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26-Jan-21 N474AT Robinson R22 West Palm Beach, US-Florida

Heavy autorotation landing.  FAA report damage as Substantial


13-Nov-20 LV-??? Robinson R22 Santo Tomé, Argentina

Incident was reportedly caused by the helicopter hitting powerlines shortly after take-off.  Heavily damaged

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18-Oct-20 N566BC Robinson R22 Winder, US-Georgia

Crashed into a wooded area.  Further info awaited


16-Aug-20 VH-YMU Robinson R22 McArthur River Mine, Australia

On 16 August 2020, a Robinson R22 Beta, registration VH-YMU, was being utilised for cattle mustering operations in remote country, from the Rocky Point Yards, Northern Territory, south of the McArthur River Mine Aerodrome. At about 1200 Central Standard Time, the pilot was required to conduct an emergency forced landing. The helicopter landed heavily, resulting… Read more »


31-Jul-20 VH-HNF Robinson R22 Steam Plains, Australia (1F)

During agricultural spraying operations, the helicopter struck powerlines and collided with terrain, resulting in substantial damage. The pilot sustained fatal injuries.


06-Apr-20 N7007X Robinson R22 Seymour, US-Texas

Tail rotor struck tree.  No injury reported to 1 POB


19-Dec-19 N695AP Robinson R22 Beeville, US-Texas

During take off the student pilot experienced dynamic rollover.


09-Dec-19 N74564 Robinson R22 Chino, US-California

Aircraft struck a bird.


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23-Oct-19 N7189D Robinson R22 Hebbronville, US-Texas (2F)

Two Robinson R22s engaged in herding operation.  Rotor blade of N7189D hit skid of N74512.  Both occupants of N7189D fatally injured


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23-Oct-19 N74512 Robinson R22 Hebbronville, US-Texas

Two Robinson R22s engaged in herding operation.  Rotor blade of N7189D hit skid of N74512 Passenger in N74512 seriously injured


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18-Oct-19 N4066S Robinson R22 Lake Mead, US-Nevada

Dynamic rollover while landing on a sand dune


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20-Feb-19 N350VH Robinson R22 Las Vegas, US-Nevada

Precautionary landing in water retention basin.  No injuries to 2 POB.  No damage to aircraft


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19-Feb-19 N512GS Robinson R22 Clearwater, US-Florida

Training accident, rollover onto starboard side.  Heavily damaged – see images


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31-Jan-19 JA7980 Robinson R22 Kashiwa, Japan

Training accident in gusty conditions


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28-Dec-18 N8319T Robinson R22 Hayward, US-California

Remained upright in very heavy emergency landing on golf course after tail rotor birdstrike reported.  Tail hit ground, skids collapsed.  Training flight from nearby Hayward Executive airport – instructor and student not seriously injured


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24-Nov-18 VH-KZV Robinson R22 Alice Springs, Australia (1F)

The helicopter collided with terrain about 130km ENE of Alice Springs Airport. A passenger and pilot were on board. The passenger sustained serious injuries and the pilot was fatally injured. The helicopter was destroyed.


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04-Jun-17 N601HA Robinson R22HP Kenosha, US-Wisconsin

Helicopter ended on its side on the concrete apron with the sole occupant pilot seriously injured, who was then airlifted in a Flight for Life BK117


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20-May-17 N2322Z Robinson R22 Linden, US-New Jersey

Fell onto starboard side in training accident.


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12-May-16 VH-WGB Robinson R22B Wallal Downs Station, Australia

The ATSB is investigating a collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-WGB, 220 km NE of Port Hedland Airport, Western Australia, on 12 May 2016. While conducting aerial work, the helicopter collided with terrain. The pilot sustained minor injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.


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21-Mar-16 VH-RGY Robinson R22 Richmond, Australia

The ATSB is investigating a collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-RGY, at Richmond Airport, Queensland, on 21 March 2016. After engine start, the helicopter collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage. The pilot was uninjured.


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20-Feb-16 VH-LYW Robinson R22 Roma, Australia

The ATSB is investigating a wirestrike and collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-LYW, 88 km northeast of Roma, Queensland, on 20 February 2016. During aerial mustering operations, the helicopter struck powerlines and subsequently collided with terrain. The pilot sustained serious injuries, and the helicopter was destroyed.


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14-Feb-16 VH-HXY Robinson R44 Hughenden, Australia

During the approach and landing, the pilot sighted powerlines strung across his landing point, and manoeuvred to remain clear of them.  While on the ground, the wind veered from a southwest to a southerly direction, so that to take off into wind, the helicopter would track perpendicular to the powerlines. After completing the pre-take-off checks,… Read more »


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01-Dec-15 Robinson R22A South Venice, US-Florida

R22 went down on a training flight from Venice Regional Airport.  Female student named here as Agnus Jolumo was airlifted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital with head and facial injuries, while the male instructor Ronald Vasconcelos went by land ambulance with minor injuries to Venice Bayfront Health FAA quote this as N8560M but that R22 was… Read more »


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12-Nov-15 VH-HWJ Robinson R22 Kiana Station, Australia

The ATSB is investigating a collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-HWJ, 90km S of McArthur River Mine, Northern Territory, on 12 November 2015. While conducting aerial mustering operations, the helicopter collided with terrain. The pilot sustained serious injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.


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06-Nov-15 VH-NCL Robinson R22 Newman, Australia

Shortly after take-off, the helicopter collided with terrain, resulting in substantial damage. The pilot and passenger were not injured.


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05-Nov-15 F-GLSF Robinson R22 Andernos les Bains, France

On return from a local flight, pilot stabilizes the hovering helicopter, turns round before starting a fast forward about 5 m height. After about 300m the pilot the helicopter pitched up to stop hovering. He then receives a uncontrolled increase in engine speed and fails to reduce power. He loses control in rotation, the right… Read more »


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25-Sep-15 G-DEFY Robinson R22 Elstree, UK

Student pilot (reportedly on first solo), and helicopter ended on its side


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18-Aug-15 N5VH Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

Training accident.  Recording of ATC transmissions on this YouTube video.


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18-Aug-15 N86EH Robinson R22B Ronkonkoma, US-New York

Details TBA


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13-Aug-15 N3103Q Robinson R22 Caldwell, US-Idaho

Details TBA


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06-Aug-15 N800BP Robinson R22 Hollywood, US-Florida

Precautionary landing on golf course. Later cleared for onward flight


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25-Jul-15 D-HDIM Robinson R22 Davis Strait, Canada

Helicopter was operating VFR from CYFB Iqaluit, NU to BGGH Nuuk, Greenland as part of a solo circumnavigation attempt. The pilot (Sergey Ananov from Russia) autorotated and ditched the aircraft in the Davis Strait, 204 nm east of CYFB, reportedly due to a broken drive belt. He was wearing an immersion suit and managed to… Read more »


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23-Jul-15 N520NS Robinson R22 Corona, US-California

Substantially damaged after “force landing in the dirt” (FAA)


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13-Jul-15 N184SH Robinson R22 Caldwell, US-Idaho

Main blade struck tail boom on landing


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12-Jul-15 N441MM Robinson R22 Panguitch, US-Utah

Pilot Duane Fielding, of St. George, and his 14-year-old son/passenger were not seriously injured.  Gust of wind while in a low hover led tail to touch the ground, causing the helicopter to become unstable and crash


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30-Jun-15 N7150J Robinson R22 Houston, US-Texas

Force landed in field.  Damage level unknown


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29-Jun-15 N143SH Robinson R22 Denver, US-Colorado


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28-Jun-15 VH-RBO Robinson R22 Daly Waters, Australia

When at about 100 ft above ground level and an airspeed of 40 knots, the pilot conducted a turn into wind. As the helicopter turned, the pilot received a low rotor rpm warning. The helicopter collided with terrain and rolled onto its side, resulting in substantial damage (photo). The pilot sustained minor injuries. Final report… Read more »


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25-Jun-15 N842SH Robinson R22 Eagle Lake, US-Texas

Crashed from low level during agricultural ops. Aircraft destroyed


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23-Jun-15 VH-RBT Robinson R22 Boyup Brook, Australia

After lift-off, about 30 ft above the ground the pilot reported that the canopy became shrouded in condensation. With a loss of visual reference, the pilot attempted to manoeuvre the helicopter to an area suitable for landing. During the attempt to land, the helicopter struck the ground and rolled on its side. The passenger has… Read more »


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31-May-15 OE-XJK Robinson R22 Kasten bei Böheimkirchen, Austria

Substantially damaged after hitting roof of a house and crashing in the front garden.  House unoccupied at the time.   Both occupants seriously injure.


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28-May-15 VH-HRW Robinson R22 Mitchell, Australia (1F)

It has been reported that the helicopter’s tail rotor clipped a tree resulting in a loss of control and subsequent collision with terrain.  The pilot was fatally injured – and named here as Jeff Dean


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04-May-15 C-GOHT Robinson R22 Salmon Arm, Canada

R22 piloted by a student on a solo flight from Kelowna (CYLW) to Salmon Arm (CZAM) crashed beside the runway at CZAM. The pilot first approached the airport and crossed mid-field to assess the wind direction; however, it was determined that the aircraft was not into wind. On the second approach from the opposite direction,… Read more »


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06-Apr-15 F-GLHC Robinson R22M Le Plessis Belleville, France

Substantially damaged


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03-Apr-15 N8363D Robinson R22 Fort Davis, US-Texas

Rolled over on landing


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20-Mar-15 VH-HUA Robinson R22 Mount Isa, Australia

During manoeuvring the helicopter collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage. The pilot and passenger were not injured.


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17-Mar-15 N7062F Robinson R22 Ewa Beach, US-Hawaii

Pilot made an emergency landing after noticing smoke coming from the engine compartment, 2 POB uninjured – Sources say the pilot, Michael Tepper was on an introductory instructional flight with his passenger, Brandon Ahlo.


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14-Mar-15 N472SH Robinson R22 Sarasota, US-Florida

Minor damage on landing


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10-Mar-15 PT-YPB Robinson R22 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Emergency landing in “Bosque da Barra” swamp on a training flight after bird strike to tail rotor. Minor damage only, from photos


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03-Mar-15 N4003S Robinson R22 San Bernardino, US-California

Landing accident, extensively damaged


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28-Feb-15 VH-CMK Robinson R22 Archerfield, Australia

During training operations, the helicopter rolled onto its side. The helicopter was substantially damaged, however both pilots were uninjured.


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26-Feb-15 Robinson R22 Akitio, New Zealand

“Landed in a tree”.   Pilot was able to climb out of the helicopter and down from the tree to phone for help.


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15-Feb-15 N7181S Robinson R22 Asherton, US-Texas

Crashed after tail rotor struck bush


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13-Feb-15 G-THLA Robinson R22 Brenzett, UK

Crashed in ploughed field on training flight.  Instructor and student suffered minor injuries


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13-Feb-15 N8311A Robinson R22 Riverside, US-California

Minor damage on landing


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12-Feb-15 G-ECMC Robinson R22 Goodwood, UK

Dynamic roll over onto port side on training flight


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11-Feb-15 VH-APP Robinson R22 Kalbarri, Australia

After landing, the pilot and passenger disembarked from the helicopter and left the engine running. The helicopter subsequently lifted off with nobody at the controls, and collided with terrain. The pilot and passenger were uninjured.


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10-Feb-15 VH-YLP Robinson R22 Orange, Australia

During flight training, the helicopter collided with terrain, resulting in substantial damage. The instructor and student pilot sustained minor injuries.


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01-Feb-15 Robinson R22 Nova Lima, Brazil

Very heavy landing on training flight on steeply sloping ground.  skids splayed out and cabin touched ground but main blades apparently undamaged.  Both flight instructor Diego Ramos, 35, and student Eduardo Dias, 41, were taken to hospital


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28-Jan-15 N475AT Robinson R22 West Palm Beach, US-Florida

Mid air collision with fixed wing Piper Pa28 N54380


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23-Jan-15 VH-ZBH Robinson R22 Herbertvale Cattleyard, Australia

After take-off, the engine lost power and the pilot conducted a forced landing. The helicopter collided with the ground resulting in substantial damage. The pilot and passenger were uninjured.


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16-Jan-15 VH-SSD Robinson R22 Roma, Australia

While conducting aerial mustering at about 100 ft above ground level, the helicopter encountered a tailwind resulting in a high rate of descent. The helicopter collided with the ground resulting in substantial damage. The pilot was uninjured.


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10-Jan-15 N348VH Robinson R22 Catano Bay, Puerto Rico

Crashed into water killing the sole occupant pilot


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29-Dec-14 N771MM Robinson R22 Lantana, US-Florida (1F)

Crashed in unknown circumstances just outside boundary fence of Lantana Airport – killing instructor Luis Aviles, and seriously injuring student pilot Johnathan Desouza


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29-Dec-14 N6522 Robinson R22 Huntingdon Beach, US-California

Unknown damage in force landing


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29-Dec-14 N7041X Robinson R22 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Minor damage after force landing by taxiway


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18-Nov-14 VH-HPH Roibinson R22 Lavelle Station, Australia

The ATSB has commenced an investigation into a Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, registration VH-HPH, at Lavelle Station, Northern Territory on 18 November 2014. During air work at 1,000 feet, the tail rotor drive system failed. The helicopter commenced an uncommanded spiral and landed heavily. The pilot and passenger were not injured and… Read more »


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15-Nov-14 N23VH Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

Rolled over on landing


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30-Oct-14 G-MOGY Robinson R22 Acklington, UK

Two POB to hospital.  Information suggests that the skid toes stuck into the ground during a run-on landing, causing the helicopter to cartwheel.  No vertical force in the accident as skids have not splayed out.  Skid toes missing forward of front skid legs, and nose “turned up” where helicopter cartwheeled onto its nose


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17-Oct-14 N227FT Robinson R22 Kona, US-Hawaii

17-Oct-14 N227FT Robinson R22 Kona, US-Hawaii

Tail rotor struck ground on training flight


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12-Oct-14 D-HUGI Robinson R22 Zöblen, Austria

 loss of engine power whilst on a flight from Wiedergeltingen to Jungholz and was badly damaged in an emergency landing at Mt. Schönkahler near Zöblen, Tyrol, Austria. The helicopter landed hard with its right skid and was damaged beyond repair. 63-year-old pilot o.k., 1 passenger on board minor injured


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26-Sep-14 N7026J Robinson R22 Albuquerque, US-New Mexico

Force landing after power loss


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21-Sep-14 G-OKEY Robinson R22 Elstree, UK

Crashed from a low hover on a training flight.   Male pilot and female student uninjured.


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11-Sep-14 G-CDMG Robinson R22 France

The subject helicopter was noted at 5.15am local time on 12-Sep-14 on a trailer at Calais ferry port bound for the UK.  Given it is based UK, there must have been some reason that it was not flown back to the UK.  Incident date 11-Sep-14 thus approximate


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28-Aug-14 HK-4287G Robinson R22 Amaga, Colombia


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