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South Korea reduces attack helicopter shortlist to three

South Korea reduces attack helicopter shortlist to three

The contest to supply 50 attack helicopters has been reduced to three bidders – Boeing’s Apache, Bell’s Cobra and the T129 Mangusta being bid jointly by AgustaWestland and partner TAI (see full story)

Source: Hurriyet, 01-Jun-12

Russia plans to develop 5th-generation ‘stealth’ helicopters

Russia plans to develop 5th-generation ‘stealth’ helicopters

“We are working on the concept of the fifth-generation combat helicopter,” the paper quoted the company’s CEO, Andrei Shibitov, as saying at a news conference in Moscow, confirming that the company was going to spend some $1 billion on the project, with more investment expected to be allocated from the state budget.

Source: RIA Novosti, 14-May-10

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Iran building attack helicopters, reports loacl news agency

Iranian defense minister, Ahmad Vahidi, said his country had made new combat helicopters, equipped with antitank missiles and with “full national technology.”

Source: El Universal, 04-May-10

Brazil receives its first dedicated attack helicopters

Brazil receives its first dedicated attack helicopters

“Brazil is changing its level in relation to the Defence. We are no longer mere buyers. We now receive and internalize technology. These helicopters strengthen aviation rotorcraft. With these words, the Defence Minister, Nelson Jobim, named the newly acquired helicopter MI-35 Brazilian Air Force, which in this Saturday (17) came to be called A-H2 Sabre…. Read more »

Source: Brazillian Air Force, 23-Apr-10

Pakistan seeks 20 AH-1W gunships

Pakistan seeks 20 AH-1W gunships

Pakistan wants more helicopter gunships, in particular it wants 20 AH-1W models, to supplement, and replace the 32 AH-1S and AH-1F gunships. The 6.6 ton W model was configured for naval use, and has two engines and protection against sea water corrosion.

Source: Strategy Page, 08-Jan-10

AgustaWestland Vying for Korean Attack Chopper Bids

AgustaWestland is bidding for a contract to provide Korea with its T-129 attack helicopters. The T-129, being developed for the Turkish Army, is an upgraded variant of the Agusta A129 Mangusta

Source: Korea Times, 22-Dec-09

Libya considers purchase of Ka-52A Alligator combat helicopters

Libya plans to purchase over 20 warplanes from Russia. Moscow and Tripoli are currently in talks about the package of contracts, Interfax reports.

Source: Tripoli Post, 27-Oct-09

South Korea to delay attack helicopter programme

South Korea’s defence ministry has reduced the funding for the development of indigenous fighters and attack helicopters as part of a major cost-cutting plan.

Source: Flightglobal, 01-Oct-09

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Bell exits Indian Air Force tender for 22 attack helicopters

Source: Busienss Standard, 31-Jul-09

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