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New EMS Helipad being built at Columbus TX

New EMS Helipad being built at Columbus TX

The construction of a helipad at Columbus TX has begun and is expected to be finished within the year. PHI Air Medical will be stationed at Robert G. Wells Airport during the construction. The work includes living areas for the staff and walkways and connections from the helipad to the hangar, reports Colorado County Citizen.

Source:, 23-May-18

Congresswoman takes Airbus Helicopters tour

Congresswoman takes Airbus Helicopters tour

“What you are seeing in this building now is the Lakota Production line,” said an Airbus Helicopter official to Congresswoman Martha Roby. See Full Story

Source: WTVA, 01-Jun-15

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US Army orders another 41 Lakotas in $220M contract

US Army orders another 41 Lakotas in $220M contract

The U.S. Army has approved a $220.5 million contract for the production of UH-72A Lakota helicopters in Columbus, according to U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), chairman of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. The contract to Airbus Defense and Space, Inc. will support the procurement of 41 Lakota helicopters equipped with Airborne Radio Communications 231 radios…. Read more »

Source: Thad Cochran, 16-Feb-15

Laser Pointed At Chopper Near Ohio State Campus

Columbus police pilot Lt. Mike Elkins said his unit has gone years without a laser targeting one of its choppers, but last night was the third time it has happened in less than a month,

Source: 10TV, 14-Oct-09

MD Helicopters Delivers an MD500E® to Columbus, Ohio Police Unit

MD Helicopters held a special delivery ceremony at its Mesa, Arizona completion facility on August 31 to tender the keys to a brand new MD 500E Helicopter to the City of Columbus Police Department.

Source: Vertical, 22-Sep-09

New heliport in operation as Columbus Police defend its cost and size

Source: Columbus Dispatch, 20-Jul-09