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09-Dec-12 Robinson R44 Ploski, Russia

R44 with 3 POB missing.  Did not arrive at intended destination in the Dmitrov District after taking off on 40 mile flight... Read more

22-Nov-12 Mil Mi-8 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

Emergency landing after helicopter damaged in bird strike... Read more

17-Nov-12 Mil Mi-2 Ivanovo, Russia (2F)

2 killed when helicopter crashed into forest... Read more

17-Nov-12 RA-22343 Mil Mi-8 Sedelnikovo, Russia

Turned over onto its side when landing.  Beyond that, reports differ – in particular the company press release and the initial investigation reports and local press.  Some say conditions were gusty, others say low visibility – one report has photo of wreckage with snow falling.  Some say  17 passengers and 3 crew – of which... Read more

17-Oct-12 RA-24267 Mil Mi-8 Evenk, Russia (1F)

Fell onto its side while landing, killing one of the eight on board.  Fatality named as Svetalana Kulishova... Read more

16-Oct-12 RA-04206 Robinson R44 Muravlyanka, Russia (1F)

Crashed and burned on field. Pilot fatally injured... Read more

08-Sep-12 Mil Mi-24 Dagestan, Russia (4F)

Mountainous region, poor weather, 4 killed... Read more

27-Aug-12 Mil Mi-8 Mirny, Russia

Safe landing with 16 POB plus crew after smoke was noticed in the cockpit – later discovered as the aircon unit burning out.... Read more

16-Aug-12 Mil Mi-28N Mozdok, Russia

Crashed from a low hover, moderate damage, no injuries... Read more

10-Aug-12 RA-3054K Mil Mi-2 Proletarsky, Russia (1F)

Helicopter crashed while carrying out agricultural work.  No further details at this time.  Pilot fatally injured... Read more

06-Aug-12 UR-KLUB Robinson R44 Saky Raion, Ukraine

Synidcate/Club-0wned R44 ditched in the Black Sea at night 200 metres from the shore, and sank.  Sole occupant pilot (from who lives in Kharkov) swam ashore.... Read more

31-Jul-12 RA-04142 Robinson R44 Buryatia, Russia

Damaged in emergency landing.  No injuries to 4 POB... Read more

23-Jul-12 RA-22966 Mil Mi-8 Bakchar Luginetskoye, Russia

Badly damaged in landing in swampy area short of intended helipad landing.  Three occupants injured of the 22 on board.  Helicopter with 3 crew was transporting 19 oil workers to a remote field location... Read more

04-Jul-12 RA-04097 Eurocopter AS350B3 Lensk, Russia (4F)

Helicopter crashed killing all four occupants shortly after take off from Lensk Airport.  Operator UTair named the victims as  pilot Gordeychuk Vasily, mechanic Druzenko Ivan and passengers Verezhak Yaroslav and Arthur Popov.  Unclear how relevant this is, but UTair have also stopped using Lensk for refuelling as a result of the accident.... Read more

02-Jul-12 RA-04176 Robinson R44 Imangulovo, Russia

“helicopter made a crash landing”.  No injuries... Read more

24-Apr-12 “40” Mil Mi-8 Garovka, Russia

Crash landed on a road during a training flight.  3 POB to hospital but not seriously injured.... Read more

06-Apr-12 RA-01899 Bell 407 Blagodatnoye, Russia (1F)

Emergency landing in fog, killing sole occupant pilot Valeri Maiorov... Read more

06-Apr-12 RA-01980 AgustaWestland AW119Ke Lake Yanisyarvi, Russia

Crashed on frozen lake, injuring all four occupants – including the CEO of Bank St Petersburg Alexander Saveliev and his companion Olga Lazareva.  Pilot elected to make emergency landing on encountering a sudden blizzard but the landing was too hard and the helicopter broke up on impact.  see also statement on Bank St Petersburg website... Read more

22-Mar-12 RA-01931 Bell 407 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (1F)

Helicopter struck wires and crashed into the icy waters of the River Volga, killing the pilot.  The helicopter was inverted and half under the ice with the pilot (named as Igor Sevbo) trapped inside.  Helicopter lifted out by Mil Mi-8 airlift... Read more

22-Mar-12 Mil Mi-2 Sheksna, Russia

Two people hijacked the helicopter, forced the pilot to fly to a prison at gunpoint, and then hovered as a rope ladder was dropped town for prisoner Alexei Shestakov to escape.  Prison guards shot at the helicopter in an attempt to force it to land.  The aircraft was later found abandoned on the edge of... Read more

07-Feb-12 Mil Mi-8 Kyzyl, Russia

Helicopter destroyed in hangar fire along with two An-2 fixed wing aircraft.  Preliminary cause given centred on welding work being done in the hangar at the time.  One possible candidate for this helicopter is  RA-24234 (98730691) but that is not confirmed... Read more

06-Feb-12 RA-04054 Eurocopter AS350B3 Plekhanovo, Russia

Engine allowed to over-speed causing turbine blades to fail... Read more

20-Dec-11 RA-06121 Mil MI-26 Khanty Mansi, Russia (1F)

Went into uncontrollable spin on final approach.  Hit ground and caught fire.  6POB, 1 fatal – flight engineer Igor Eroshkin... Read more

18-Nov-11 RA-04348 Robinson R44 Litvintseva, Russia (1F)

Sole occupant pilot Yevgeniy Kurbatov killed.  High energy impact with terrain, helicopter broken in many parts, but no sign of post crash fire.  Reported as low time pilot with only 20 hours experience, and flying at night.  Helicopter was found on 26th November by a volunteer search team Liza Alert the day after the state... Read more

20-Oct-11 Mil Mi-8 Yamal, Russia

Mi-8 with 25 POB has made an emergency landing in Yamal, the Emergency Situations Ministry’s Main…... Read more

15-Oct-11 RA-04332 Robinson R44 Erzovka, Russia

4POB at a flying club event.  Journalists on board filmed the descent as it apparently descended tail first and tail-low to the ground.  Rolled over onto port side.  Badly damaged.  All persons survived, some with injuries.... Read more

15-Oct-11 Mil Mi-8 Volochanka, Russia

Emergency landing due Hydraulic failure... Read more

09-Oct-11 RF-31129 Mil Mi-8 Trans-Baikal region, Russia

Located by emergency beacon signal.  7 POB confirmed safe and alive... Read more

29-Aug-11 Mil Mi-8 Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia

One report says 10 on board, 6 to hospital.  A second report says 13 to hospital.  Linked to event for launch of a cable car construction project.... Read more

26-Aug-11 Mil Mi-24 Chernigovka, Russia (1F)

Reported as a rough landing on a routine training flight – and resulted in Mi-24 fleet being suspended... Read more

25-Jul-11 RA-24422 Mil Mi-8 Chukotka, Russia (3F)

Quote – The Mi-8 helicopter owned by a local air carrier crashed while landing because of engine failure.  5 POB, three crew and two passengers.  Caught fire on landing, while on a radio navigation aids inspection flight.  Three fatalities... Read more

15-Jul-11 RA-22680 Mil Mi-8 Keperveem, Russia

Transmission caught fire during landing phase, substantially damaging the helicopter.  All occupants safe.... Read more

12-Jul-11 Mil Mi-8 Syktyvkar, Russia

A woman passenger broke her arm but no other injuries were reported.  The crash took place earlier in the day 180 kilometers from the republic’s capital Syktyvkar when the helicopter landed on rough terrain, falling on one side.  There were three crewmembers and between six and 16 passengers on board, according to different sources.... Read more

09-Jul-11 RA-04304 Robinson R44 Istok, Russia (1F)

Collided with the Yenisei River, near Istok, Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia, during a repositioning flight at night. IMC prevailed, and no flight plan was filed. The pilot is missing and presumed fatally injured. The helicopter sustained substantial damage. The flight originated from a landing strip near Severnaya, Krasnoyarsk Region... Read more

05-Jul-11 RA-22350 Mil Mi-8T Ust-Kut, Russia

The helicopter with 13 passengers and 3 crew members flew to 7.23 Moscow time from Ust-Kut on one of the drilling stations. At 2.5 kilometers from the destination helicopter made an emergency landing. According to preliminary information, there is no dead (per operator UTair – some press reports quote 2 dead)... Read more

22-Jun-11 Mil Mi-2 Andreyevskaya Cossack, Russia (1F)

The helicopter had flown only about 300 metres after takeoff when it crashed, killing the sole occupant pilot... Read more

22-Jun-11 Mil Mi-26 Rjasan, Russia

Helicopter dropped external load... Read more

18-Jun-11 Mil Mi-2 Boguchany district, Russia

Take-off accident, helicopter ended up on its side... Read more

16-Jun-11 Mil Mi-8 Nadym, Russia

Port side engine failure 20 minutes out.  Returned to airport on good engine and landed OK... Read more

15-Jun-11 Mil Mi-8 Dudinka, Russia

Precautionary landing due to fuel leak... Read more

14-Jun-11 Mil Mi-8 Tchaikovsky, Russia

5POB.  Made emergency landing in wooded area after suspected engine fire which turned out to be incorrect... Read more

09-Jun-11 RA-04331 Robinson R44 Mount Ebrus, Russia

Crashed on landing at 3500m altitude in poor visibility on tourish trip.  Rescue helicopter Ka27 then crashed too.  Second rescue helicopter sent... Read more

09-Jun-11 Kamov Ka27 Mount Ebrus, Russia

Crashed on mission to rescue the occupants of crashed Robinson R44 helicopter RA-04331... Read more

28-May-11 Mil Mi-2 Yasny, Russia (1F)

A Mi-2 helicopter crashed in the Stavropol Territory when it supposedly performed farm work. The pilot died, a source at the Emergencies Ministry’s regional centre said. The accident occurred in the village of Yasny at about 23:00 on Friday.... Read more

19-Mar-11 Kamov Ka26 Bashkortostan, Russia

Crashed and burnt out.  Both occupants injured.  One report states it did not have an airworthiness certificate, and the pilot was not approved on type.... Read more

15-Mar-11 RA-24436 Mil Mi-8 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Landed on helipad, rolled over to one side and burst into flames... Read more

01-Mar-11 Mil Mi-8 Baikit Airport, Russia

Mil Mi-8 helicopter made an emergency landing at Baikit Airport in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk territory after its engine malfunctioned... Read more

15-Feb-11 Mil Mi-28N Budyonnovsk, Russia (1F)

A Mil Mi-28 Night Hunter attack helicopter made a rough emergency landing in the Budyonnovsk district in Russia’s southern Stavropol territory on Tuesday, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman…  Pilot died later same day in hospital... Read more

05-Feb-11 RF-00854 Mil Mi-2 Kalmukia, Russia (2F)

Crashed and burst into flames shortly after take-off at 1900hrs – after emergency landing earlier in the day (see separate incident page here) and subsequent repairs.  Pilot and passenger killed.... Read more

05-Feb-11 RF-00854 Mil Mi-2 Kalmukia, Russia

Emergency landing due to engine problems.  Later repaired but helicopter crashed fatally on subsequent take-off (see separate incident page here)... Read more

19-Jan-11 Mil Mi-8 Teykovskogo, Russia

Crashed from hovering at 5m, helicopter ended up on its side.  Three occupants, one of which was hospitalized... Read more

19-Dec-10 RA-24655 Mil Mi-8 Yamal, Russia (1F)

There were 15 passengers and three crewmembers aboard the helicopter. “The passengers received injuries of various degree of gravity while the crew commander was killed,”... Read more

25-Nov-10 RA-22376 Mil Mi-8 Omsk Region, Russia (7F)

Helicopter was in landing phase. 7 killed, 3 injured... Read more

02-Nov-10 RF-28532 Mil Mi-8 Sakhalin, Russia (4F)

“A Mil Mi-8 helicopter of the Federal Security Service, which crashed in bad weather in Sakhalin on Tuesday, has been found burning.”. The deceased were all Majors – Anatoly Kozlov, Artem Trushko, Alexander Sleptsov, and Mykola Dudrov... Read more

21-Oct-10 Mil Mi-8 Vilyuchinsk, Russia

The reason for the forced landing was the increase of pressure in the oil system gearbox rotary-wing aircraft.... Read more

06-Oct-10 Mil Mi-8 Marinovka, Russia

Emergency landing shortly after taking off from Marinovka en route for Saratov... Read more

26-Sep-10 Kamov Ka32 Fisht Mountain, Russia (2F)

Helicopter was involved in lifting operations when it struck a mountain ropeway... Read more

23-Sep-10 Robinson R44 Ulan Ude, Russia

The R44 suffered a tail rotor birdstrike 33ft above the ground, vibrated and lost power. The machine landed heavily on boulder-covered uneven terrain and tipped over, tearing off the tail rotor boom and smashing the main rotor.... Read more

14-Sep-10 Mil Mi-24 Berdsk, Russia

Helicopter was damaged during ground transportation at night – incident timed at 23:40 local... Read more

12-Jun-10 RA-20598 Mil Mi-2 Kirov, Russia

Fourth digit of registration is not confirmed (see photos at URL2).  Options are 20558, 20568, 20588 or 20598... Read more

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