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Peru’s National Police receives fifth EC145

Peru’s National Police receives fifth EC145

Peru’s Ministry of the Interior has now added the final EC145 helicopter to the modernized fleet of the National Police of Peru (PNP). The formal handover at the Police Aviation Unit facilities in El Callao was attended by both Peruvian and French officials, including Peru’s interior minister Daniel Urresti and Daniel Leimbacher, chief of the… Read more »

Source: Airbus, 14-Nov-14

Peruvian National Police receives first of four EC145

Peruvian National Police receives first of four EC145

The Peruvian Interior Ministry has received the first of four twin-engine Eurocopter EC145 helicopters that are set to modernize the fleet of the National Police of Peru. The formal handover was attended by French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who took the occasion of his official visit to Peru to reiterate the cooperation between France… Read more »

Source: Eurocopter, 06-Nov-13 advertising space - 240x100 Pixels
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09-Jul-13 Bell UH-1H Tingo Maria, Peru (3F)

Crashed on night training flight.  Pilot named as Ronald Helbert Vargas Terán (34), and crew were Amadeo César Loayza Mercado (33) and Carlos Alberto Cercado Pinares (42).


BLR sells 600th FastFin System

BLR sells 600th FastFin System

BLR Aerospace opens Heli-Expo 2013 with 600 FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability Systems sold to date, and a rapidly expanding military presence. Overall, the company continues to deliver strong growth. Sales increased over 30 percent in 2012, and BLR’s global military footprint skyrocketed with large fleet-wide conversion sales to Colombia, Peru, Pakistan, and the… Read more »

Source: BLR Aerospace, 05-Mar-13

Peruvian National Police order four EC145s

Peruvian National Police order four EC145s

The Peruvian Ministry of the Interior have ordered four Eurocopter EC145s from local distributor Eurocopter Cono Sur (located in Chile).  Contract value is 93,718,765 Nuevo Sol (approx $36.8M), and the contract requires all four to be delivered by 20th December 2013.  The helicopters will be used to provide a range of law enforcement roles in… Read more »

Source:, 15-Jan-13

09-May-12 Mil Mi-17 Mazamari, Peru (1F)

After experiencing some blade damage in flight, an emergency landing was made.  The impact killed pilot Rodolfo León Gavilán.  The other 18 on board survived.  The police had been engaged on an anti-drug trafficking mission.


12-Apr-12 PNP-357 Bell UH-1H Kiteni, Peru (1F)

Peruvian National Police helicopter crashed killing co-pilot Nancy Flores after being shot at by rebels while searching for 43 kidnapped energy company workers. Two others – gunner Luis Guerrero and a civilian acting as a guide, Elver Huaman, were wounded.


10-Apr-12 PNP-125 Robinson R44 Callao, Peru

Extensively damaged in force landing on roof of house.  On board were Mayor  Óscar Aronez Canova, Captain José Iván Tarrillo Díaz and officer Lucio Quispe Santillana, all of the Peruvian National Police


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12-Jan-12 PNP-352 Bell UH-1H Pucallpa, Peru

Apparent mechanical failure at low level


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