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Nigerian Navy receives AW139 helicopter

Nigerian Navy receives AW139 helicopter

The Nigerian Navy has taken delivery of a new AW139 from Italy’s Leonardo Helicopters, after the aircraft was ordered in 2016. See Full Story. 

Source: defenceWeb, 29-May-20

Nigerian Navy provides for families of pair killed in January AW109 crash

As part of the package provided, the Nigerian Navy is to train to the university level, the children of Lt. Commodore Ahmed Tijani Yusuf and Lt Commodore Mailafia Ibrahim, Pilot and Co-Pilot of Nigerian Navy Agusta reconnaissance helicopter

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26-Jan-10 06 AgustaWestland A109E Mmiri Ochiochi, Nigeria (4F)

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the helicopter in an obvious difficulty when one of its doors followed by a rotor blade falling off from the sky. They said they watched the helicopter going on a free spin before a loud bang followed apparently when it eventually crashed killing all four on board


26-Jan-10 06 AgustaWestland AW109E Isiokpo, Nigeria (4F)


20-Apr-07 AgustaWestland A109E Owerri, Nigeria