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28-Aug-14 HK-4287G Robinson R22 Amaga, Colombia Read more

27-Aug-14 N4187W Robinson R22 Gardnerville, US-Nevada

Substantially damaged after striking wires 10 ft above ground on take-off.  Boom broken and tail separated. Heavy impact starboard side.  Pilot named in press as Doyle Holden and passenger as Karen Cole.... Read more

25-Aug-14 VH-YPC Robinson R22 Halls Creek, Australia (1F)

During the ferry flight, the helicopter collided with terrain. The helicopter was destroyed by fire and the pilot died in the accident.... Read more

20-Jul-14 D-HSTH Robinson R22 Melle-Grönegau, Germany

Crashed shortly after take-off and rolled onto its side.  Passenger badly injured, pilot uninjured... Read more

16-Jul-14 G-PACL Robinson R22 Liverpool, UK

While practising a simulated engine failure in the hover, the helicopter rolled about its left skid and came to rest on its side.... Read more

12-Jul-14 VH-ZZM Robinson R22 Dingo, Australia

While conducting a practice autorotation, the helicopter collided with terrain. The helicopter was substantially damaged and a pilot sustained serious injuries.  As part of the investigation, the ATSB will interview the pilot and gather additional information.... Read more

20-Jun-14 OK-LPS Robinson R22 Prague, Czech Republic

Emergency field landing with high vertical force impact.  Skids splayed out... Read more

19-Jun-14 N784SH Robinson R22 Greensfield, US-Missouri

Helicopter fell onto its starboard side during a training flight... Read more

04-Jun-14 N223G Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

Force landing in a field one mile from destination airport... Read more

31-May-14 N7122E Robinson R22 San Manuel, US-Arizona

Struck powerline and impacted the ground... Read more

23-May-14 N4081H Robinson R22 Santa Paula, US-California (1F)

County fire spokesman said the helicopter apparently clipped and downed power lines before crashing. A brush fire broke out that burned less than an acre before it was put out.  Fatal injuries to sole occupant pilot – named here as Philip Margolis... Read more

23-May-14 VH-WDB Robinson R22 Congararra Station, Australia

During approach to land, the tail boom detached from the helicopter. The helicopter touched down then rolled over. The pilot sustained no injuries but the helicopter was destroyed.... Read more

19-May-14 Robinson R22 Tomaszów Bolesławiecki, Poland

Crashed heavily in open ploughed field and remained upright. Reported engine issues.  Blades still attached at root, skid splayed out NOTE – this is wrongly reported elsewhere as G-OLRT.  The boom from the real G-OLRT (which is still in UK) was sold to a Polish buyer, who fitted it on another R22 without correcting the... Read more

18-May-14 VH-HAY Robinson R22 Fitzroy Crossing, Australia

R22  conducting mustering operations near Fitzroy Crossing WA, collided with terrain. The pilot sustained minor injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

13-May-14 VH-HEP Robinson R22 Hughenden, Australia

Helicopter was conducting aerial mustering operations. It was reported that the helicopter’s main rotor clipped a tree and that the aircraft landed in long grass where it was destroyed by fire. The pilot was uninjured.... Read more

01-May-14 N802CP Robinson R22 Frederick, US-Maryland

During low level hover while training, helicopter fell to the ground and onto its starboard side... Read more

06-Apr-14 N13HG Robinson R22 Range Creek, US-Utah (2F)

Pilot Robin Venuti, 38 and passenger Albert Rubio killed when helicopter crashed in “treacherous terrain” on elk-hunting flight... Read more

29-Mar-14 G-BYCF Robinson R22 Elstree, UK

The student pilot was attempting a solo lift from a grass surface. Whilst applying left cyclic input to correct a right side low condition, the helicopter rolled rapidly to the left in what was reported as a dynamic rollover incident.... Read more

27-Mar-14 VH-HRX Robinson R22 Borroloola, Australia

During aerial mustering operations, the helicopter collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage. The pilot sustained serious injuries.... Read more

23-Mar-14 PP-SSP Robinson R22B Ribeirão Preto, Brazil (2F)

Crashed in corn field with two fatalities... Read more

22-Mar-14 VH-YPS Robinson R22 Fitzroy Crossing, Australia

During the cruise, an object which had been secured with a seat belt, became loose and jammed the cyclic control, resulting in the helicopter nose pitching down. The helicopter collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage.... Read more

13-Mar-14 Robinson R22B Salina, US-Kansas

Emergency landing in field after mechanical issue.  Operating for K-State Salinas... Read more

18-Feb-14 PT-YFV Robinson R22B Barra de Guratiba, Brazil (2F)

Training flight accident, crashed into the sea near a rocky coast.  One fatality named here as Sergio Mauro, 24... Read more

07-Feb-14 F-OLJB Robinson R22B Maria, Reunion

Loss of control during takeoff from a helipad located Marla at an altitude of 1 600m. Crash landed on a sports field.  Second link is to the final report... Read more

02-Feb-2014 C-GPIG Robinson R22 St-Rémi, Canada

Crashed close to the owner’s home.  Pilot to hospital.  CADORS 2014Q0192... Read more

23-Jan-14 N72AP Robinson R22 North Palm Beach, US-Florida

Training accident, helicopter ended up on its starboard side... Read more

12-Jan-14 PP-ABW Robinson R22B Santa Maria Madalena, Brazil

Training accident – landed in the tops of the trees in a mountainous area.  Both occupants injured – named as Alcemir Campos Pereira, 39, and  Gabriel Silva Mataruna Assunção, 23.... Read more

12-Jan-14 Robinson R22 Santa Maria Madalena, Brazil

Both occupants injured on training flight after landing on top of trees.  Occupants named as Alcemir Campos Pereira, 39, and Gabriel Silva Mataruna Asuncion, 23... Read more

21-Dec-13 Robinson R22 Midrand, South Africa

Solo pilot seriously injured in crash close to Grand Central Airport.  R22 ended up on its side with main blades bent but still attached... Read more

11-Dec-13 Robinson R22 Mt Percy, New Zealand (1F)

Low level spraying accident.  Helicopter burst into flames on impact.  Pilot named as David Stanley Jones... Read more

19-Nov-13 N8316D Robinson R22 Lees Summit, US-Missouri

Tail boom struck ground during autorotation... Read more

13-Nov-13 VH-STK Robinson R22 Normanton, Australia

While conducting aerial mustering operations, the helicopter’s engine suddenly stopped. During the forced landing, the main rotor blades severed the tail boom, resulting in substantial damage.... Read more

29-Oct-13 ZS-RTV Robinson R22B Herold’s Bay, South Africa

Helicopter ended up on its port side, with tail boom in multiple pieces.  Sole occupant pilot injured... Read more

26-Oct-13 F-GPKA Robinson R22B Torreilles, France

Following a decrease in engine power, the pilot entered an autorotation. Upon landing at a solar power plant, the helicopter struck a photovoltaic panel and rolled onto its side.  Probable write-off... Read more

06-Oct-13 B-HJN Robinson R22 Sek Kong, Hong Kong

Training accident, ended up on its side.  Instructor and student not injured... Read more

02-Oct-13 N554SA Robinson R22 Lansing, US-Illinois

Training flight, skid clipped ground during hovering practice and helicopter rolled onto its starboard side with fuel leaking from it (photo).  Neither student Charles Fink or instructor Raymond Daniel were injured... Read more

13-Sep-13 VH-ONT Robinson R22 Armidale, Australia

An instructor and his trainee student have survived a helicopter crash in a paddock with only minor injuries.  R22 ended up on its starboard side.  Student reportedly   moved the engine mixture control instead of the carburettor heat control,... Read more

01-Sep-13 VH-HVW Robinson R22 Lake Nash Station, Australia

Taking off after refuelling, banked hard and crashed into the ground.  The pilot, 34-year-old Shane Templeton, was ejected from the aircraft and sustained serious head injuries.... Read more

18-Aug-13 F-GHHT Robinson R22 Bourg-Jasseron, France

Engine failure, autorotation, rolled over on landing... Read more

29-Jul-13 B-7036 Robinson R22 Dagang Town, China (2F)

Crashed on training flight,  killing a 37-year-old male pilot surnamed Pan and a 25-year-old female trainee pilot surnamed Xi, according to a police update.... Read more

08-Jul-13 N712U Robinson R22B American Fork Canyon, US-Utah

28 year old instructor and 24 year old student – both seriously injured.  Crashed onto rocky mountain side and rolled some way down a slope.... Read more

06-Jul-13 HB-ZDI Robinson R22B Altishofen, Switzerland

Uncontrolled sideways movement on training flight and fell onto its side... Read more

23-Jun-13 ZK-HKE Robinson R22 Forest Range Station, New Zealand

The helicopter’s tail rotor struck terrain/snow during a stock mustering operation. The pilot was unable to control the helicopter and while attempting to land the helicopter rolled over.... Read more

03-Jun-13 N2318X Robinson R22B Lansing, US-Illinois

Training accident.  Main blades chopped tail boom.  Helicopter ended up on its skids... Read more

02-Jun-13 F-GMLZ Robinson R22 Brest, France

Helicopter crashed into the fuel pumps, ending upside down impaled on them.  No fire.  Two injured... Read more

30-May-13 ZK-HYR Robinson R22 Rangiora, New Zealand

Destroyed in take-off accident on first solo flight... Read more

18-May-13 Robinson R22 Wilmington, US-North Carolina

Emergency landing for “engine issues”... Read more

09-May-13 Robinson R22 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Training accident, helicopter ended up on its starboard side in local park... Read more

08-May-13 N5ZK Robinson R22 Honolulu, US-Hawaii

Force landed in street and badly damaged in collision with parked vehicle... Read more

03-May-13 I-B165 Robinson R22B Viareggio, Italy

Helicopter ended up on its side in an open field... Read more

02-May-13 ZK-HAM Robinson R22 West Coast, New Zealand

“Helicopter took off on its own and came down on its side”... Read more

11-Apr-13 G-EROM Robinson R22B Redhill, UK

Substantially damaged – solo student training flight... Read more

10-Apr-13 ZK-HTQ Robinson R22 Tarras, New Zealand

Helicopter was left unattended with the engine running. The helicopter became airborne, spun around, and struck the ground.... Read more

09-Feb-13 I-LALM Robinson R22 Pontecagnano, Italy

Private pilot injured in accident on take-off.  Local language TV report at Read more

01-Feb-13 N3059Q Robinson R22 Gillett, US-Texas

Helicopter crashed while hunting feral hogs at low level, ending up on its port side. Two persons were injured in the crash which happened about 2:45pm local... Read more

22-Jan-13 ZK-IMZ Robinson R22B Nokomai Station, New Zealand

Helicopter was flying up a valley and suddenly lost altitude due to a suspected downdraft. the helicopter hit the ground and rolled 6 times, breaking off the tail... Read more

21-Jan-13 ZK-HIY Robinson R22B Karamea, New Zealand

Helicopter experienced unusual vibrations while flying at 4500ft. Pilot decided to make a precautionary landing but the tail struck the ground during landing and helicopter rolled over.... Read more

19-Jan-13 VH-HGI Robinson R22 Batchelor, Australia

During the final approach, the pilot conducted a missed approach. The pilot subsequently lost control and the helicopter collided with the ground.... Read more

17-Jan-13 N26NE Robinson R22 Ellington, US-Connecticut

Rolled over onto starboard side on training flight, 2 POB not injured... Read more

17-Jan-13 N223MG Robinson R22 San Marcos, US-Texas

Hard landing on training flight.  FAA report gives reg as N223GM which is not a valid registration.  N223GM is assumed, based on it being the right helicopter type and registered to a Designated Pilot Examiner who leases 2+ R22s to Alamo Helicopters... Read more

02-Jan-13 N345VH Robinson R22 Tampa, US-Florida

Helicopter tipped over onto its starboard side on a training flight landing... Read more

01-Jan-12 OO-RWK Robinson R22 Hoevenen, Belgium

Dynamic Roll-over on training flight.  No injuries reported to instructor or student... Read more

23-Dec-12 N27AT Robinson R22 Corcoran, US-Minnesota

Crashed on landing – the 68-year old owner of the helicopter Trygve Nils Svard was landing at his son’s house.  Helicopter started to spin and it was put down hurriedly, remaining upright but catching fire.  Photos show a trailer well within the rotor disc area at its final resting spot.  Pilot suffered minor burns only.... Read more

16-Dec-12 PR-IJU Robinson R22 Guarapiranga Dam, Brazil

Training accident, both occupants injured.  Aircraft written off... Read more

15-Dec-12 N393LE Robinson R22 Logan-Cache Airport, US-Utah

Tipped over onto its side on landing.  Training flight... Read more

30-Nov-12 N2626N Robinson R22 Apollo Beach, US-Florida (1F)

Crashed into water, killing sole occupant pilot John “Larry” Ward.  Witness reported rotor blade separation... Read more

22-Nov-12 PP-MEJ Robinson R22 Marica, Brazil

Turned over during attempted landing.  Landed on port side with tail boom separated... Read more

21-Nov-12 PR-UTJ Robinson R22 Serra da Grota Funda, Brazil (2F)

Crashed in a wooded area on training flight.  Instructor Silvestre Travassos Neto, 34, and student Felipe Barreto, 18, died at the scene... Read more

15-Nov-12 N2356T Robinson R22B Portland, US-Oregon

Emergency landing on sports field.  No damage.  Out by road to maintenance facility... Read more

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