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18-Aug-14 I-AICO Airbus BK117C1 Val Badia, Italy

Main rotor blade strike in mountainous region during rescue. Helicopter landed safely with main blade tips suffering the most damage


20-Aug-13 I-RBNR Agusta-Bell 412 Novara di Sicilia, Italy

4 POB injured in heavy landing due to loss of visual clues in brown-out conditions.  EMS operation

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Which customers will get their EC145T2 first?

Which customers will get their EC145T2 first?

Eurocopter has been keeping us up to date with development of their new EC145 variant with a fenestron tail rotor, and a prototype has been under development for over two and a half years – the first flight was back in July 2010. A total of three prototypes have been built, the first one a… Read more »

Source:, 05-Mar-13