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20-Aug-17 OE-XTM Airbus AS350B3 Cabril, Portugal (1F)

Firefighting operations and helicopter hit powerlines, causing it to crash to the ground.  Sole occupant pilot, named as Americo Sousa age 51, suffered fatal injuries


08-Aug-15 CS-HIA Airbus AS350B3 Lapa, Portugal

Positioning flight back to base at low level when it crashed and was written off


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Portuguese startup operator buys Dauphin and Phenom jet

Portuguese startup operator buys Dauphin and Phenom jet

Everjets, part of clothing company Ricon Group, has recently bought Dauphin G-DPHN.  It was previously operated in the UK by Starspeed for a Surrey-based owner who had upgraded from a Twin Squirrel. The Dauphin currently remains on the Britsh “G” register.  Everjets is a startup operator whose name appeared in May of this year at… Read more »

Source:, 11-Sep-11