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Bravo Helicopters owner dies in R44 accident

Bravo Helicopters owner dies in R44 accident

Miami-Dade Police have today issued a statement naming Mark Palmieri, aged 53, as the deceased pilot of the R44 which came down in a fatal crash close to Tamiami Airport yesterday. Palmieri was the owner of Bravo Helicopters, which was based at the airport. There is no indication at this time as to the cause… Read more »

Source:, 04-Apr-13

03-Apr-13 N3101H Robinson R44 Tamiami, US-Florida (2F)

Crashed into a parking lot two miles after take-off, killing both occupants.  Non-aviation witnesses report an explosion before the helicopter reached the ground. Post crash fire.  The deceased were later named by Miami Dade Police as pilot Mark Palmieri and passenger Ross Allen.  One report states it was a post-maintenance test flight

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R44 crashes and burns in the Everglades

R44 crashes and burns in the Everglades

An extensive search involving helicopters from Broward County Sheriff, Palm Beach County and Miami Dade Fire Dept, along with airboats too, were launched to locate a Robinson R44 which was overdue on Saturday morning on a flight from Orlando to Tamiami in Florida.  The helicopter, a 2008 model owned by Bravo Helicopters of Miami (,… Read more »

Source:, 06-Mar-11

05-Mar-11 N4168W Robinson R44 Everglades, US-Florida

Pilot reported as 51-year-old Mark Palmieri.  R44 was broken in two and the cabin area reported as charred.  Pilot had to wait 3 hours before being rescued


08-Dec-10 N451DB Robinson R44 Canal Point, US-Florida

Pilot reported as Alfred Morrison (53) Heavy landing in corn field and helicopter ended up on its side. Helicopter was involved in low-level operations to keep frost from forming on crops