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Russian Helicopters delivers four Mi-171Sh to Angola

Russian Helicopters delivers four Mi-171Sh to Angola

“Russian Helicopters has delivered a batch of four Mi-171Sh helicopters to the Angolan Defense Ministry, in the framework of a long partnership,” the company’s press service told RIA Novosti.  see full story

Source: Sputnik, 30-Mar-16

21-Jan-15 Eurocopter SA316 Saurimo, Angola

During an air display, the helicopter was approaching a hover but porpoised – during this the main blades contacted and cut the boom, causing the helicopter to crash from low level.  Video of incident on YouTube here.  Pilot and co pilot seriously injured

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28-Mar-12 Eurocopter SA319 Lunundo, Angola (2F)

Helicopter was carrying out filming work.  The accident killed Feliciano Saiminho of Public Television of Angola and Air Force technician Manuel André


02-Aug-11 H-610 Mil Mi-171 Malanje, Angola (1F)

One fatality (named as Canjole Kitumba Aguinaldo) in take-off accident


08-Jun-11 Mil Mi-17 Saurimo, Angola (5F)

Fatalities include a major, two lieutenants and two sergeants.