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Russia – Aerogeo orders another three Robinson R44s

Russia – Aerogeo orders another three Robinson R44s

Aerogeo has announced orders for a further three Robinson R44s to take their helicopter fleet to 37. ¬†15 of these are imported types including Airbus AS350B3, EC120 and EC130, Bell 407, and Robinson R44. ¬†While numbers of each are not stated on the company’s website, a photo of seven R44s lined up suggests that this… Read more »

Source:, 01-Jun-14

12-Sep-13 Mil Mi-8 Turukhansk, Russia

1 injured from 9 passengers and 3 crew on board.

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18-Jun-11 Mil Mi-2 Boguchany district, Russia

Take-off accident, helicopter ended up on its side


15-Mar-11 RA-24436 Mil Mi-8 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Landed on helipad, rolled over to one side and burst into flames


Krasnoyarskaya airline AeroGeo buys Mi-8

Source: Aviaport, 01-Apr-09