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04-Nov-20 ARC223 Bell UH-1N Guaymaral, Columbia

Emergency landing during low level training detail.  4POB all out OK Helicopter fell onto its port side, breaking the main blades.  The tail boom remained mostly intact, apart from the port stabiliser on which the helicopter came to rest.,


Colombian Navy takes delivery of two Bell 412EPs

Colombian Navy takes delivery of two Bell 412EPs

The Colombian Navy has recently taken delivery of two Bell 412EPs, serialled locally as ARC-225 and ARC-226. These are Bell serial numbers 36639 test flown as N493AH and became ARC-225 with Colombian Navy, and 36640 test flown as N495FB and became ARC-226 with Colombian Navy Finished in a overall naval grey colour, the helicopters feature… Read more »

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05-Jan-13 Bell 412 Tumaco, Colombia (1F)

Colombian Navy 412 crashed on an EMS mission, killing Ocoró John Jairo Torres, who had over 15 years military experience.  Four others to hospital – Pilot Miguel Córdoba, Copilot Juan Pablo Zuloaga; and rescuers Luis Miguel Ibáñez and Ronal Jiménez.


22-Nov-12 ARC-218 Eurocopter BK117A3 El Piñón, Colombia

Approx date.  Autorotation landing to uneven ground in open field.  Helicopter ended up tail low on its skids, and witness reported blade damage. 3 POB not injured