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Gudauri Resort Launches Heli Skiing

Gudauri Resort Launches Heli Skiing

The Georgian Civil Aviation Agency has announced that they will be allowing the Austrian company, Wucher Helikopter and the German company, Helicopter Travel Munich, to offer flights for heli-skiing at Gudauri winter resort. The permits only allow flight under the Visual Flight Rules. The advantage of heli-skiing is that it offers extreme snowboarders and skiers… Read more »

Source:, 09-Jan-17

03-Dec-13 OK-SHA-68 Heli-Sport CH-77 Stepanov, Czech Republic (1F)

Brand new helicopter crashed being flown by purchaser on ferry flight to his home base.  Helicopter burnt out in crash, and pilot killed.


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Heli-Sport starts deliveries of the CH-77 Ranabot

Heli-Sport starts deliveries of the CH-77 Ranabot

Heli-Sport has just announced that initial deliveries of their side-by-side two-seat CH-77 Ranabot were made approximately a month ago to customers in their native Italy.  Next deliveries are expected to be to France and the Czech Republic – and Heli-Sport is actively working with the dealers in those countries, who will be responsible for assembly,… Read more »

Source:, 22-May-12