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08-Dec-20 D-HTAT Guimbal G2 Speyer, Germany

Student solo (aged 63) – at a height of 50-100 meters, there was a loss of engine power. The helicopter touched down hard and rolled onto its side around 15-20m from the runway in the grass.


Guimbal ships the 100th Cabri

Guimbal ships the 100th Cabri

Helicoptères Guimbal, the French manufacturer, has recently shipped their 100th G2 Cabri helicopter.  The handover ceremony at the factory at Aix-les-Milles saw a blue Cabri added to the fleet of German operator Heli Transair, their third.  Bruno Guimbal handed the keys over to Heli Transair’s Dick Herr.  The company had brought two of their other… Read more »

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Entrol has certified two EC-135 FNPT II MCC simulators in Germany

Entrol has certified two EC-135 FNPT II MCC simulators in Germany

entrol has certified two EC-135 FNPT II MCC simulators in Germany. The simulators were chosen by Heli Trans Hamburg and Heli Transair with the objective of improving their students training and using it in their CPL and MCCcourses. Since being set up in 2005, entrol has established itself as one of the main companies of the FNPT’s market, thanks to… Read more »

Source: Entrol, 28-Jan-14

19-Nov-13 D-HOMI Robinson R44 Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany (2F)

Training flight, crashed in forested area killing 48 year old instructor and 31 year old student pilot


29-Jul-12 D-HOMI Robinson R44 Rhens/Jakobsberg Heliport, Germany

Difficulties on take-off resulted in heavy landing with much damage to the helicopter – operator is quoted in press estimating damage cost at 150,000 euros.  Minor injuries to the 4 POB


Heli Transair adds new sales and marketing lead

Heli Transair adds new sales and marketing lead

(Electronic Translation from German) We welcome the new year Rainer Herzberg in our team who will take charge of marketing and sales with our employees and affect the course of Heli Transair in the future. Rainer Herzberg was the end of 2011 magazine editor in chief of the helicopter rotor blade, a position he has… Read more »

Source: Heli Transair, 13-Jan-12

10-Jan-12 D-HHTA Robinson R22 Egelsbach, Germany

Accident on first solo.  R22 ended up on its port side