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17-Jun-14 3C-OG Bell OH-58B Wattener Lizum, Austria (1F)

Crashed in mountainous area at 2000m agl, landing very heavily and killing one of the 3 on board.  Taking part in the exercise “Schutz 2014” NOTE – this is wrongly quoted elsewhere as 3C-OD but has been confirmed to by Austrian military authorities that the subject helicopter was 3C-OG


BLR sells 600th FastFin System

BLR sells 600th FastFin System

BLR Aerospace opens Heli-Expo 2013 with 600 FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability Systems sold to date, and a rapidly expanding military presence. Overall, the company continues to deliver strong growth. Sales increased over 30 percent in 2012, and BLR’s global military footprint skyrocketed with large fleet-wide conversion sales to Colombia, Peru, Pakistan, and the… Read more »

Source: BLR Aerospace, 05-Mar-13 advertising space - 240x100 Pixels
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More Austrian B206s arrive in Australia

More Austrian B206s arrive in Australia

Further to our breaking story last week that two Agusta-Bell 206As had arrived at the Airwork facility at Caboolture, we can report that the toal package now appears to be six helicopters.  The following Austrian codes, followed by their Agusta serials, have been reported there now:- 3C-JB (8128),  3C-JC (8130), 3C-JF (8133), 3C-JH (8135), 3C-JJ… Read more »

Source:, 21-Feb-11

Austrian Air Force to update 212 fleet for another 25 years service

The upgrade includes a renewal of the electronic devices on board and night vision and defensive ability. The transport helicopter will be used for disaster relief and for relief efforts abroad.

Source: News.AT, 20-Apr-10