Fatal Accidents

12-Nov-13 F-HTOM Eurocopter AS350B3 Serre Chevalier, France (2F)

Helicopter was involved in loadlifting work in connection with the construction of a ski lift... Read more

09-Nov-13 Mil Mi-17V5 Malinau, Indonesia (13F)

13 died and 6 survived crash of Indonesian Army Mi-17.  Reports of sudden gusty wind conditions on final approach to land... Read more

05-Nov-13 N70KA Robinson R44 Newport Beach, US-California (1F)

Passenger opened door and jumped out over the ocean near Balboa Pier.  Rescuers performed CPR on the beach but he was pronounced dead at hospital.  The pilot’s father described in an interview how his son tried in vain to stop the other passenger jumping out.  A suicide note was found later, and the deceased’s relatives... Read more

30-Oct-13 CC-CNB Bell 206L1 LongRanger Catemu, Chile (1F)

Impacted terrain on agricultural flight after hitting power cables, killing one of two on board... Read more

22-Oct-13 N353HW Eurocopter AS350B3 Somerville, US-Tennessee (3F)

AS350B3 en route to pick up paediatric patient for a transfer flight crashed in Somerville early Tuesday morning, killing the pilot, a nurse and a respiratory therapist on board.  This article later named them as Hospital Wing pilot Charles Smith, Pedi-Flight nurse Carrie Barlow, and Pedi-Flite respiratory therapist Denise Adams... Read more

16-Oct-13 Kawasaki BK117B2 Yushan, Taiwan (3F)

Crashed in mountainous area shortly after take-off from weather station it had lifted supplies up to. The deceased were identified as pilot Chang Kuo-kang (had flown 3181 hours), co-pilot Lin Yi-chi (2832 hours) and bureau worker Chen Wen-chung... Read more

15-Oct-13 AgustaWestland AW139 Dubai, UAE (1F)

Military aircraft down, US embassy in UAE confirms US passport holder (but UAE resident) pilot died.  Pilot was reportedly the only person on board.... Read more

12-Oct-13 SP-GMB Enstrom F280FX Wolicy Koziej, Poland (2F)

Crashed and burned out approx one mile from take-off point in a wooded area, killing 66-year-old pilot from Miedzychód and 64-year-old passenger from Gorzow Wielkopolski... Read more

11-Oct-13 LQ-BHT Bell 407 Valle Fértil, Argentina (1F)

Legislator Margarita Ferra de Bartol died of her wounds in hospital, while San Juan Governor Jose Luis Gioja suffered several bruises. Three other passengers were also injured.  This video shows brownout conditions at low level, then a flash as the helicopter contacts with powerlines.  Initial accident report here... Read more

09-Oct-13 N54LP Bell 206L3 US-Gulf of Mexico (1F)

Helicopter took off from platform Main Pass 107 and crashed straight into the water.  Pilot (named here as Patrick Becnel) fatally injured, three passengers (employees of Wood Group) rescued by USCG helicopter – two seriously injured and one uninjured.  Popout floats were deployed but helicopter turned over and was suspended under water by the floats... Read more

05-Oct-13 MD Helicopters MD500 Paducah, US-Texas (1F)

Joshua Fitts, 34, of West Hurricane, Utah, was killed about 12:20 p.m. when the tail rotor of the McDonnell Douglas helicopter crashed after clipping a transmission line pulley, called a sheave... Read more

02-Oct-13 Baiji, Iraq (4F)

Unidentified militants shot down a military helicopter in northern Iraq on Wednesday, killing all four crew members, police sources said.... Read more

29-Sep-13 VT-HGC Bell 212 Thane, India (5F)

Helicopter en route from Juhu aerodrome in Mumbai to Aurangabad descended due to bad weather, hit high tension cables and crashed killing all five on board – named here as pilot Capt. SS Bhaduria, co-pilot Captain Allen Martin, Capt. Anshu Matta, Engg Yatin Wakade and Technician Dean D’Souza.... Read more

27-Sep-13 N631DP Enstrom F28C Bloomsburg, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

69-year old pilot Carl Enlow had stopped flying tours at a fair for a refuel and to allow a relief pilot to take over.  Enlow went back to speak to the pilot who relieved him when his hat blew off his head and he was struck by the rotor when he reached for it.... Read more

22-Sep-13 Sikorsky MH-60S Red Sea, Bahrain (2F)

An MH-60S assigned to HSC-6 crashed in the central Red Sea Sept. 22, while operating with the guided-missile destroyer USS William P. Lawrence (DDG 110).  Three personnel are accounted for and stable but two perished – named as Lt. Cmdr. Landon L. Jones and CW3 Jonathon Shelby Gibson.  The crash was not due to any sort... Read more

21-Sep-13 N22490 Bell UH-1 Black Canyon City, US-Arizona (2F)

Heavy impact, post crash fire, no survivors.  Two POB were pilot/owner Chad Nelson and passenger Brynne Smith.  This report quotes Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office saying the debris field is a radius of half a mile.... Read more

19-Sep-13 Sikorsky UH-60 La Pintada, Mexico (5F)

A federal police helicopter crashed into the mountain range inthe southern state of Guerrero, killing all three crew members and two passengers onboard... Read more

16-Sep-13 UAE (1F)

The military in the United Arab Emirates says a helicopter has crashed during a training mission, killing one crew member.  Tuesday’s statement from the UAE Armed Forces Command gave no further details.... Read more

16-Sep-13 N204UH Bell UH-1B Idanha, US-Oregon (1F)

Logging operations – it appears the pilot released the logs, indicating he knew of a problem prior to the crash. Witnesses then saw a rotor separate from the helicopter followed by it turning upside down and falling to the ground. Pilot was named as William Bart Colantuono, 54, of Indialantic, FL... Read more

14-Sep-13 AgustaWestland AW119 Selco Staritskogo, Russia (2F)

Helicopter lost contact with ATC and was not found for over two days.   Impact of the crash killed both on board.  The pilot was Margarita Afanaskina, champion of various helicopter flying competitions (see tribute from Russian Ministry of Sport).  Passenger was senior forestry official named Sergei Medvedev... Read more

13-Sep-13 SP-WNP Robinson R44 Wygonin, Poland (3F)

Crashed and consumed by fire, killing all three on board.  One was named as Krzysztof Mielewczyk, husband of a member of the Polish Parliament... Read more

12-Sep-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Springville, US-California (1F)

57-year-old volunteer Shane Krogen fell about 50 feet from a helicopter during a marijuana-eradication effort in Tulare County and died... Read more

12-Sep-13 Mil Mi-17 Lest, Slovakia (1F)

Soldier abseiling down rope died after falling to the ground.  Reports in subsequent days suggest the rope was intentionally cut after the helicopter suffered a major malfunction and had to make an emergency landing to save the 13 on board.... Read more

09-Sep-13 Mil Mi-2 Dolinsk, Russia (3F)

Crashed and consumed by fire, killing all three on board.  Photos of wreckage show it half buried, implying significant vertical speed at impact.... Read more

09-Sep-13 C-GCFU Eurocopter Bo105S McClure Strait, Canada (3F)

A  Canadian Coast Guard Bo105 operating from the research icebreaker Amundsen crashed at night into the Arctic Ocean, killing all three on board.  They were named as Marc Thibault, commanding officer of the CCGS Amundsen, Daniel Dubé, helicopter pilot and Klaus Hochheim, an Arctic scientist affiliated with the University of Manitoba. CADORS 2013C3920... Read more

31-Aug-13 N3156U Robinson R44 II Truth or Consequences, US-New Mexico (3F)

Hit powerlines and crashed, killing all three on board.  The victims were identified as William Brownfield, 61, of Caballo, Duane Zietlow, 78, of Elephant Butte and the pilot, Ebenezer Priebe, 34, of Tucson, Ariz.  [and before anyone asks, “Truth or Consequences” is indeed a town name]... Read more

31-Aug-13 VH-VAS Bell 412EP Mansfield, Australia (1F)

68-year old man, named as Robert Davis, fell 30m from a winch harness and died while being winched on board after injuring his ankle.  Press reports say he weighed between 120 – 140 kg, and this will be taken into account during the investigations.... Read more

23-Aug-13 G-WNSB Eurocopter AS332L2 nr Shetland, UK (4F)

CHC helicopter reported ditched in North Sea , 18 POB reported with 14 rescued and 4 fatalities named as Duncan Munro, 46, from Bishop Auckland, Sarah Darnley, 45, from Elgin, Gary McCrossan, 59, from Inverness, and George Allison, 57, from Winchester.... Read more

06-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Marib, Yemen (8F)

Shot down by Yemeni tribesmen, complaining about an oil pipeline.  The helicopter crashed and all eight occupants died... Read more

06-Aug-13 Robinson R44 Irkutsk, Russia (2F)

There were two people aboard – a pilot, Artur Assadulin, and a passenger, Vasyl Zazulchak, a citizen of Ukraine.   Under conditions of poor visibility, the helicopter crashed into a hill.... Read more

05-Aug-13 N8688F MD Helicopters MD500D Lamesa, US-Texas (2F)

Two workers have fallen to their deaths when a cable suspending them hit a power line they were inspecting – the pair were later reported here as 25-year-old David Edward Oliveira of Turlock, CA and 26-year-old Christoper Geoffrey Breed of Moscow, ID.  Helicopter landed safely with no damage... Read more

05-Aug-13 Sikorsky HH-60 MCAS Hansen, Japan (1F)

HH-60 from MCAS Kadena crashed and caught fire near MCAS Hansen.  3 serious injuries and 1 fatal – named as Tech. Sgt. Mark A Smith... Read more

29-Jul-13 B-7036 Robinson R22 Dagang Town, China (2F)

Crashed on training flight,  killing a 37-year-old male pilot surnamed Pan and a 25-year-old female trainee pilot surnamed Xi, according to a police update.... Read more

29-Jul-13 YR-BTM Eurocopter EC130 Taureni Lake, Romania (5F)

Helicopter crashed into lake, killing 5 of 6 POB –  three German businessmen, Romanian businessman Sorin Terbea (the helicopter owner), and the pilot died in the crash.  Terbea’s assistant survived.... Read more

27-Jul-13 N646AG Robinson R66 Tunkhannock, US-Pennsylvania (5F)

En route from Lehighton PA to Endecott NY with five aboard was en route when it disappeared from radar during conditions of severe thunderstorms and heavy fog. The last communication to ATC was a report around 10 pm Saturday that he was “losing altitude and would try to return to a nearby airfield.”.  Wreckage was... Read more

27-Jul-13 N25WH Robinson R44 Thompson Falls, US-Montana (1F)

Pilot Todd Hanawalt and two passengers were surveying power lines for a company on Saturday afternoon when the helicopter crashed. killing Hanawalt... Read more

24-Jul-13 VT-TBE Bell 407 Garud Chatti, India (2F)

Accident situation unknown.  Helicopter operating on Disaster Relief Operations with Uttarakhand Government.  Operator reported it was en route from Kedarnath to Guptkashi at about 1530 hrs.  Later update said it was weather related.  Fatalities named here as Pilot J. S. Dhaliwal and technician Abhay Ranjan... Read more

22-Jul-13 N233JP Bell UH-1H Mount Clarleston, US-Nevada (1F)

According to a LVMPD press release, David Vanbuskirk “somehow became detached from the hoist line, falling into the canyon below.” The distance that the man fell is under investigation, but Sheriff Doug Gillespie later stated in a press conference that “it is clear that this was a non-survivable fall and he died on impact.” The... Read more

21-Jul-13 RA-04049 Eurocopter EC120 Kola Peninsula, Russia (3F)

Shortly after dropping off two tourist anglers and their interpreter, the pilot took off but crashed into them, killing all three. The pilot survived.  The casualties were named here as retired lawyer Rupert Beaumont and fine-art dealer Mark Robertson, both 69, and their Russian guide and interpreter, Alexander Tushnikov, 53.... Read more

16-Jul-13 N775AR Bell UH-1H Dove Creek, US-Colorado (1F)

UH-1H crashed while performing seismographic operations at an oil drilling rig in the area.  News report here states AJ Blain, 27, died in the crash, said Joyce Barnett, Dolores County, Colo., coroner... Read more

09-Jul-13 HK-4866 Eurocopter BK117A4 Teorama, Colombia (5F)

Contacted high voltage powerlines and crashed with 5 fatalities.  Registration NOT yet verified... Read more

09-Jul-13 Bell UH-1H Tingo Maria, Peru (3F)

Crashed on night training flight.  Pilot named as Ronald Helbert Vargas Terán (34), and crew were Amadeo César Loayza Mercado (33) and Carlos Alberto Cercado Pinares (42).... Read more

04-Jul-13 Mil Mi-35 Benghazi, Libya (2F)

It is though the crash was caused by human error during a particularly daring manoeuvre.  2 killed, 1 seriously injured... Read more

02-Jul-13 RA-22657 Mil Mi-8 Deputatsky, Russia (23F)

Loss of control due to mountain winds (according to this report), killing 23 of 28 POB.  The five survivors were the three crew and two of the passengers, one a child.... Read more

01-Jul-13 HB-ZMO Eurocopter AS350B3e Erstfeld, Switzerland (4F)

Clear skies, pilot experienced in the area (visited 3-4 times a week) but AS350B3e went down with four fatalities.  Post crash fire.  Wide debris field with tailboom 20+m away not touched by the fire (see photo)... Read more

01-Jul-13 C-GQQT Bell 206B Gull Lake, Canada (1F)

Wreckage reported sighting on 2nd July, the day after a Bell 206 was reported overdue. “The aircraft is missing and debris has washed ashore in Gull Lake.” CADORS 2013C2819... Read more

29-Jun-13 HB-XSO Eurocopter AS350B2 Personico, Switzerland (4F)

Main blades clipped rock in low hover, and subsequent crash landing killed all four POB – part named here as  pilot Davide B. (62), its passengers Daniele C. (43), Lauro S. (56) and F. Severino (63)... Read more

25-Jun-13 Mil Mi-17V5 Gaurikund, India (20F)

Crashed in poor weather. Vice Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority said eight bodies have been recovered and chances of any survivor among the 19 onboard were remote... Read more

20-Jun-13 Mil Mi-17 Momotombo, Nicaragua (9F)

helicopter experienced “mechanical problems” at altitude before descending uncontrolled on the edge of Lake Managua.  Most of the wreckage entered the water where it subsequently submerged... Read more

19-Jun-13 N5024N Bell 47G Maplewood, US-Minnesota (1F)

Crashed into the back yard of a house while on mosquito control work.  Maplewood acting Police Chief Dave Kvam identified the pilot as Michael Kramer, 44... Read more

19-Jun-13 I-VIEW Eurocopter AS350B3+ Muchu, Nepal (1F)

Crashed when trying  to make an emergency landing on the bank of Karnali River, killing one of the 6 POB.  According to this report Police have identified the deceased as Tek Bahadur Tapali, station manager of Humla office of the Nepalese CAA.  The injured were named as pilot David Talu, an Italian national, flight manager Dilak... Read more

16-Jun-13 PZL SW-4 Yinan, China (1F)

SW-4 on crop spraying operation crashed, killing the pilot... Read more

14-Jun-13 PR-HRZ Bell 212 Teffe, Brazil (2F)

No details given in press statement on circumstances of this fatal accident... Read more

11-Jun-13 N935EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Talihina, US-Oklahoma (1F)

Crashed close to hospital helipad on take-off for transfer to Tulsa.  Patient on board, 1 fatal, 2 critical, 1 minor.  Post crash fire.  Fatality was the patient, Michael Wilson, 49, although unclear whether that was due to the accident or his previous medical condition (following a serious workplace injury)... Read more

07-Jun-13 N207JA Bell 206B San Luis Potosi, Mexico (4F)

Lost height on climb out from golf complex.  Fatalities named as Juan Ignacio Torres Landa, Elizárraga Alejandro Felix (pilot), Jaime Olescowski, Manuel Palacios Alcocer, while Joseph Olescowski Nutt was seriously injured.... Read more

06-Jun-13 N114AE Bell 206L Manchester, US-Kentucky (3F)

Late evening accident in the grounds of an elementary school on positioning flight back to base in Manchester after delivering patient to London.  Three fatalities named as  pilot Eddie Sizemore, flight paramedic Herman “Lee” Dobbs and flight nurse Jesse Jones.  Reports include mention of fog and that electricity lines have been cut and there are power... Read more

06-Jun-13 Schweizer S300C Guanghan, China (1F)

Training flight, one fatal, one injured.  Helicopter ended upside-down on the banks of a river... Read more

31-May-13 C-GIMY Sikorsky S76 Moosonee, Canada (4F)

Helicopter down at night (approx 00:11 hrs) with 4 fatalities – two crew, two paramedics.  No patient on board.  See Ornge Media statement  crew were named (here) as Captain Don Filliter, 54, of Skead, Ont. First Officer Jacques Dupuy, 43, of Otterburn-Park, Que. Paramedic Dustin Dagenais, 34, of Moose Factory, Ont. Paramedic Chris Snowball, 38,... Read more

29-May-13 C-FZWB Bell 206B Fort McMurray, Canada (2F)

Helicopter working for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, coming down in a forested area.  Crash killed pilot Bryce Campbell and passenger biologist Kristina Norstrom.  The other passenger Simon Slater survived – names from this article... Read more

28-May-13 Mil Mi-8 Ivanovsky, Russia (2F)

Crashed on training flight, killing two of the four POB... Read more

24-May-13 N569BC Robinson R44 Cross Timbers, US-Missouri (2F)

Crashed in heavy wooded area.  Fatalities named as pilot William Higgenbotham, 32, and the passenger was Catalina Richard, 21.... Read more

23-May-13 PNB-8302 Eurocopter Bo105 Caracas, Venezuela (5F)

Crashed in low visibility while chasing a vehicle containing two hostages.  All five POB died.  Post crash fire... Read more

17-May-13 Virginia Beach, US-Virginia (2F)

Two members of the FBI’s ultra-elite Hostage Rescue Team (Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw) were killed  during a training accident involving a helicopter off the coast of Virginia Beach.  The military statement said very little except that it encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”... Read more

06-May-13 RA-24410 Mil Mi-8 Preobrazhenka, Russia (9F)

Helicopter with 9 persons and 2 tons of explosive... Read more

27-Apr-13 N150SP Bell 206B Shepherd, US-Montana (1F)

Sole occupant pilot killed after striking wires... Read more

24-Apr-13 XC-AAF MD Helicopters MD600N Oaxaca, Mexico (4F)

Helicopter on an EMS flight crashed killing a newborn baby less than 24 hours old, his father Pedro Martinez, pilot  Guillermo Chávez Medina and paramedic Pablo Héctor Vicente.  Helicopter destroyed... Read more

23-Apr-13 ZS-HLS Robinson R44 Schoemanskloof, South Africa (4F)

Helicopter departed Nelspruit, picked up passengers at Casterbridge and was en route to Grand Central, but crashed in an open field.  Visibility is quoted in press reports as a possible factor.  The victims were named as Nicholas More, Pierre de Villiers, Lance Cooper and Elmarie Martens.... Read more

21-Apr-13 OM-M959 Dynali H2S Trnava, Slovakia (1F)

Crashed into ploughed field with no obstructions near, killing one.  Both occupants were pilots.... Read more

13-Apr-13 C-FCTD Bell 206L1 Cambell River, Canada (1F)

1 fatality of 6 on board after helicopter crashed into the Homathco River on a fly-fishing charter.   The fatality was named in this report as Michael Monson.  CADAORS 2013P0449... Read more

12-Apr-13 Ouro-Modi, Mali (5F)

Details not clear apart from casualty numbers... Read more

09-Apr-12 Boeing AH-64 Pechigram district, Afghanistan (2F)

Two US soldiers killed in helicopter crash.  A press release from the Pennsylvania National Guard named the pair as Chief Warrant Officer 3 Matthew Ruffner, 34, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jarett Yoder, 27.... Read more

07-Apr-13 OB-1916P Mil-8 Loreto, Peru (13F)

Incident summary – Oil exploration support helicopter went down, killing all on board.  Initial reports vary between 13 and 14 fatalities after initial reports of 9.  Some local news sources are saying it exploded in the air, 10 minutes from its destination.  The helicopter was supporting work by Perenco Peru, who issued a statement saying that apart from... Read more

03-Apr-13 N3101H Robinson R44 Tamiami, US-Florida (2F)

Crashed into a parking lot two miles after take-off, killing both occupants.  Non-aviation witnesses report an explosion before the helicopter reached the ground. Post crash fire.  The deceased were later named by Miami Dade Police as pilot Mark Palmieri and passenger Ross Allen.  One report states it was a post-maintenance test flight... Read more

03-Apr-13 Robinson R44 Nylstroom, South Africa (1F)

Unknown circumstances.  Wreck found next morning after failing to arrive at intended destination... Read more

30-Mar-13 N911AA Eurocopter AS350B3 Talkeetna, US-Alaska

Impacted terrain while maneuvering during an SAR flight near Talkeetna, Alaska. The airline transport pilot, an Alaska state trooper serving as a flight observer for the pilot, and a stranded snowmobiler who had requested rescue were killed, and the helicopter was destroyed by impact and postcrash fire.... Read more

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