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Metal fatigue blamed for 2009 helicopter accident at Turtle Bay

Metal fatigue blamed for 2009 helicopter accident at Turtle Bay

Metal fatigue probably caused a left rear landing skid strut to collapse on a helicopter operated by K&S Helicopters Inc. at the Turtle Bay Resort Heliport in 2009, according to a National Transportation Safety Board investigation. accident report page at 20-Nov-09 N551CR MD Helicopters MD369E Oahu, US-Hawaii

Source: Star Advertiser, 24-May-11

16-May-11 N4278T MD Helicopters 369E Victoria, US-Texas

Force landed in field.  Aircraft less than one year old

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13-May-11 N124AL Hughes 369D Fresno, US-California

Force landed in mountainous terrain, 35 miles from Fresno


15-Nov-10 N155PH Hughes 369D Salem, US-Oregon

Helicopter was flying low on underslung load operations lifting bundles of trees from growing location to trucks bound for Texas. 1POB, named as Tim Smith, 41


17-Jul-10 SE-HLP Hughes 369D Vilhelmina, Sweden

Skid stuck in ground during run-on autorotation landing on training flight


25-Jan-10 N692PD MD Helicopters OH-6A Kansas City, US-Missouri


08-Jan-10 N500LW MD Helicopters MD369D Kelly Creek, US-Idaho


29-Dec-09 HK-4177 MD Helicopters MD369D Pitalito, Huila, Columbia (1F)


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Six-month suspended term for pilot who landed on Irish shopping centre roof

A HELICOPTER pilot who landed his aircraft on the roof of a shopping centre to collect a set of keys has been given a six-month suspended sentence and fined €5,000. The judge said the man seemed to lack a grasp of common sense.

Source: Irish Times, 15-Dec-09

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12-Oct-09 N527SH MD Helicopters MD369FF Fossil, US-Oregon (1F)


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