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Guimbal invades Brazil

Guimbal invades Brazil

The first Guimbal G2 Cabri helicopter for a customer in Brazil is currently being shipped to the South American country. The helicopter was recently handed over by Guimbal in a ceremony at the factory in Aix in southern France – see photo below.  Serial 1120 is expected in Brazil by the end of the year,… Read more »

Source:, 12-Nov-15

19-Dec-13 PT-HLU Eurocopter AS350B Carlos Prates, Brazil

While on autorotation training, the aircraft made an abrupt run-landing with low main rotor rotation. One of the blades of the main rotor hit the upper surface of the tail-boom

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20-Aug-12 PT-HZE Eurocopter AS350B Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Came down suddenly short of intended landing point while on approach on a training flight.  Student Edvaldo Francisco dos Santos (a Major in the Military Police), 46, suffered a fractured spine, and flight instructor John Bosco da Cunha, 62, a fractured right tibia.