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Carabineros de Chile to receive H135

Carabineros de Chile to receive H135

A new H135 helicopter has been test flying recently from the Airbus Helicopters factory in Donauworth, in the colours of Carabineros de Chile – the national police force of Chile. believes this order was not announced, but the aircraft is seen in the photo here carrying a German test registration, prior to it taking… Read more »

Source:, 22-Jun-16

AW139 enters service with Carabineros de Chile

AW139 enters service with Carabineros de Chile

AgustaWestland announced today that the AW139 intermediate twin helicopter delivered to the Carabineros de Chile has now entered service. The aircraft will be used to support a wide range of missions including public order and safety, crime control, counter terrorism, drug control and border security across the nation, search and rescue and transport. The exceptional… Read more »

Source: AgustaWestland, 17-Apr-15

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27-Dec-14 C-20 Eurocopter BK117B2 Tirúa, Chile

Passenger injured from gunshot fired from the ground while helicopter was overflying.  damage to plexiglass window


Carabinieros de Chile selects Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight

Carabinieros de Chile selects Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight

Trakka Corp Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the Carabiniers of Chile have selected the Trakka A800 Tactical Helicopter Searchlight for the agency’s AW 109E Power patrol helicopter in Iquique, Chile. The Trakka A800 searchlight’s advanced optics technology provides superior performance and flexibility complimenting the AgustaWestland 109E Power mission equipment. The Trakka A800 is the… Read more »

Source: Trakka, 08-Dec-14

30-Nov-14 C-26 Eurocopter EC135T2 San Miguel, Chile

The helicopter landed on scene at a road accident involving an intoxicated driver whose car hit a Carabineros vehicle.  With rotors turning, a fire department vehicle got too close and clipped the blades.  Initially the helicopter spun 90 degrees on the ground before the damage caused the tail boom to break off a few seconds… Read more »


Carabineros de Chile accept fifth AW109 Power

Carabineros de Chile accept fifth AW109 Power

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the Carabineros de Chile have accepted their fifth AW109 Power light twin helicopter. A ceremony was recently held at FIDAE 2012 in Santiago in the presence of several dignitaries and representatives from the Chilean Government, the Italian Embassy and the operator. The Carabineros de Chile has… Read more »

Source: AgustaWestland, 30-Mar-12

12-Oct-09 C-18 Eurocopter Bo105 Coihaique, Chile