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27-May-15 N138HA Hiller UH-12E Wasco, US-California

Crashed from low level into an onion field during agricultural operations.  Pilot seriously injured, including both legs broken and 80% burns in the post-crash fire


28-Mar-15 N130HA Hiller UH-12E Fresno, US-California

Lost power and landed in a tree


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25-Aug-14 N4035A Hiller UH-12E Cape May, US-New Jersey

Rolled over during force landing into open field


26-Jul-14 N107HA Hiller UH-12E Anson County, US-North Carolina

“Lost power and flipped over” per FAA


09-Dec-13 N36MV Hiller UH-12E Chowchilla, US-California

Helicopter was hovering low over orchards on a standard frost-mitigation operation.  Problem at low level after the helicopter had been running for about 10 hours straight (bar fuel stops), and landed in crop with main blades striking tail boom on the way.  Pilot Stephen Streeter.


29-Jun-13 N6331D Hiller UH-12A Florence, US-Alabama

Pilot Milton Hearn (named here) seriously injured trying to land on road trailer in preparation to take helicopter for attention.  Helicopter ended up on its side


26-May-13 N99090 Hiller UH-12E Wenatchee, US-Washington

Main rotor separated, tail boom bent – pilot Charles Holmes and his wife Shanda.  Accident was shortly after take off and return to the airfield, following a refuel.


06-Feb-13 N5072R Hiller UH-12B Meritt Island, US-Florida

Heavy landing from 75ft after pilot reported loss of power,  Port skid collapsed, tail rotor damaged.  3 POB, 1 to hospital, 2 refused.


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Wild hogs beat two helicopters in a week

Wild hogs beat two helicopters in a week

Low-level helicopter flying, engaged in doors-off ammunition-ready feral hog hunting has been a major factor in two helicopter accidents in the last seven days. Estimates vary between two and four million hogs across the US.  These wild animals are responsible for significant damage to pastures, leading to losses on behalf of the land owners.  This… Read more »

Source:, 04-Feb-13

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26-Jan-13 N9041U Hiller UH-12B Adams Ranch, US-Florida

Apparent engine failure on a flight to shoot feral hogs.   Pilot William Harward and his two passengers, Massad Ayoob and Jonathan Strayer, were treated at Raulerson Memorial Hospital in Okeechobee and released


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19-Sep-12 N94735 Hiller UH-12B Walnut Springs, US-Texas

Pilot Gregory Rumohr, 51, of Rio Vista in Johnson County, was uninjured in the accident which was reported due to engine failure


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07-Aug-12 N47035 Hiller UH-12 Deer Island, US-Oregon

Rolled over on landing


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04-Aug-12 N38763 Hiller UH-12B Elstree, UK

The pilot’s assessment was that the helicopter had lost power, compounded by the fact that the carburettor heat control had not been returned to the ‘cold’ position before the approach and landing.


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31-Jul-12 N5038F Fairchild-Hiller FH1100 Cody, US-Wyoming

Very heavy landing, stayed upright but caused extensive airframe damage.  4 POB minor injuries, all treated on scene.


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16-Jan-12 N63HZ Fairchild-Hiller FH1100 Soest, Germany

Tail rotor touched ground causing helicopter to crash heavily


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29-Nov-11 D-HAAE Hiller UH-12ET Stahlberg, Germany

Crashed in ploughed field with two minor injuries after falling 40m while working on powerlines.  Helicopter substantially damaged


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19-Jun-11 N139HA Hiller UH-12E Lost Hills, US-California

Engine problems during turn at low level while spraying at 100ft agl.  Landed heaviliy and rolled over


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01-Jun-11 N68012 Hiller UH-12E Stockton, US-California

Tail rotor struck tree and helicopter crashed into orchard


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20-May-11 Hiller UH-12

Filming cameraman recorded real-life autorotation after engine quit and would not restart.  He put his foot through the bubble in the landing.  Location not given


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25-Mar-11 N4033P Hiller UH-12E Elkwood, US-Virginia

The helicopter came to rest tilted on its left side. One of the main rotor blades was nearly snapped off, and the impact completely sheared off the rear tail rotor, which came to rest a short distance from the main body.  Had completed 20 minutes flying time since maintenance, and was the pilot’s first flight… Read more »


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17-Mar-11 N11CU Hiller UH-12D Jennings, US-Louisiana

Gusty winds caught helicopter while in a low level hover and it ended up on its side.  Pilot was Charles Williams, 42, of Anacoco, and passenger was Pat Austin, 39, of Leesville


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26-Feb-11 N236HA Hiller UH-12E Colusa, US-California

Hard landing in an orchard


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15-Nov-10 N4034Z Hiller UH-12E Madison, US-Florida

Substantially damaged in landing accident


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21-Sep-10 N6053H Hiller UH-12E Mecca, US-California

A helicopter dusting crops hit a power line and crashed in Mecca


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31-Aug-10 N67264 Hiller UH-12 Kamiah, US-Idaho (3F)


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29-Jul-10 N104HH Hiller UH-12 Holly Hill, US-South Carolina


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24-Jun-10 N9754C Hiller UH-12 Grand Junction, US-Colorado


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23-May-10 N8672 Fairchild-Hiller FH1100 Schleiz, Germany (4F)


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09-May-10 N116S Hiller UH-12 Sarasota, US-Florida


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02-Feb-10 N36MV Hiller UH-12 nr Los Banos Airport, US-California


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01-Jan-10 N440NR Hiller UH-12E Tipton, US-California


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11-Jun-09 N34SD Hiller UH-12 Stringtown, US-Oklahoma

11-Jun-09 N34SD Hiller UH-12 Stringtown, US-Oklahoma


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Hiller start construction of UH-12 factory in China

Source: Rotorhub, 27-May-09

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18-Feb-09 ZK-HIK Hiller UH-12 Te Awamutu, New Zealand

18-Feb-09 ZK-HIK Hiller UH-12 Te Awamutu, New Zealand


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09-Dec-63 D-HADU Hiller UH-12B


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23-Jul-63 D-HADE Hiller UH-12B


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