Latest Accident Reports

24-Aug-20 N386HQ Bell 205A.1 Laverne, US-California

Tail rotor double delamination discovered during post flight inspection... Read more

22-Aug-20 N41SJ Bell 206 Clifton, US-New Jersey

Precautionary landing in baseball field.  Eyewitness reports suggest there was something on fire in the cockpit which was taken out of the helicopter and extinguished.  With rotors still turning, the one person who got out then got back in and the helicopter took off again.... Read more

20-Aug-20 RA-????? Mil Mi-8 Khakassia, Russia

Heavy landing, damaging the landing gear.  No injuries to 17 POB Helicopter was en route from Tashtagol to Kemerovo... Read more

19-Aug-20 N711GH Bell UH-1 Coalinga, US-California (1F)

Crashed during firefighting operations.  Pilot received fatal injuries – named here as Michael Fournier... Read more

19-Aug-20 N95RZ Leonardo AW109E Wauseon, US-Ohio

Tail rotor struck lamp post on landing... Read more

17-Aug-20 C-FAHC Airbus AS350B2 Stewart, Canada (1F)

Helicopter crashed while carrying out a long-line sling operation. The sole pilot was fatally injured and the aircraft was destroyed in a post-crash fire.... Read more

16-Aug-20 VH-YMU Robinson R22 McArthur River Mine, Australia

On 16 August 2020, a Robinson R22 Beta, registration VH-YMU, was being utilised for cattle mustering operations in remote country, from the Rocky Point Yards, Northern Territory, south of the McArthur River Mine Aerodrome. At about 1200 Central Standard Time, the pilot was required to conduct an emergency forced landing. The helicopter landed heavily, resulting... Read more

14-Aug-20 16???? Schweizer MQ-8B Point Mugu, US-California

Main blade clipped building, causing unmanned helicopter to crash... Read more

13-Aug-20 SP-SVW Robinson R44 Sady, Poland

Helicopter ditched in river on a training flight.  Both instructor and student were injured... Read more

13-Aug-20 OK-??? Robinson R44 Zamberk, Czech Republic

Helicopter contacted tree on take-off, which caused it to fall to the ground from 5m altitude and it fell onto its side.  1 of 4 POB injured... Read more

12-Aug-20 C-GNZF Airbus AS350B2 Sacré-Coeur, Canada

Helicopter was on an external load flight between 2 transmission lines when the main rotor contacted and severed an electrical cable. The pilot felt vibrations and immediately deposited and released the external load on the ground. The aircraft has been positioned away from the load, where it has landed safely. The main rotor was damaged... Read more

12-Aug-20 C-GNZF Airbus AS350B2 Les Bergeronne, Canada

Helicopter was on an external load flight between 2 transmission lines in the Sacré-Coeur, QC, area when the main rotor contacted and severed an electrical cable. The pilot felt vibrations and immediately deposited and released the external load on the ground. The aircraft has been positioned away from the load, where it has landed safely.... Read more

11-Aug-20 N45?F Airbus H120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Police helicopter made emergency landing in park.  No damage/injuries Data from market intelligence firm Parapex Media shows that Baltimore Police currently operate four Airbus H120s, registered N451F, N452F, N453F and N454F... Read more

10-Aug-20 (serial tba) Bell UH-1N Middleburg, US-Virginia

Routine training mission; helicopter was struck by a bullet. A safe emergency landing was made at Manassas Regional Airport. One crew member was treated at a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.... Read more

08-Aug-20 N284S Bell 206 Marathon, US-Texas (3F)

Three Texas Parks and Wildlife employees died in the accident as they surveyed the landscape for desert bighorn sheep.  The pilot, who was a private contractor for the state agency, was taken to El Paso for medical treatment.  The victims were named by Texas Parks and Wildlife as Wildlife Biologist Dewey Stockbridge, Fish and Wildlife... Read more

08-Aug-20 N89LA Robinson R44 Logan, US-Iowa

Aircraft crashed in a field.  Sole occupant pilot seriously injured.  Helicopter was involved in aerial application work... Read more

07-Aug-20 N55SL Bell 206L4 Windham, US-New Hampshire

Precautionary landing in a parking lot... Read more

06-Aug-20 N61MX Robinson R44 Ashton, US-Idaho

Emergency landing on a highway... Read more

06-Aug-20 N137HS Bell 206B Paris, US-Illinois

Aircraft struck powerlines during aerial application... Read more

06-Aug-20 PK-JBX Airbus H145 Batulicin, Indonesia

Heilcopter landed very heavily and the skids splayed out.  Marks on runway consistent with helicopter spinning at the point of contact. Date 06-Aug-20 is the date of the report.  Not confirmed that this was the accident date... Read more

06-Aug-20 N911EP Hughes OH-6 Chesterfield, US-Missouri

Main rotor blades sliced tail boom on training flight. helicopter ended up on its skids with the tail on the ground nearby... Read more

05-Aug-20 N104SU MD Helicopters MD500D Delia, US-Kansas

Aircraft was conducting vegetation management while tree sawing and something caught saw blade and threw debris up into main blades.  Aircraft landed in nearby field. Sole occupant pilot was not injured... Read more

04-Aug-20 TG-PME Airbus AS350 Chisec, Guatemala (1F)

Pilot died when helicopter crashed into wooded area.  This report quotes pilot as Juan Francisco Escobar Blas... Read more

04-Aug-20 D-HIPO Bell 47G4A Lübstorf, Germany

Substantially damaged beyond repair in a forced autorotation landing at Lübstorf near Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.  Minor injuries to the 3POB... Read more

31-Jul-20 VH-HNF Robinson R22 Steam Plains, Australia (1F)

During agricultural spraying operations, the helicopter struck powerlines and collided with terrain, resulting in substantial damage. The pilot sustained fatal injuries.... Read more

31-Jul-20 CC-DAM Airbus AS350B3 Santiago, Chile

The pilot took off from the Santiago Heliport to carry out an aerial work to control frost. Three minutes after takeoff, a light on the governor failure warning panel came on, stopping the engine in flight, for which the pilot performed an autorotation, forcibly landing in a private parking lot. The pilot, the sole occupant... Read more

30-Jul-20 N160LA Sikorsky S70A Santa Clarita, US-California

Blade strike while training in mountainous area. Helicopter continued take-off and departed location with rotor blade noise clearly “non-standard” Analysis of the helicopter’s tracks have suggested the date was 26-Jul-20 but this is not confirmed.  Having been very active daily for two straight weeks, it was then not flying for four days.  The video was... Read more

26-Jul-20 G-WTWT Robinson R44 II Herne Bay, UK

Helicopter landed on its side in an open field.  4 POB not seriously injured... Read more

26-Jul-20 F-GNLM Airbus AS350 Clermont-Ferrand, France

When hovering from the park point for take-off, the pilot loses control yawing to the left. The helicopter landed very hard. Investigators report aircraft destroyed... Read more

24-Jul-20 VH-TJO Leonardo AW139 Goulburn, Australia

The ATSB is investigating the near-collision with terrain involving Leonardo Helicopters AW139, VH-TJO, 25 km East of Goulburn, New South Wales, on 24 July 2020. While conducting a single-pilot NVG EMS flight, the aircraft entered an uncommanded descent and drift. The aircraft was recovered in close proximity to obstacles and during the recovery, the helicopter... Read more

11-Jul-20 N708AC Airbus AS355 Rifle, US-Colorado

According to the operator, their flight tracking program showed that the helicopter depart the Rifle Garfield County Airport (RIL), Rifle, Colorado, and was en route to perform a low altitude aerial observation flight of transmission/power lines. The flight track ended near the accident location after a 3 to 4 minute flight about one mile southwest... Read more

20-Jun-20 VH-EGK Leonardo AW139 Caboolture, Australia

During winching operations, the helicopter’s main rotor blades struck a tree. The crew returned to Archerfield, after which inspection revealed substantial damage to all main rotor blades, which were replaced by engineers.... Read more

01-Jun-20 LN-OOU Airbus H145 Skibotn, Norway

Damage to belly of helicopter after attempted landing on top of two metal posts about a metre tall which appear to have once supported a sign.  Google Street View shows the posts in place in July 2019 Helicopter repaired and back in service by 22-Jul-20... Read more

20-Apr-20 N908CH Sikorsky S61 Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan

Loss of tail rotor authority, and rolled onto its side on landing... Read more

15-Apr-20 N51NL Leonardo AW169 Philadelphia, US-Pennsylvania

Copilot window fell out at 1000 ft agl.  Corporate part 91 operation... Read more

12-Apr-20 N160CC Airbus H125 Tampa, US-Florida

Hillsborurgh County Sheriff helicopter suffered bird strike. No injury reported to 2 POB... Read more

09-Apr-20 N9334W Airbus SA341 Fort Myers, US-Florida

Hard landing.  No injury reported to 1 POB... Read more

06-Apr-20 N7007X Robinson R22 Seymour, US-Texas

Tail rotor struck tree.  No injury reported to 1 POB... Read more

06-Apr-20 LN-OFQ Airbus AS350B3 Kodleberget, Norway

The air accident happened on Monday 6 April 2020 in connection with sling loads for Statnett, the system operator of the Norwegian electrical power system. A container was to be moved. Because of a misunderstanding, the container was put in the wrong place. The container was to be moved further, but a strong wind gust... Read more

05-Mar-20 RP-3086 Bell 429 San Pedro, Philippines

Struck powerlines shortly after takeoff, with brown-out a contributing factor. Minor injuries reported to 6 and serious injuries to 2.  ... Read more

28-Jan-20 AF-302 Bell 206 Bulo, Uganda (2F)

The UPDAF (Uganda People’s Defence Air Force) aircraft crashed in unknown circumstances in Bulo, Uganda. The helicopter had two crew on board, named as Maj Naome Karungi and PCdt Wakalo Benard, neither survived.... Read more

26-Jan-20 N72EX Sikorsky S76B Calabasas, US-California (9F)

This accident took the lives of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. More details to follow when facts can be established rather than relying on media speculation... Read more

22-Jan-20 C-GSQA Bell B206L Lac-St-Jean, Canada-Quebec

Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances whilst part of a search and rescue operation for missing snowmobilers in the Île Beemer area of Lac-St-Jean, Canada-Quebec. The solo pilot received non life threatening injuries.... Read more

21-Jan-20 N715RK Guimbal G2 Independence, US-Iowa

Aircraft crashed into a hangar at Independence Municipal Airport, US-Iowa.... Read more

09-Jan-20 N450MC Robinson R66 Silver Spring Township, US-Pennsylvania (2F)

A helicopter crashed in a backyard of a home in Silver Spring Township, US-Pennsylvania. The two occupants on-board died, no injuries on the ground reported.... Read more

08-Jan-20 N6186U Hughes OH-6A Weston, US-Georgia

Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, Weston, US-Georgia.... Read more

05-Jan-20 N698SH Schweizer 300C Mesa, US-Arizona

Aircraft auto-rotated and hit the ground in the desert, Mesa, Arizona.... Read more

04-Jan-20 N92785 Aerospatiale SE3130 Mokleumne Hill, US-California

Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances in Mokleumne Hill. The occupants escaped prior to the helicopter bursting into flames.... Read more

26-Dec-19 N985SA Airbus AS350 Lihue, US-Hawaii (7F)

During a sightseeing flight the helicopter crashed into terrain under unknown circumstances, resulting in a post crash fire. The pilot and six passengers perished.... Read more

25-Dec-19 N663SF Bell 407 Headland, US-Alabama (1F)

A Survival Flight aircraft rolled onto its side on landing, after the pilot, Douglas Davis had an unconfirmed heart attack. There was no patient on-board at the time, the two crew members were uninjured, the pilot was later pronounced dead at the hospital.... Read more

19-Dec-19 N695AP Robinson R22 Beeville, US-Texas

During take off the student pilot experienced dynamic rollover.... Read more

13-Dec-19 N440AH Robinson R44 San Antonio, US-Texas

The aircraft lost power and struck power lines while apparently making an emergency landing near to the intersection of South Presa and East Southcross street, San Antonio, US-Texas. The aircraft received substantial damage. There were no reports of serious injuries to the occupants. – Photo... Read more

13-Dec-19 G-WNSV Sikorsky S92 Sumburgh, UK

Aircraft was en-route to a North Sea oil field, East of Shetland, it declared an emergency following a lightning strike and returned to land safely at Sumburgh.... Read more

11-Dec-19 N65RS Enstrom F28 Bluffdale, US-Utah

Aircraft crashed under into a field near Redwood road, after the pilot lost the tail rotor and started spinning.... Read more

09-Dec-19 ZK-HPB Airbus AS350B2 White Island, New Zealand

Aircraft badly damaged by ash while parked on volcanic island during eruption.  Main blades snapped under the weight of ash – photo... Read more

09-Dec-19 N79LP Bell 407 Grand Isle, US-Louisiana (2F)

Aircraft crashed in the Gulf of Mexico under unknown circumstances. The last known position was 13 nm W of Southwest Pass, Louisiana as they transiting from one off-shore platform to another.... Read more

05-Dec-19 N797NA Guimbal G2 Washington, US-Missouri

Aircraft suffered a tail strike whilst maneuvering to avoid a bird on takeoff.... Read more

25-Nov-19 Airbus AS532 Liptako, Mali (11F)

Around 19:40, during the maneuver to prepare for the engagement of the enemy, the Cougar helicopter and a Tiger collided, crashing close to each other. None of the embarked soldiers survived. A rescue and safety operation of the accident zone is underway. Many ways of the Barkhane force are still engaged. Thirteen soldiers died in combat are... Read more

25-Nov-19 Airbus EC505 Liptako, Mali (2F)

Around 19:40, during the maneuver to prepare for the engagement of the enemy, the Cougar helicopter and a Tiger collided, crashing close to each other. None of the embarked soldiers survived. A rescue and safety operation of the accident zone is underway. Many ways of the Barkhane force are still engaged. Thirteen soldiers died in combat are... Read more

10-Nov-19 N827MW Sikorsky S58 Lebanon, US-Indiana

Working in a confined area with building on one side and wires on the other. Blades struck parked truck. Tail structure separated from boom... Read more

06-Nov-19 MM81487 Leonardo AW101 Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy

Helicopter belonging to the  1° Gruppo Elicotteri of the Italian Navy crash landed aboard  Caio Duilio AAW (Anti-Air Warfare) Destroyer at the end of a night training flight. Helicopter on its side, 6 POB not seriously injured... Read more

31-Oct-19 HL9619 Airbus EC225 Dokdo, Korea (7F)

SAR helicopter ditched and located in 72m of water shortly after taking off at 11.26pm on a rescue mission.  7 POB missing There are four EC225s registered in Korea at present.  HeliHub research shows that the subject aircraft is either HL9472 (msn 2702) or HL9619 (msn 2987)... Read more

26-Oct-19 N280F Enstrom 280F Jordan Valley, US-Oregon (1F)

Details not yet known.  Pilot suffered fatal injuries and passenger (pilot’s daughter) received injuries which are reportedly not life threatening... Read more

25-Oct-19 FAC0006 Bell 412 Albán, Colombia (6F)

Helicopter with pilot, co-pilot and four technicians was en route from Palanquero Air Base, in Puerto Salgar, to its maintenance base at Madrid.  The helicopter is part of the Presidential Flight.... Read more

25-Oct-19 ZT-RAL Robinson R44 Sinoville, South Africa

Crashed while on a training flight, thee occupants reported as uninjured... Read more

25-Oct-19 5N-BOA Sikorsky S92 Port Hardcourt, Nigeria

Port side engine failure en route to Port Harcourt from offshore platform GERD.  Helicopter with 13 on board continued to Port Hardcourt and made safe landing.  Nigerian AIB involved.... Read more

23-Oct-19 N7189D Robinson R22 Hebbronville, US-Texas (2F)

Two Robinson R22s engaged in herding operation.  Rotor blade of N7189D hit skid of N74512.  Both occupants of N7189D fatally injured... Read more

23-Oct-19 N225JM Robinson R44 Las Vegas, US-Nevada (2F)

The pilot and passenger were transported to a local hospital for treatment, but local press report the pilot died from injuries suffered in the crash, and the passenger remains in the hospital with critical injuries.  Pilot named here as 53-year-old Scott Socquet from Milford, Connecticut.  The passenger passed away two days later and was named here as Howard... Read more

23-Oct-19 N74512 Robinson R22 Hebbronville, US-Texas

Two Robinson R22s engaged in herding operation.  Rotor blade of N7189D hit skid of N74512 Passenger in N74512 seriously injured... Read more

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