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Elbit helps add Integrated Weapon System to MD530MG

Elbit helps add Integrated Weapon System to MD530MG

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) announces a strategic teaming agreement with Elbit Systems Ltd (ESL) to deliver next-generation weapons and mission management capabilities to its MD 530G Block II (BII) Scout Attack Helicopter. The proven, pilot-centric Integrated Weapons System (IWS) is comprised of a Helmet Display and Tracking System (HDTS), Weapons Management System (WMS) and Mission… Read more »

Source: MD Helicopters, 12-Dec-19

15-Feb-15 461 MD Helicopters MD530 Al-Barka, Philippines

Philippine military press office stated “We also commend the heroic pilots of MG MD-520 attack helicopter that was hit by enemy fire while providing close air support to the ground troops which were swarmed by the bandits,”.  Safe emergency landing made in confined area with no further damage apparent from photo

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26-Nov-09 FAC-4301 MD Helicopters MD530MG Chapalito, Columbia