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New Zealand has fast-expanding Cabri fleet

New Zealand has fast-expanding Cabri fleet

In the last few weeks three more Guimbal G2 Cabri helicopters have arrived in New Zealand.  This includes a new build serial 1057 from the factory in France, which will become the fifth helicopter in the country to fly with the registration ZK-HCS.  [The previous “HCS” was a Cabri now re-registered to ZK-ICS.  Ed] Meanwhile… Read more »

Source:, 30-Jan-14

Dutch operator Helicon declared bankrupt

Dutch operator Helicon declared bankrupt

Helicopter Company Helicon has been declared bankrupt by the court in Breda. The cause of the bankruptcy is the departure of Gasunie as a major customer. Seventy percent of the Helicon operations were pipeline inspections for the Gasunie. Earlier this year local utility Gasunie chose German operator SP Luftbild to survey their pipelines, a contract previously… Read more »

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25-Mar-12 PH-WQW Robinson R44 Zwolle, Netherlands

Helicopter ditched in lake adjacent to de Koperen Hoogte hotel.  Three occupants – two adults and a child aged 5 – swam to safety.  Press repots include a series of photos prior/during/after impact, but unclear what caused the helicopter to get into the flying state causing the ditching.


German operator wins Dutch gas pipeline contract

German operator wins Dutch gas pipeline contract

German operator SP Luftbild has won a contract to survey gas pipelines in the Netherlands for Gasunie, a Dutch natural gas infrastructure and transportation company operating in the Netherlands and Germany.  The company’s network ranks among the largest high pressure gas pipeline grids in Europe, consisting of over 15,000 kilometres of pipeline in the Netherlands… Read more »

Source:, 30-Jan-12

31-Jul-11 PH-WTW Guimbal Cabri Lelystad, Netherlands

Main blade struck tail boom in practice autorotation.  See first link for summary from manufacturer