Fatal Accidents

05-Apr-14 G-OJMF Enstrom 280FX Kirchham, Austria (1F)

Crashed into a heavily forested area on a night flight.  Pilot killed, and the two other occupants seriously injured... Read more

23-Mar-14 PP-SSP Robinson R22B Ribeirão Preto, Brazil (2F)

Crashed in corn field with two fatalities... Read more

20-Mar-14 Wharerata, New Zealand (1F)

Passenger killed in accident at forestry site with helicopter being used for delivering supplies and equipment from one site to another.  Pilot has minor injuries.  Fatality named as Donald Carlton Kain, 53, a forestry supervisor... Read more

19-Mar-14 HD.21-10 Eurocopter AS332B Morro Jable, Spain (4F)

Military SAR helicopter crashed into the water off the Canary Islands at 2155 CET on night training flight.  One rescued, four later confirmed dead when the helicopter was located under water.... Read more

18-Mar-14 N250FB Eurocopter AS350B2 Seattle, US-Washington (2F)

KOMO News helicopter down in Broad Street in Seattle, more updates shortly.  Seattle Police confirm at least two fatalities – named in this article as  pilot Gary Pfitzner and KOMO photographer Bill Strothman.  The helicopter was being used in a joint partnership between KOMO and KING 5 according to this KING 5 report... Read more

13-Mar-14 G-LBAL AgustaWestland AW139 Beccles, UK (4F)

4 fatalities reported in a helicopter crash at Gillingham near Beccles, Suffolk UK around 7.30pm.  Low visibility due to fog reported.  Helicopter had just taken off from Gillingham Hall bound for Northern Ireland.  Press report indicates that the fatalities included owner Edward Haughey... Read more

13-Mar-14 Robinson R44 San Marcos, El Salvador (1F)

Came down into trees shortly after take off, remaining impaled ten feet up a mango treee and killing radio announcer David Diaz.  The other three occupants were all injured –  pilot Raúl Arévalo Contreras, Swiss journalist Dominic Niels and cameraman from Channel 12, Jonathan Perdomo.  The four were involved in filming and following a cycle race.  See... Read more

03-Mar-14 TG-AAA Robinson R44 El Pajal, Guatemala (3F)

Impact with terrain.  Accident killed pilot Ramón Rodríguez Toledo, copilot Andrés Berger, and Luis Paiz.... Read more

28-Feb-14 D-HDRJ Eurocopter BK117C1 Darßer Ort, Germany (3F)

Crashed into the Baltic Sea on a training exercise – The helicopter was on approach to a sea rescue cruiser at about 18:40 local time for a winch operation when suddenly loosing height and crashing into the sea, killing 3 of the 4 POB... Read more

22-Feb-14 Karma, Iraq (4F)

Shot down by militants while on reconnaissance flight... Read more

18-Feb-14 PT-YFV Robinson R22B Barra de Guratiba, Brazil (2F)

Training flight accident, crashed into the sea near a rocky coast.  One fatality named here as Sergio Mauro, 24... Read more

15-Feb-14 PT-YMF Robinson R44 Villa Fatima, Brazil (2F)

Crashed into a forest area killing both on board.  There is some local controversy as the helicopter had reportedly been rebuilt after a fatal accident in 2007 and local law does not allow an aircraft which has been “written off” to be rebuilt in any way.  Some close-up photos at the accident scene of various... Read more

14-Feb-14 Cicare CH-7T Lalbenque, France (1F)

Helicopter crashed killing solo pilot Didier Deschoolmeester... Read more

12-Feb-14 Mil Mi-35 Essider, Libya (5F)

Unknown circumstances.  Took 4 days to find wreckage of this missing helicopter... Read more

08-Feb-14 N571AC Robinson R44 Panacea, US-Florida (2F)

Officials believe the helicopter had just taken off when it hit trees close to the Wakulla County Airport’s runway. The helicopter then cut nearby power lines, and came to rest in a marshy area.  53-year-old Curtis Robert Clifford and 49-year-old Terry Bryan Ooten were found dead, while 45-year-old Sheri Noelle Devore survived... Read more

06-Feb-14 AN-137 Bell 412EP Mansukum, Panama (1F)

1 of 9 POB killed when helicopter came down on night anti-drug mission.  Helicopter had been working with a US Navy MH-60R which was on hand to transport 6 of the injured to hospital.... Read more

31-Jan-14 1417 Bell 212 Reynosa, Mexico (1F)

Unspecifiedl accident inside military base, killing one and injuring the other two occupants... Read more

27-Jan-14 N207DS Bell 206L3 Silt, US-Colorado (3F)

Crashed from low level during powerline survey work for Holy Cross Energy.  All 3 POB fatally injured, including Doug Sheffer, owner and chief pilot of DBS Helicopters (from this page).  The others were named here as Larry Shaffer and Christopher Gaskill... Read more

25-Jan-14 el-Kharouba, Egypt (5F)

Militants claim that an Egyptian Air Force helicopter has crashed with five fatalities.  The nearest we have managed to get to photo evidence of this accident is this press photo which claims to be a funeral of one of those in the helicopter... Read more

23-Jan-14 MM80888 Agusta-Bell 206B Viterbo, Italy (2F)

Training flight, killing student Lieutenant Paolo Tozzi and General Feltrinelli Calligaris, head of Italian Army Aviation [named here].  Powerline reported down and press suggesting that was the cause.... Read more

15-Jan-14 Sikorsky UH-60 Savannah, US-Georgia (1F)

One killed, two injured in training accident.  Helicopter operated by Special ops 160SOAR unit.  Fatality named here as Capt. Clayton O. Carpenter... Read more

12-Jan-14 Robinson R44 Gwanda, Zimbabwe (1F)

Helicopter crashed and burnt out.  It appears that owner/pilot Christian Malila Ndou jumped out prior to impact as his body was found 30m away from the crash site.  South African registered R44 may have been ZS-RYB (10918) but this is not yet proven... Read more

09-Jan-14 HK-4462 Bell 206L3 Anori, Colombia (5F)

Crashed killing all five occupants – military personnel flying in a civilian helicopter.  Former president quoted here said that crash caused by FARC terrorists... Read more

08-Jan-14 Sikorsky MH-53E Virginia Beach, US-Virginia (3F)

Crashed into the ocean.  Four of five POB rescued, but two of the four later died, named as pilot Lt. Wesley Van Dorn and Naval Aircrewman 3rd Class Brian Collins.  Search for fifth person – pilot  Lt. Sean Christopher Snyder – was later abandoned... Read more

07-Jan-14 88-26109 Sikorsky HH-60G Cley, UK (4F)

Lakenheath-based Pave Hawk helicopter crashed during a night low-level training exercise due to a multiple bird strike, killing all four on board – named as Capt Christopher S. Stover, Capt Sean M. Ruane, Technical Sergeant Dale E. Mathews and Staff Sergeant Afton M. Ponce.. The helicopter went down between a beach car park at Cley... Read more

30-Dec-13 PK-DAL Bell 206B Brastagi, Indonesia (1F)

One killed and four seriously injured in crash outside a hospital building.  Judging by photos on Twitter such as this one and this one, it would appear that the helicopter struck wires, which brought it down.  Fatality named here as Arif Setiawan and the other four were pilot Budi Indra and hospital employees Nilawaty Ginting, Yahya Sembiring, and... Read more

20-Dec-13 F-GPJG Robinson R44 Gironde, France (4F)

Four suspected died, of which one body found, when helicopter crashed into a river.  The occupants was Chinese billionaire Lam Kok, his son, an interpreter plus the pilot who had just sold his vineyard to Mr Kok... Read more

18-Dec-13 CS-HEX Eurocopter EC120 Marmelete, Portugal (1F)

Struck powerlines while surveying them for energy company Energias de Portugal.  Helicopter crashed into a wooded area.  1 fatal, 2 serious.... Read more

17-Dec-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Zabul, Afghanistan (6F)

US military keep quiet on details of what happened in this accident, which killed six of the seven on board a Black Hawk.  Fatalities reported by NBC here as Chief Warrant Officer 2 Randy L. Billings, 34, of Heavener, Okla. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joshua B. Silverman, 35, of Scottsdale, Ariz. Sgt. Peter C. Bohler,... Read more

17-Dec-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Gölbaşı, Turkey (4F)

Hit high voltage line and crashed on post-maintenance test flight accident, killing all four on board.  The identities of the fatalities were given as as Pilot Major Ahmet Duman, Lt. Pilot Emre Acar, and aircraft technicians and first sergeants Erdinç Salkım and Hüseyin Ulucan... Read more

15-Dec-13 Hughes 500D Glade Burn, New Zealand (1F)

A Hughes 500 helicopter flying between the Greenstone Valley and Dumpling Hut crashed at Glade Burn in steep and rugged terrain in poor weather.   Police confirmed that sole occupant pilot Bruce Andrews died in the accident... Read more

11-Dec-13 Robinson R22 Mt Percy, New Zealand (1F)

Low level spraying accident.  Helicopter burst into flames on impact.  Pilot named as David Stanley Jones... Read more

06-Dec-13 RA-2097G Schweizer 300C Rostov Oblast, Russia (2F)

Two killed on instructional flight.  Reports state R44 as helicopter type but photo evidence shows S300C.  Tail boom and tail rotor separate from the rest of the wreckage which was completely burned out.... Read more

06-Dec-13 N1001N Texas M74L (Bell 47G) Sebring, US-Florida (1F)

Pilot died in accident from low level on agricultural operations.  Post crash fire.  The pilot was later identified as Jon Whitaker... Read more

03-Dec-13 OK-SHA-68 Heli-Sport CH-77 Stepanov, Czech Republic (1F)

Brand new helicopter crashed being flown by purchaser on ferry flight to his home base.  Helicopter burnt out in crash, and pilot killed.... Read more

29-Nov-13 G-SPAO Eurocopter EC135 Glasgow, UK (10F)

EC135 helicopter crashes onto roof of a crowded bar during a live music gig at approx 10.25pm.  Ten fatalities – the three in the helicopter and seven on the ground.  32 to hospital, of which 14 with serious injuries.  Statements issued so far include those from Scottish Police, helicopter operator Bond Air Services, manufacturer Eurocopter,... Read more

20-Nov-13 PR-MXM Robinson R66 Guaiba Island, Brazil (1F)

Sole occupant pilot Nelson Juliani Blanco, age 33, died in the accident... Read more

19-Nov-13 D-HOMI Robinson R44 Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany (2F)

Training flight, crashed in forested area killing 48 year old instructor and 31 year old student pilot... Read more

16-Nov-13 HL9294 Sikorsky S76C++ Gangam, Korea (2F)

Hit all apartment building in poor visibility. Fell to ground, killing both pilots... Read more

12-Nov-13 F-HTOM Eurocopter AS350B3 Serre Chevalier, France (2F)

Helicopter was involved in loadlifting work in connection with the construction of a ski lift... Read more

09-Nov-13 Mil Mi-17V5 Malinau, Indonesia (13F)

13 died and 6 survived crash of Indonesian Army Mi-17.  Reports of sudden gusty wind conditions on final approach to land... Read more

05-Nov-13 N70KA Robinson R44 Newport Beach, US-California (1F)

Passenger opened door and jumped out over the ocean near Balboa Pier.  Rescuers performed CPR on the beach but he was pronounced dead at hospital.  The pilot’s father described in an interview how his son tried in vain to stop the other passenger jumping out.  A suicide note was found later, and the deceased’s relatives... Read more

30-Oct-13 CC-CNB Bell 206L1 LongRanger Catemu, Chile (1F)

Impacted terrain on agricultural flight after hitting power cables, killing one of two on board... Read more

22-Oct-13 N353HW Eurocopter AS350B3 Somerville, US-Tennessee (3F)

AS350B3 en route to pick up paediatric patient for a transfer flight crashed in Somerville early Tuesday morning, killing the pilot, a nurse and a respiratory therapist on board.  This article later named them as Hospital Wing pilot Charles Smith, Pedi-Flight nurse Carrie Barlow, and Pedi-Flite respiratory therapist Denise Adams... Read more

16-Oct-13 Kawasaki BK117B2 Yushan, Taiwan (3F)

Crashed in mountainous area shortly after take-off from weather station it had lifted supplies up to. The deceased were identified as pilot Chang Kuo-kang (had flown 3181 hours), co-pilot Lin Yi-chi (2832 hours) and bureau worker Chen Wen-chung... Read more

15-Oct-13 AgustaWestland AW139 Dubai, UAE (1F)

Military aircraft down, US embassy in UAE confirms US passport holder (but UAE resident) pilot died.  Pilot was reportedly the only person on board.... Read more

12-Oct-13 SP-GMB Enstrom F280FX Wolicy Koziej, Poland (2F)

Crashed and burned out approx one mile from take-off point in a wooded area, killing 66-year-old pilot from Miedzychód and 64-year-old passenger from Gorzow Wielkopolski... Read more

11-Oct-13 LQ-BHT Bell 407 Valle Fértil, Argentina (1F)

Legislator Margarita Ferra de Bartol died of her wounds in hospital, while San Juan Governor Jose Luis Gioja suffered several bruises. Three other passengers were also injured.  This video shows brownout conditions at low level, then a flash as the helicopter contacts with powerlines.  Initial accident report here... Read more

09-Oct-13 N54LP Bell 206L3 US-Gulf of Mexico (1F)

Helicopter took off from platform Main Pass 107 and crashed straight into the water.  Pilot (named here as Patrick Becnel) fatally injured, three passengers (employees of Wood Group) rescued by USCG helicopter – two seriously injured and one uninjured.  Popout floats were deployed but helicopter turned over and was suspended under water by the floats... Read more

05-Oct-13 MD Helicopters MD500 Paducah, US-Texas (1F)

Joshua Fitts, 34, of West Hurricane, Utah, was killed about 12:20 p.m. when the tail rotor of the McDonnell Douglas helicopter crashed after clipping a transmission line pulley, called a sheave... Read more

02-Oct-13 Baiji, Iraq (4F)

Unidentified militants shot down a military helicopter in northern Iraq on Wednesday, killing all four crew members, police sources said.... Read more

29-Sep-13 VT-HGC Bell 212 Thane, India (5F)

Helicopter en route from Juhu aerodrome in Mumbai to Aurangabad descended due to bad weather, hit high tension cables and crashed killing all five on board – named here as pilot Capt. SS Bhaduria, co-pilot Captain Allen Martin, Capt. Anshu Matta, Engg Yatin Wakade and Technician Dean D’Souza.... Read more

27-Sep-13 N631DP Enstrom F28C Bloomsburg, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

69-year old pilot Carl Enlow had stopped flying tours at a fair for a refuel and to allow a relief pilot to take over.  Enlow went back to speak to the pilot who relieved him when his hat blew off his head and he was struck by the rotor when he reached for it.... Read more

22-Sep-13 Sikorsky MH-60S Red Sea, Bahrain (2F)

An MH-60S assigned to HSC-6 crashed in the central Red Sea Sept. 22, while operating with the guided-missile destroyer USS William P. Lawrence (DDG 110).  Three personnel are accounted for and stable but two perished – named as Lt. Cmdr. Landon L. Jones and CW3 Jonathon Shelby Gibson.  The crash was not due to any sort... Read more

21-Sep-13 N22490 Bell UH-1 Black Canyon City, US-Arizona (2F)

Heavy impact, post crash fire, no survivors.  Two POB were pilot/owner Chad Nelson and passenger Brynne Smith.  This report quotes Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office saying the debris field is a radius of half a mile.... Read more

19-Sep-13 Sikorsky UH-60 La Pintada, Mexico (5F)

A federal police helicopter crashed into the mountain range inthe southern state of Guerrero, killing all three crew members and two passengers onboard... Read more

16-Sep-13 UAE (1F)

The military in the United Arab Emirates says a helicopter has crashed during a training mission, killing one crew member.  Tuesday’s statement from the UAE Armed Forces Command gave no further details.... Read more

16-Sep-13 N204UH Bell UH-1B Idanha, US-Oregon (1F)

Logging operations – it appears the pilot released the logs, indicating he knew of a problem prior to the crash. Witnesses then saw a rotor separate from the helicopter followed by it turning upside down and falling to the ground. Pilot was named as William Bart Colantuono, 54, of Indialantic, FL... Read more

14-Sep-13 AgustaWestland AW119 Selco Staritskogo, Russia (2F)

Helicopter lost contact with ATC and was not found for over two days.   Impact of the crash killed both on board.  The pilot was Margarita Afanaskina, champion of various helicopter flying competitions (see tribute from Russian Ministry of Sport).  Passenger was senior forestry official named Sergei Medvedev... Read more

13-Sep-13 SP-WNP Robinson R44 Wygonin, Poland (3F)

Crashed and consumed by fire, killing all three on board.  One was named as Krzysztof Mielewczyk, husband of a member of the Polish Parliament... Read more

12-Sep-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Springville, US-California (1F)

57-year-old volunteer Shane Krogen fell about 50 feet from a helicopter during a marijuana-eradication effort in Tulare County and died... Read more

12-Sep-13 Mil Mi-17 Lest, Slovakia (1F)

Soldier abseiling down rope died after falling to the ground.  Reports in subsequent days suggest the rope was intentionally cut after the helicopter suffered a major malfunction and had to make an emergency landing to save the 13 on board.... Read more

09-Sep-13 Mil Mi-2 Dolinsk, Russia (3F)

Crashed and consumed by fire, killing all three on board.  Photos of wreckage show it half buried, implying significant vertical speed at impact.... Read more

09-Sep-13 C-GCFU Eurocopter Bo105S McClure Strait, Canada (3F)

A  Canadian Coast Guard Bo105 operating from the research icebreaker Amundsen crashed at night into the Arctic Ocean, killing all three on board.  They were named as Marc Thibault, commanding officer of the CCGS Amundsen, Daniel Dubé, helicopter pilot and Klaus Hochheim, an Arctic scientist affiliated with the University of Manitoba. CADORS 2013C3920... Read more

31-Aug-13 N3156U Robinson R44 II Truth or Consequences, US-New Mexico (3F)

Hit powerlines and crashed, killing all three on board.  The victims were identified as William Brownfield, 61, of Caballo, Duane Zietlow, 78, of Elephant Butte and the pilot, Ebenezer Priebe, 34, of Tucson, Ariz.  [and before anyone asks, “Truth or Consequences” is indeed a town name]... Read more

31-Aug-13 VH-VAS Bell 412EP Mansfield, Australia (1F)

68-year old man, named as Robert Davis, fell 30m from a winch harness and died while being winched on board after injuring his ankle.  Press reports say he weighed between 120 – 140 kg, and this will be taken into account during the investigations.... Read more

23-Aug-13 G-WNSB Eurocopter AS332L2 nr Shetland, UK (4F)

CHC helicopter reported ditched in North Sea , 18 POB reported with 14 rescued and 4 fatalities named as Duncan Munro, 46, from Bishop Auckland, Sarah Darnley, 45, from Elgin, Gary McCrossan, 59, from Inverness, and George Allison, 57, from Winchester.... Read more

06-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Marib, Yemen (8F)

Shot down by Yemeni tribesmen, complaining about an oil pipeline.  The helicopter crashed and all eight occupants died... Read more

06-Aug-13 Robinson R44 Irkutsk, Russia (2F)

There were two people aboard – a pilot, Artur Assadulin, and a passenger, Vasyl Zazulchak, a citizen of Ukraine.   Under conditions of poor visibility, the helicopter crashed into a hill.... Read more

05-Aug-13 N8688F MD Helicopters MD500D Lamesa, US-Texas (2F)

Two workers have fallen to their deaths when a cable suspending them hit a power line they were inspecting – the pair were later reported here as 25-year-old David Edward Oliveira of Turlock, CA and 26-year-old Christoper Geoffrey Breed of Moscow, ID.  Helicopter landed safely with no damage... Read more

05-Aug-13 Sikorsky HH-60 MCAS Hansen, Japan (1F)

HH-60 from MCAS Kadena crashed and caught fire near MCAS Hansen.  3 serious injuries and 1 fatal – named as Tech. Sgt. Mark A Smith... Read more

29-Jul-13 B-7036 Robinson R22 Dagang Town, China (2F)

Crashed on training flight,  killing a 37-year-old male pilot surnamed Pan and a 25-year-old female trainee pilot surnamed Xi, according to a police update.... Read more

29-Jul-13 YR-BTM Eurocopter EC130 Taureni Lake, Romania (5F)

Helicopter crashed into lake, killing 5 of 6 POB –  three German businessmen, Romanian businessman Sorin Terbea (the helicopter owner), and the pilot died in the crash.  Terbea’s assistant survived.... Read more

27-Jul-13 N646AG Robinson R66 Tunkhannock, US-Pennsylvania (5F)

En route from Lehighton PA to Endecott NY with five aboard was en route when it disappeared from radar during conditions of severe thunderstorms and heavy fog. The last communication to ATC was a report around 10 pm Saturday that he was “losing altitude and would try to return to a nearby airfield.”.  Wreckage was... Read more

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