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Heli Lausanne adds Gabri G2 to fleet

Heli Lausanne adds Gabri G2 to fleet

Heli Lausanne, based unsurprisingly in the Swiss city of Lausanne, has added a Guimbal Cabri G2 to their fleet.  The company has bought serial 1045 from German operator Aeroheli, and put it on the Swiss register as HB-ZLX. Flight Opersations & Safety Manager Daniel Grandguillaume told that they will fly it alongside the Schweizer… Read more »

Source:, 29-Apr-16

02-Oct-14 HB-ZJC Eurocopter EC130 Bart, France (5F)

Helicopter took off from Lausanne, Switzerland and has crashed in France – reportedly just prior to landing at Montbéliard – Courcelles Aerodrome. Weather reported as foggy and press report says that pilot was looking for a gap in the cloud to land at the airfield.  Five of seven POB killed when helicopter landed on a… Read more »