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29-Jun-13 HB-XSO Eurocopter AS350B2 Personico, Switzerland (4F)

Main blades clipped rock in low hover, and subsequent crash landing killed all four POB – part named here as  pilot Davide B. (62), its passengers Daniele C. (43), Lauro S. (56) and F. Severino (63)


18-Sep-12 HB-ZJO Eurocopter AS350B3 Vallemaggia, Switzerland (1F)

Helicopter crashed in mountainous region, killing the sole occupant pilot.  There was a post-crash fire.

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Switzerland – Heli-TV adds new AS350B3e

Switzerland – Heli-TV adds new AS350B3e

Swiss operator Heli-TV is the latest to add a new Eurocopter AS350B3e to its fleet.  Serial 7409 was registered yesterday in the mountainous European country as HB-ZTV, listed as owned by Nuova Camping Tamaro SA and operated by Heli-TV [File photo] Jeremy Parkin –

Source:, 31-May-12

16-Jul-10 HB-ZJO Eurocopter AS350B3 Orselina, Switzerland