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UK – Air Harrods cannot fly commercially

UK – Air Harrods cannot fly commercially

British operator Air Harrods is currently unable to fly their helicopters commercially. The company has never been able to operate public transport flights in their own right – which we understand is due to the company being majority owned outside the UK/Europe.  In the past, Air Harrods entered into commercial partnerships with a series of… Read more »

Source:, 09-Apr-13

03-May-12 G-WIWI Sikorsky S76C++ Peasmarsh, UK

Following an event in which high torque was used, flight data was analysed on behalf of the operator using incorrect conversion information relevant to earlier variants of the helicopter. The operator was therefore unaware that total torque had exceeded a level at which maintenance action was required.  This article suggests the passengers were Paul Macartney… Read more »