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Colorado Springs Police looks to restart air unit

Colorado Springs Police looks to restart air unit

Some guy brandishing a weapon. A high-speed chase. Missing children in the vicinity of rising waters. Site security for a presidential visit to Peterson Air Force Base. See Full Story

Source: csindy, 30-Jan-15

Colorado Springs Sells 2nd Police OH-58

A bidder from North Dakota has purchased a Colorado Springs Police helicopter that was auctioned off on-line after the city came up short of funds to keep the police choppers in the air.

Source: KKTV, 25-Mar-10 advertising space - 240x100 Pixels
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Colorado Springs Police OH-58 sold to Wyomning for $170K

Colorado Springs Police OH-58 sold to Wyomning for $170K


Minimum bid met for Colorado Springs Police helicopter

At least one potential buyer is making the minimum bid for 1 of 2 Colorado Springs police department helicopters grounded by budget cuts.

Source: KRDO, 13-Feb-10

Colorado Springs decommissions Air Support Unit; Helicopters up for sale

The Colorado Springs Police Department has lost its wings. In a decommissioning ceremony Tuesday, the department bid farewell to its Air Support Unit, one police budget line on a list of many that were cut because of projected city budget shortfalls in 2010

Source: The Gazette, 24-Dec-09

Budget cuts mean end of Colorado Springs police helicopter

OX21 News has been telling citizens about the deep budget cuts the city of Colorado Springs  is facing because of slumping sales tax revenues.

Source: FOX21, 19-Nov-09

Unexpected Expenses Put Colorado Springs Police Dept Helicopters Back on Chopping Block

Source: KRDO, 18-Feb-09