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03-Jun-13 C-FZPS Robinson R44 Grande Cache, Canada

Deteriorating weather conditions were encountered. The pilot elected to divert and subsequently came into contact with trees while manoeuvring. The helicopter collided with terrain and was destroyed by post impact fire. The pilot was able to exit the helicopter but sustained serious injuries. CADORS 2013C2142


Gemini Helicopters issues statement on fatal R44 crash

Gemini Helicopters issues statement on fatal R44 crash

“In the evening of January 27, 2013 Gemini was alerted of an overdue helicopter with a last known location approximately 77 kilometers southwest of Fox Creek. ” (see full story) File photo

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28-Jan-13 C-GOCM Robinson R44 Grand Cache, Canada (1F)

Survey helicopter overdue.  Weather may have been an issue as a Canadian military Bell 412 involved in the search had to return to base due to weather.  CADAORS 2013C0386


03-Jan-12 C-FGBX Robinson R44 Chinchaga River area, Canada

Main blade struck tree.  CADAORS 2012P0016