiller UH-12 Stringtown, US-Oklahoma

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14-Jan-09 N2252U Brantly B2B Cement, US-Oklahoma

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