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06-Aug-15 N800BP Robinson R22 Hollywood, US-Florida

Precautionary landing on golf course. Later cleared for onward flight


11-Dec-12 N4073Q Robinson R22 Rawlins, US-Wyoming

Low level photography flight


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01-Nov-12 N231TM Robinson R22 Alexander City, US-Alabama

Two injured in light helicopter accident


27-Oct-12 N2627M Robinson R22M Lake Havasu, US-Arizona

Pilot put R22 Mariner down into Lake Havasu after experiencingd unspecified mechanical problems.  Mohave County Sheriff’s reported the pilot as Michael Christiansen, and his passenger as Michael Rabo.  It is unclear from press reports how this helicopter sank, given it has fixed floats


14-Jun-12 N1089N Robinson R22M Oak Island, US-North Carolina

Robinson R22 Mariner operating at low level (it usually flies aerial photography work with boats) crashed into the sea and turned over.  Ambulances transported occupants Will Mistrot and Marie Kojimoto to hospital but their injuries were not considered life-threatening We note that the initial press reports (see below) indicated that Mr Mistrot was the pilot,… Read more »