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27-Jun-15 MD Helicopters MD500 Poerua Glacier, New Zealand

Crashed on take off, injuring the pilot Brad Maclachlan and two hunters he had just picked up


04-May-14 MD Helicopters MD500 West Nicholson, Zimbabwe

Helicopter crashed and owner Frikkie Lutzkie arranged for wreckage to be buried.  Certain aspects of press reports (including date) do not tie up – but read reports of this accident in conjunction with another incident from May 2012 relating to another helicopter and the same owner


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05-Aug-13 N8688F MD Helicopters MD500D Lamesa, US-Texas (2F)

Two workers have fallen to their deaths when a cable suspending them hit a power line they were inspecting – the pair were later reported here as 25-year-old David Edward Oliveira of Turlock, CA and 26-year-old Christoper Geoffrey Breed of Moscow, ID.  Helicopter landed safely with no damage


13-Jun-13 D-HIBS Hughes 500D Bernkastel-Wehlen, Germany

50 year old pilot seriously injured and 30 year old passenger minor injuries after helicopter crashed c9.30am local time while spraying a vineyard on a steep slope.  Helicopter is believed to be D-HIBS 500D (1035D) but we await confirmation


28-May-13 Hughes 500 Pünderich, Germany

Vineyard spraying – caught port-side spray boom on powerline and damaged it.  Landed safely in nearby sports field with no further damage


21-Dec-11 N500TN MD Helicopters 500D Fall Branch, US-Tennessee

Clipped wires and landed with minimal damage to helicopter.  Owner of field stated that weather was very foggy and he thought the pilot was making a precautionary landing for the weather and did not see the wires.


02-Nov-11 MD Helicopters 500MD Wonju, Korea (1F)

Emergency landing on a mountain during an annual Hoguk military exercise Wednesday, killing one army officer and injuring another


27-Oct-11 N61PJ MD Helicopters MD500D Colusa, US-California

During powerline maintenance flight,  p[ilot made emergency field landing.  Skids broken, tail boom sliced, main blades ripped off.  Pilot to hospital


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27-Sep-11 N606WA Hughes 500D Chouteau, US-Oklahoma

Skid struck powerline on take off and landed immediately without further incident


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04-Jul-11 N315SH Hughes 500 McGrath, US-Alaska

Pilot Paula Huckleberry, 61, was flying to McGrath with two passengers — 21-year-old Scott Stevenson of Idaho and 39-year-old Chris Fontes of Arizona 


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27-Jun-11 C-GLHQ Hughes 369D Ambler, US-Alaska

Tipped backwards and fell off elevated platform while engine was running


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03-Jun-11 VH-XAA Kawasaki-Hughes 369HS Mount Coree, Australia

During a flight with two occupants on board, the helicopter collided with terrain and minor injuries were sustained. They activated a search beacon and were picked up by the Snowy Hydro SouthCare Rescue Helicopter


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23-Apr-11 C-FJJO Hughes 500C Chilliwack, Canada

Conducting VFR spraying operations when it struck the top of a tree during a turn. The pilot’s vision was affected by windshield glare from the rising sun. The lower chin bubble windshield was shattered and the mount for the anti-torque control pedals was broken. The helicopter landed without further event. CADAORS ref 2011P0595


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08-Mar-11 N131AL Hughes 369D Meeker, US-Colorado

Press report states “tail boom separated”


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23-Feb-11 N112AS Hughes 369D Henryetta, US-Oklahoma

Rolled over on landing


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08-Feb-11 MM81052 Hughes 500M Fragagnano, Italy

Ditched into reservoir after loss of power; 2 occupants safe


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04-Feb-11 N416WC MD Helicopters MD500E Elverta, US-California

Helicopter working on stringing new powerlines.  One serious injury, one “minor to moderate” injury.


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27-Jan-11 PK-IWS Hughes 369D Kendari Bay, Indonesia

2 seriously injured, 1 minor injuries


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27-Nov-10 D-HCHS MD Helicopters 500E Guercif, Morocco

Damaged during operation to clean insulators of a transmission line


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30-Oct-10 N765WH MD Helicopters MD369E Thomas, US-West Virginia (1F)

The helicopter was flying for the Wing County Power Line Services. 4POB, 1 fatal (later named as Gary L. Bland, 52, from Georgia) and 3 to Ruby Memorial Hospital with unknown injuries


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08-Sep-10 ZK-HOQ MD Helicopters MD500 Milford Sound, New Zealand


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05-Sep-10 N…CP MD Helicopters MD500E Columbus, US-Ohio


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08-Aug-10 D-HDWM Hughes 369HS Borovaya, Belarus (1F)

Crashed and burst into flames while taking part in a CIS competition in helicopter sports. The 74-year-old pilot was performing a loop-the-loop but didn’t have enough height as he came out of the manoeuvre


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22-Jun-10 N8305F MD Helicopters 369HS Paicines, US-California


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14-Jun-10 N500DC MD Helicopters MD500D Mount Pleasant, US-Tennessee


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24-May-10 G-VICE MD500E Newton Abbot, Devon, UK


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12-May-10 (Serial TBA) MD Helicopters NH500E San Bartolo, Italy


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21-Apr-10 N400MB MD500E Brookline, US-Vermont


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20-Apr-10 FAC4255 Hughes 369HS Chaparral, Colombia (4F)


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25-Mar-10 H-133 MD Helicopters MD369FF Duao, Chile


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06-Mar-10 N26TC MD Helicopters MD369E Delta Junction, US-Alaska


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05-Mar-10 N520PA MD Helicopters 369D Haena, US-Hawaii


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04-Mar-10 N500PH MD Helicopters MD369E Hilo, US-Hawaii


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03-Mar-10 (Serial TBA) MD Helicopters MD500D Namyangju, South Korea (2F)


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21-Feb-10 4X-… MD Helicopters MD500 Latrun, Israel


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28-Sep-09 N501SU Hughes 369A Palmer, US-Alaska


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12-Aug-09 N527BB MD Helicopters MD500E Ackworth, US-Georgia

12-Aug-09 N527BB MD Helicopters MD500E Ackworth, US-Georgia


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7-Aug-09 D-HSPO MD Helicopters MD500E Moni village, Cyprus

7-Aug-09 D-HSPO MD Helicopters MD500E Moni village, Cyprus


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30-May-09 N298SD MD Helicopters H369A Baltimore, US-Ohio

30-May-09 N298SD MD Helicopters H369A Baltimore, US-Ohio


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26-May-09 MD Helicopters MD500 Hulugo, Kenya

26-May-09 MD Helicopters MD500 Hulugo, Kenya


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5-Apr-09 N2058X Hughes 369HS , US-Pacific Ocean

5-Apr-09 N2058X Hughes H369HS , US-Pacific Ocean


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04-Apr-09 D-HMRG Hughes H369HS near Hasenmoor/Wolfsberg, Germany

4-Apr-09 D-HMRG Hughes H369HS near Hasenmoor/Wolfsberg, Germany


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