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19-Mar-11 Kamov Ka26 Bashkortostan, Russia

Crashed and burnt out.  Both occupants injured.  One report states it did not have an airworthiness certificate, and the pilot was not approved on type.


Germany: Trainico acquires Ka26 for engineering training

Germany: Trainico acquires Ka26 for engineering training

Trainico in the German city of Berlin has acquired a retired Kamov Ka26 for use as a training tool.  It will be used primarily for training aircraft engineers, and had for some years been displayed outdoors with the Hans-Grade-Museum at Borkheide. This particular aircraft was built by Ufa State Aviation Plant in 1974 with serial… Read more »

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23-Sep-10 Kamov Ka26 Veliko Mikhaylovskiy, Ukraine (2F)


05-Jul-10 UR-… Kamov Ka26 Bogdanovka, Ukraine


28-May-10 LZ-… Kamov Ka26 Borovec, Bulgaria