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Chinese police forces order ten helicopters

Chinese police forces order ten helicopters

Ten helicopters are being bought for the police under the largest agreement of its kind in China, signed on Tuesday, the opening day of the Eighth China International Exhibition on Police Equipment. On Tuesday this week, the Ministry of Public Security signed an order with local manufacturer AVIC for ten helicopters. The first four, two… Read more »

Source:, 19-May-16

23-Apr-15 Harbin Z-9AE Douala, Cameroon

Photos show tail missing and helicopter partly on its side with starboard gear collapsed and main blades broken.  Aircraft was involved in practice flights for Cameroon’s National Day on 20th May.  2 POB to hospital but released within 2 days.


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14-Jul-14 Harbin Z-9 Dangkor, Cambodia (5F)

Five military trainees killed and one seriously injured.  The helicopter was one of 12 helicopters Cambodia bought from China last year to boost its military capacity.


11-Apr-14 Harbin H425 Grootfontein, Namibia (5F)

Failed to gain height on flight to Windhoek.  Four killed in accident of 10 POB, fifth died shortly after in hospital according to Facebook page of local press Informanté


Bangladesh Navy set to buy Z-9C ASW helicopters

The Bangladesh Navy is procuring two Z-9C is the naval helicopter developed by the Harbin Aircraft Manufacture Co. (HAMC) for shipborne anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and search and rescue (SAR) missions – see full story

Source: Military Forces Asia, 05-Jul-13

05-Dec-12 AF746 Harbin Z-9 Shiwangandu, Zambia

Government VIP helicopter – report says it spiralled towards the ground and crashed, injuring one on the ground.