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09-Jun-17 N590GG Robinson R44 Douglas, US-Wyoming

Main blades sliced tail boom and skids splayed out on heavy landing in gusty conditions.  2 POB injured

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28-Aug-15 N440SA Robinson R44 Cheyenne, US-Wyoming

The helicopter landed hard from an altitude of about 15 feet and slid about 8 to 10 feet. Both skids were spread apart and broken and the helicopter came to rest on its fuselage. Both tail rotor blades separated and the vertical stabilizer was damaged. There was some buckling of the fuselage. The tail boom and main rotor blades appeared to be undamaged, and there was no discernible tail strike.

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11-Dec-12 N4073Q Robinson R22 Rawlins, US-Wyoming

Low level photography flight

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15-Nov-12 N7160V Bell 407 Riverton, US-Wyoming

Force landing after striking power lines.  Wire strike system successfully cut cables and helicopter landed safely.  This report suggests that the helicopter was flying at 80-100 ft altitude, and thus the crew “were acting outside the scope of their employment and in violation of Federal Aviation Regulations, company operational specifications and policies.”

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31-Jul-12 N5038F Fairchild-Hiller FH1100 Cody, US-Wyoming

Very heavy landing, stayed upright but caused extensive airframe damage.  4 POB minor injuries, all treated on scene.

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15-Feb-12 N407HL Bell 407 Jackson, US-Wyoming (1F)

SAR mission, very heavy landing

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13-Dec-11 N8067Z Bell 407 Rock Springs, US-Wyoming

“fell to the ground from low level” – tail boom severed by main blades, skids collapsed.  5 POB but none were patients.

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24-Sep-11 N3070S Robinson R22 Douglas, US-Wyoming

Skids struck the ground while hovertaxying

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09-Sep-05 N944U Robinson R44 Jackson, US-Wyoming

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:  the pilot’s failure to maintain aircraft control during initial takeoff climb resulting in an uncontrolled descent and impact with terrain. A contributing factor was the pilot’s encounter in settling with power.



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