Fatal Accidents

13-Sep-15 Bell 407GX Hucao, China (4F)

helicopter went down in the Chinese city of Chongqing on Sunday, killing all four on board, including two cameramen Jiang Ya and Song Hao’en from Chongqing Broadcasting Group, a local satellite TV station.... Read more

13-Sep-15 Taif, Saudi Arabia (1F)

Pilot killed in accident on “routing training flight”... Read more

09-Sep-15 C-GZFX Robinson R44 Foleyet, Canada (2F)

Helicopter crashed into trees, dropping vertically nose-first between the trees down to the ground, killing both on board – named as 24-year-old Jeremie Belanger and 41-year-old Ken Mielke – both were pilots were pilots for Apex Helicopters, which was performing aerial spraying for a forestry company in the area. CADORS 2015O2625... Read more

02-Sep-15 C-GYBK Bell 206B Sept Iles, Canada (2F)

Heilcopter with 5 POB went down on a wide rock adjacent to a river, with the tail boom detached. Two fatalities, three seriously injured Blandine Pinette-Fontaine and Pierre-Michel Fontaine have been identified by the Quebec coroner as the two fatalities.  The pilot was reported as Gabriel Turbide CADORS 2015Q1696... Read more

02-Sep-15 N9068F Hughes 500C Pago Pago, American Samoa (1F)

Few details available, but helicopter crashed into the sea killing one and seriously injuring another.... Read more

02-Sep-15 Sikorsky CH-53E Camp Lejeune, US-North Carolina (1F)

Hard landing while conducting Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques (HRST) training in a landing zone at Stone Bay, a satellite training area aboard Camp Lejeune.  About 20 Marines from Virginia and North Carolina were participating  in night training that requires them to exit through the back of a helicopter using suspended ropes. The rappelling and fast-rope... Read more

12-Aug-15 5N-BGD Sikorsky S76C Oworonshoki, Nigeria (6F)

Crashed into Lagos Lagoon, on approach to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport at Lagos.Names were released by the AIB and published by Vanguard:- 6 recovered,named as Joshua Emekeme, Dolu Ebiejuara, Onoriode Onojete, Solomon Udeh, Iniala Opaimi, Chukwudi Onah 6 fatalities, named as pilot Peter Bello co-pilot Jay Wyatt, Chukwuma Erise, Chidi Ukwunta, Ita Ekpeyong, and... Read more

08-Aug-15 RA-04383 Robinson R44 Alehnovo, Russia (4F)

Mid-air with Cessna U206F Floatplane RA-67523 killing all four in the R44 and five in the Cessna.  Initial reports say the Cessna pilot was taking off in the evening into the sun and likely did not see the helicopter... Read more

06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Zabul province, Afghanistan (17F)

Crashed in unknown circumstances.  Helicopter was flying between Zabul’s capital of Qalat and the town of Shinkay, 20 kilometers (12 miles) away. Accident killed all on board –  12 soldiers and five crew members. The Taliban claimed they had shot down the aircraft... Read more

04-Aug-15 PNC-0608 Sikorsky UH-60L Carepa, Colombia (16F)

Helicopter on low-level anti-drug operation crashed, reportedly having been shot at from the ground by an improvised mortar device.  Initial reports said 15 fatal and 2 survivors, later raised to 16+2 List deceased includes – Assistant Superintendent Gualdrón Diego Rodriguez. Patrolman Jesus Antonio Polo.  Patrullero Enrique Escobar.  Patrolman Wilson Reyes Martinez.  Patrullero Norberto Cáceres Baptist. ... Read more

04-Aug-15 VT-PHK Airbus AS365N3 Khonsa, India (3F)

Went missing over dense jungle. Foggy weather during flight.  Wreckage not located until 10-Aug-15... Read more

02-Aug-15 RF-95316 Mil Mi-28N Dubrovichi, Russia (1F)

During a display of the “Golden Eagles” display team, one of the helicopters started to spin on its axis and gradually descend until it hit the ground hard, killing the pilot and seriously injuring the co-pilot.  Post crash fire Full video of the accident here and here (second one shows co-pilot emerging from the helicopter)... Read more

31-Jul-15 I-CMCM Airbus AS350B3 Alpe Zocca, Italy (3F)

Hit mountain, and subsequent crash killed all three on board – pilot Folini Augustine, engineer Stefano Olcelli, and flight engineer Marco Gianatti... Read more

30-Jul-15 C-GBPS Airbus AS350BA Rigolet, Canada (1F)

While operating in the vicinity of Rigolet, Newfoundland & Labrador, the helicopter contacted wires and crashed. CADORS 2015A0667... Read more

28-Jul-15 VH-JEW Cicare CH-7B Roy Hill Station, Australia (1F)

Initial ATSB report says “collided with terrain”.... Read more

27-Jul-15 RDPL-34062 Mil Mi-17 Longcheng, Laos (23F)

Weather played a significant part in this accident, and helicopter wreckage was found on the slopes of a mountain.  Helicopter had made three attempts to take off from the capital Vientiane due to the weather.... Read more

17-Jul-15 OM-ATB Agusta 109K2 Hrabusice, Slovakia (4F)

EMS helicopter hit wires at 50ft agl on approach to scene landing – crashed into a deep gulley in the valley of the Hornád River killing all four on board... Read more

14-Jul-15 Sikorsky UH-60 El Bejuco, Colombia (4F)

Helicopter on anti-drug operation landed in a clearing which was mined – the mine exploded, killing four, seriously injuring two and minor injuries to another four.  Full infra-red video released from second helicopter providing top cover above.... Read more

14-Jul-15 HB-ZIS Airbus AS350B3 Guggigletscher, Switzerland (1F)

Pilot, the only occupant, killed in crash of Air Glaciers helicopter at Guggigletscher nr Lauterbrunnen.   Helicopter came down vertically and the cabin area burnt out.  Tail boom, tail , stabiliser and tail rotors all remain attached.... Read more

09-Jul-15 Bell 407 Jiangde, China (2F)

2 fatal and 5 injured when helicopter of State Grid General Aviation Company crashed at Tongyong Airport.  Photo shows helicopter missing one blade – another photo here... Read more

05-Jul-15 RP-C2726 AgustaWestland AW109E Mt. Maculot, Philippines (2F)

8 POB and photos show helicopter crashed in mountainous area and completely destroyed – some reports such as this one state the weather was “heavy rain and thick fog”.  This news item has a video report from the crash scene Pilot Felicisimo Taborlupa was killed in the accident, and Archimedes “Archie” King, founder and owner... Read more

03-Jul-15 N390LG Airbus AS350B3e Frisco, US-Colorado (1F)

With pilot and two paramedics on board, the helicopter started spinning shortly after take off and crashed about 20 seconds later, causing fatal injuries to pilot Patrick Mahany.The helicopter hit a parked pickup truck and travel camper and the helicopter was consumed by the ensuing fire. Flight paramedic Dave Repsher was burned in the crash... Read more

02-Jul-15 D2-EWA Airbus AS365N3 Nhime, Angola (6F)

Crashed and burnt out.  Wreckage not found for six days.  Helicopter was being operated for National Institute of Medical Emergencies... Read more

01-Jul-15 N9490F Hughes 300C Asotin, US-Washington (2F)

Two fatalities – later named as Hudson Simmons and Hayden Simmons. Unknown circumstances Location is very close to state line. Incident location reported relative to both Lewiston ID and Asotin WA which are opposite sides of the river forming the state line at this point.... Read more

01-Jul-15 N2096W Schweizer 300C Chehalem Airpark, US-Oregon (2F)

Crashed on routine night training flight, killing instructor and student.  A later report named the instructor as Anthony Gallerai and the student as Kristian Blackwell... Read more

27-Jun-15 RA-05765 Robinson R44 Tisulskom, Russia (3F)

After striking a low level wire, the pilot elected to land on the shoreline (or sandbank?) of a river.  On subsequent take-off the pilot lost control and crashed – photo shows it on a rocky shoreline.... Read more

20-Jun-15 N4427F Bell 47G5 Salinas, US-California (1F)

Crashed in low level agricultural work after impacting a fence, killing pilot Frank Gomes Jnr.  Ground crewmen who worked for the operator had just refilled the fertilizer tank on the helicopter prior to its last departure. When the helicopter did not return for its scheduled rinse load the crewmen drove out to the field to... Read more

14-Jun-15 VH-KJJ Robinson R44 Timber Creek, Australia (1F)

The aircraft collided with terrain while conducting aerial agriculture operations. The pilot, the only person on board, died as a result of the accident – named here as Dougal Brett... Read more

06-Jun-15 G-RAMY Bell 206B Baldwin Valley, Isle of Man (1F)

Crashed in open field close to the Isle of Man TT motorbike race course.  Racing had been suspended for the whole day due to weather – quoted wind gusts of up to 60 mph.  1 fatality confirmed by Isle of Man Police in this statement.  Photos show wreckage confined to a small area, later named... Read more

30-May-15 Delareyville, South Africa (1F)

Pilot Apie Reyneke died in a helicopter crash in unknown circumstances, while his passengers – wife Yolande and son Abraham were taken to hospital with serious injuries.... Read more

29-May-15 PR-ADA Airbus AS355N Atalaia do Norte, Brazil (5F)

The helicopter took off to perform a patient removal flight to Tabatinga. At approximately 19 NM from Tabatinga, the aircraft collided with treetops and, as a result of this shock came to impact against the ground and caught fire.... Read more

28-May-15 VH-HRW Robinson R22 Mitchell, Australia (1F)

It has been reported that the helicopter’s tail rotor clipped a tree resulting in a loss of control and subsequent collision with terrain.  The pilot was fatally injured – and named here as Jeff Dean... Read more

29-Apr-15 Airbus AS350B Langtang Valley, Nepal (1F)

Accident happened in the rescue operations following a major earthquake which hit Nepal on 25-Apr-15.  Nepalese villagers had demanded to be rescued before the tourists and in the ensuing confusion, a villager was killed by the rotor blades – likely that means “walked into the tail rotor”... Read more

27-Apr-15 Eurocopter EC145 Austin, US-Texas (1F)

Flight nurse fell from helicopter to her death during hoist operations.  Named as Kristin McLain... Read more

22-Apr-15 ZU-UHI Bell UH-1 Bainskloof, South Africa (2F)

Firefighting helicopter crashes with two fatalities – named later as pilot Darrell Rea and crew Jastin Visagie.  Further details to follow and registration awaiting final confirmation – another source is quoting ZS-HBU (4491)... Read more

19-Apr-15 Mil Mi-24 Illizi, Algeria (2F)

Further Details not reported... Read more

13-Apr-15 Bell 206B Lezhi, China (1F)

Crashed, killing the pilot, after hitting powerlines while spraying at low level.  Part of the boom, including the stabilizer and tail, remained attached to the powerline... Read more

09-Apr-15 ZS-HTS Airbus AS350B3 Mazabuka, Zambia (1F)

Pilot Mike O’Donnell, was flying the helicopter from Angola to Zambia (and onwards to South Africa per some reports) when it crashed. Post crash fire, although some reports quote helicopter being on fire in the air... Read more

06-Apr-15 N555JC MD500D Cherokee, US-Alabama (1F)

Crashed into Tennessee River and sank without trace. Pilot was only one on board and is missing presumed drowned. Haverfield Aviation confirmed it to be one of their helicopters and some debris from it found further downstream was labelled with the company name. Nearby angler witnessed the helicopter crashing into the water around 1pm. The... Read more

04-Apr-15 9M-IGB Airbus AS365N2 Semenyih, Malaysia (6F)

Helicopter enroute from Kuantan to Subang when it crashed and caught fire. All occupants were guests at the wedding luncheon of the daughter of the Prime Minister in his hometown of Pekan, Kuantan earlier, and were named as – Rompin Member of Parliament and PR1MA Malaysia Corporation (PR1MA) chairman Tan Sri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis –... Read more

02-Apr-15 PP-LLS Airbus EC155B1 Carapicuiba, Brazil (5F)

Crashed onto the roof of a house during a post-maintenance test flight. Video footage indicates items fell from the helicopter in flight prior to impact. Pilot was named as Thomaz Rodrigues Alckmin, son of Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin, and three of the other four fatalities were engineers working for Helipark.... Read more

31-Mar-15 CC-APP Bell 206L4 Diego de Almagro, Chile (4F)

Crashed in mountainous area with the loss of all 4 POB. The helicopter was transporting workers sent to restore water service to the tens of thousands of people left without drinking water after the floods.  Pilot Pedro Pablo Aldunate Arriola was married to a cousin of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.... Read more

29-Mar-15 OK-RRJ Robinson R44 Modrava, Czech Republic (1F)

Crashed into trees shortly after take-off from a site described as ” inaccessible” – pilot reported to have stayed the night in a cottage in the woods.  Weather mentioned as a possible factor in some reports... Read more

27-Mar-15 XA-DSO Airbus AS350B3 San Martin de Porres, Mexico (4F)

Crashed in poor weather while working on telephone lines for Telefonos de Mexico – three died on impact, fourth later in hospital... Read more

24-Mar-15 Mil Mi-2 Yelizovo, Russia (2F)

Two deaths reported – helicopter on a post maintenance test flight after engine was replaced.  Registration variously quoted as RF-01186 or RF-01168... Read more

24-Mar-15 29 Yellow Mil Mi-24 Kiev, Ukraine (1F)

1 killed and 2 injured when helicopter came down close to Ukraine’s capital Kiev (Kyiv) . Video from crash scene here... Read more

22-Mar-15 N30242 Robinson R44 Orlando, US-Florida (3F)

R44 went down two miles west of the airport it took off from, crashing into a house and killing the pilot and two passengers – later named here as Bruce Teitelbaum, 48, and Marsha Khan, 55,  and Harry Anderson, 42... Read more

20-Mar-15 Aerokopter AK1-3 Hefei, China (1F)

Helicopter crashed into lake, pilot missing and passenger recovered uninjured.  Local CCTV camera appears to catch helicopter gradually descending in mist towards the smooth surface of the lake... Read more

17-Mar-15 Q-15 Boeing AH-64D Gao, Mali (2F)

Captain Rene Zeetsen, 30, was killed in the crash and First Lieutenant Ernst Mollinger, 26, died later in a field hospital... Read more

13-Mar-15 12551 Mil Mi-17 Belgrade, Serbia (7F)

EMS flight in poor weather conditions, crashed killing two medical staff, four crew and the baby patient, only a few days old.  A later report indicated “The post mortem showed there were 0.68 milligrams per milliliter of alcohol in Mehic’s blood, and 1.30 mg/ml in his urine.”... Read more

13-Mar-15 B511 Eurocopter AS565MB Gageodo Island, Korea (4F)

Crashed in waters off Gageodo Island, while trying to land near a seawall to carry out a mission to transport an emergency patient to an inland hospital. The accident left one dead and three others aboard the helicopter missing.... Read more

13-Mar-15 ZK-IWL Robinson R44 French Pass, New Zealand (1F)

Heilcopter struck wires crossing an 800m wide sea inlet known as French Pass between D’Urville Island and the mainland.  Sole occupant pilot named as Ian John Simcox, 65, from Blenheim was killed... Read more

12-Mar-15 CC-CLD Eurocopter SA315B Rancagua, Chile (1F)

External load operations (carrying food and supplies to a mining camp in Colchagua) at 12,700ft amsl but only 50m above the ground when an engine problem caused pilot to jettison the load and take evasive action, descending to the right intending flying down a gorge. Sadly the pilot, named as Francisco Bismara from Argentina, died... Read more

12-Mar-15 N919EM Airbus AS350B2 Stidham, US-Oklahoma (1F)

flying to McAlester from Tulsa when it crashed, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, and no patients were on board.  Timed at around 11.25pm 3 POB, 1 Fatal... Read more

09-Mar-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Pensacola, US-Florida (11F)

7 Marines and 4 Army personnel killed in poor visibility on Florida coast. The missing Marines were from a special operations regiment out of Camp LeJeune in North Carolina – identified as  Capt. Stanford Henry Shaw III , Master Sgt. Thomas Saunders, Staff Sgt. Liam Flynn, Staff Sgt. Trevor P. Blaylock , Staff Sgt. Kerry... Read more

09-Mar-15 LQ-FJQ Airbus AS350B3 Villa Castelli, Argentina (5F)

Mid air crash of two AS350 helicopters resulting in the fatal crash of both aircraft with a total of 10 lives lost.  Aircraft burnt out in post-crash fire, and were involved in the filming of a reality TV show called Dropped. Eight French nationals, including three sports stars, and the Argentine pilots died when the... Read more

09-Mar-15 LQ-CGK Airbus AS350B3 Villa Castelli, Argentina (5F)

Mid air crash of two AS350 helicopters resulting in the fatal crash of both aircraft with a total of 10 lives lost.  Aircraft burnt out in post-crash fire, and were involved in the filming of a reality TV show called Dropped. Eight French nationals, including three sports stars, and the Argentine pilots died when the... Read more

08-Mar-15 ZS-HBV Bell UH-1 Olifantsbos, South Africa (1F)

The helicopter went down in mountainous terrain while water bombing the area, killing the pilot – named later here as Hendrik Marais... Read more

06-Mar-15 JA6741 Airbus AS332L1 Kihokucho, Japan (2F)

Helicopter was engaged in low level powerline work, hit powerline and crashed killing both on board.  Post crash fire.... Read more

06-Mar-15 N356AM Airbus EC130 St Louis, US-Missouri (1F)

Security video shows helicopter search light spinning to the left. The video shows that the helicopter entered a steep descent and impacted the side of the hospital building and parking lot at night.  Operated by Air Methods for ARCH Air Medical.  Pilot named here as Ronald Rector... Read more

05-Mar-15 D-HDDD Eurocopter BK117 Stuttgart, Germany (1F)

Hospital worker walked into spinning tail rotor shortly after helicopter had landed, and died from his injuries... Read more

26-Feb-15 Imamzadeh Ebrahim, Iran (3F)

No details released apart from fatality numbers.  One unconfirmed report quotes the type as AB212... Read more

19-Feb-15 ZK-IPY Robinson R44 Queenstown, New Zealand (2F)

Fatalities named in the press as Stephen Anthony Nicholson Combe, aged 42, of Wanaka, and James Louis Patterson Gardner, aged 18, of Queenstown... Read more

16-Feb-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Hafar al-Batin, Saudi Arabia (4F)

Crashed on night training flight, killing four – The ministry identified the dead crew members as Lt. Col. Ali al-Arfaj, 1st Lt. Majid al-Fifeefi, 1st Lt. Jadie Qablan and technician Raed al-Jahni.... Read more

13-Feb-15 CC-PHY Robinson R44 San Lorenzo, Chile (3F)

Helicopter with four on board crashed in forest area.  One passenger (named as Miguel Zunino Valenzuela) jumped clear just before the helicopter crashed and the other three died in the accident, including Ítalo Zunino Muratori, Nicolás Fossatti and pilot Luis Alvarado.... Read more

12-Feb-15 8781 MD Helicopters MD500E Ebino, Japan (3F)

Two instructors and one student died on a training accident.  Weather was a factor and cause them to change their planned route after take-off.... Read more

12-Feb-15 N111ZP Rotorway A600 Bohusovice nad Ohri, Czech Republic (1F)

Test flight of newly imported helicopter.  Pilot killed... Read more

11-Feb-15 HAL Dhruv Ganderbal, India (2F)

Instructor and student killed on night training flight.  Crashed in rocky mountainous area and burnt out... Read more

28-Jan-15 7912 Bell UH-1H Binh Chanh, Vietnam (4F)

Crashed on training flight killing all four on board... Read more

28-Jan-15 Eurocopter Bo105 Cortes de la Frontera, Spain (2F)

Crashed killing both on board after hitting powerlines at night.  Helicopter was carrying 800-900 kg of hashish and on an illegal (unbooked with air traffic) flight.  One of those on board was from the Albanian Air Force. Photos show a Bo105 in dark camouflage colours... Read more

26-Jan-15 N86235 Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado (2F)

Crashed adjacent to the threshold of runway 15 and burnt out.  Mountain View Fire & Rescue issued a statement saying there were two fatalities.  This short video interview suggests that part of the helicopter separated in mid air.  Operator Mountain One Helicopters announced on their Facebook page that the victims were instructor Alex Viola and... Read more

23-Jan-15 Bell UH-1Y Twentynine Palms, US-California (2F)

Marines helicopter out of MCAS Miramar crashed on a training flight at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms.  Both on board died in the accident, named later as Capt. Elizabeth Kealey and 1st Lt. Adam Satterfield... Read more

16-Jan-15 N416JB CHR Safari The Woodlands, US-Texas (1F)

Helicopter crashed killing the 51-year old pilot at 2510 Northline Road, nr  College Park Drive, later named as Michael Mims.... Read more

10-Jan-15 N348VH Robinson R22 Catano Bay, Puerto Rico

Crashed into water killing the sole occupant pilot... Read more

10-Jan-15 PR-HPR Robinson R44 Santa Monica, Brazil (1F)

The pilot was killed and an occupant was seriously injured after a helicopter crashed in the PR-576 highway, in Santa Monica, Paraná.  Post crash fire.  Helicopter reportedly hit a large bird, and wires during emergency landing... Read more

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