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New Helicopter Company for Lloydminster

New Helicopter Company for Lloydminster

Ross Schmidt, Base Manager and pilot for Provincial Helicopters is happy with his move to Lloydminster. The company was building in Meadow Lake before the move, but ran into many difficulties with the cold temperatures there. Lloydminster is better suited for them, situated on the border provides more opportunities as well as being a better… Read more »

Source:, 25-Oct-16

21-Jul-13 C-GMHK Bell 206L1 LongRanger Sherridon, Canada

Engine flamed out. The pilot autorotated into a clear area near a lake shoreline. As the helicopter began to settle the pilot rolled the helicopter onto its right side to clear the rotor blades from the fuselage. The pilot and passenger exited without injury. CADAORS 2013C2976

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13-Nov-09 C-GSZY Bell B206 Lac du Bonnet, Canada