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08-Nov-12 Robinson R22 Central Otago, New Zealand (1F)

Experienced pilot killed in “perfect weather conditions” after reportedly “falling out of the sky”.  Police stated that the pilot was Julian Dean Kramer (52), also known as Julianne Kramer – chief flying instructor at Wakatipu Aero Club.  Helicopter may be ZK-HCG (1499)... Read more

02-Nov-12 I-HEFH Robinson R22 Bresso, Italy

Training accident, ending up on its port side... Read more

01-Nov-12 N231TM Robinson R22 Alexander City, US-Alabama

Two injured in light helicopter accident... Read more

31-Oct-12 VH-HOA Robinson R22 Innamincka, Australia

During mustering, the helicopter collided with water and submerged.... Read more

27-Oct-12 N2627M Robinson R22M Lake Havasu, US-Arizona

Pilot put R22 Mariner down into Lake Havasu after experiencingd unspecified mechanical problems.  Mohave County Sheriff’s reported the pilot as Michael Christiansen, and his passenger as Michael Rabo.  It is unclear from press reports how this helicopter sank, given it has fixed floats... Read more

24-Oct-12 PP-MAQ Robinson R22 Porto Alegre, Brazil

Training accident, lost control during ground taxi in gusty conditions up to 22 knots of wind.  Helicopter landed and turned over onto its starboard side.  Student pilot Maycon Nogaroli, 35, was not injured.  Instructor Samir Nagib Murr, 32, was hospitalized with head injuries.... Read more

03-Oct-12 VH-LLF Robinson R22 Halls Creek, Australia (1F)

Crashed on a cattle station half way between Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing, and two days later the press reported that the pilot’s body remains trapped in the wreckage underwater in a remote gorge.... Read more

03-Oct-12 N80140 Robinson R22 Marblemount, US-Washington

Emergency landing made in Cascades National Park... Read more

26-Sep-12 N4171J Robinson R22B Anchorage, US-Alaska

Training accident, dynamic rollover onto starboard side... Read more

24-Sep-12 PR-JRG Robinson R22 Guarulhos City, Brazil

Training accident.  Photos show location was near pylon – were cables involved?... Read more

10-Sep-12 N281RG Robinson R22 Crosby, US-Texas (2F)

Helicopter crashed and burnt out.  Both occupants killed – later named here as Christopher John Yeager, 40, the pilot of Houston and Joyce Ann Ates, 60, a photographer from Midwest City, Oklahoma.... Read more

07-Sep-12 N212SH Robinson R22B Newman Lake, US-Washington

Crashed after losing control in the hover... Read more

17-Aug-12 N208WM Robinson R22 Spanish Fork, US-Utah

Training flight, reportedly practicing autorotations.  CFI Gary Hansen sustained bad head injuries, student only minor injuries.... Read more

14-Aug-12 Robinson R22 Leicester, UK

News report just says it crashed, no further details yet available.  Possibly G-BTHI (1732)... Read more

16-Jul-12 N47WH Robinson R22 Bountiful, US-Utah

Rolled over multiple times on autorotation landing on training flight.  Instructor and student not seriously injured... Read more

11-Jul-12 PT-HOL Robinson R22 Campo de Marte, Brazil (2F)

Crashed to the ground into a building, killing both occupants – instructor Mailson Rocha Lopes (age 23) and student Denis Frank Thomazi (32)... Read more

09-Jul-12 N7527Y Robinson R22B Murrieta, US-California (1F)

Pilot killed in R22 accident.  Passenger received minor injuries.   See also news story – California R22 crash kills record-holder pilot Johan Nurmi... Read more

14-Jun-12 N1089N Robinson R22M Oak Island, US-North Carolina

Robinson R22 Mariner operating at low level (it usually flies aerial photography work with boats) crashed into the sea and turned over.  Ambulances transported occupants Will Mistrot and Marie Kojimoto to hospital but their injuries were not considered life-threatening We note that the initial press reports (see below) indicated that Mr Mistrot was the pilot,... Read more

02-May-12 N209KR Robinson R22 Kona, US-Hawaii

Came down on training flight.  Instructor and student both reported injured and to hospital... Read more

14-Apr-12 N1152W Robinson R22 Farmington, US-Connecticut

R22 piloted by state Rep. Bill Wadsworth crashed in a wood, injuring passenger Irene Van – who is quoted as saying “We were coming over the trees and all of a sudden we went into a crazy spin”... Read more

06-Apr-12 OO-DTZ Robinson R22B2 Huy, Belgium (2F)

Hit cable car wires during low level photographic work.  Both pilot Jean-Yves Dantinne and photographer Lawrence Matagne lost their lives... Read more

05-Apr-12 N104MH Robinson R22 Isabel, US-South Dakota

Unspecified crash, pilot airlifted to hospital.  Registration/type assumed as pilot was quoted in the press report as “Duane Jake Kraft” and N104MH is owned by Duane J Kraft at a local address... Read more

25-Mar-12 Robinson R22 Sinalunga, Italy (2F)

R22 crashed from a low level sharp turn shortly close in a ploughed field approx 200m from the pilot’s house, killing both occupants.  The sequence was watched by the pilot’s son from the house, who immediately called the emergency services. The two were later named as pilot  Marcello Bartalucci age 62 and Giampaulo Marri, age... Read more

15-Mar-12 N290SH Robinson R22 Palo Alto, US-California

Engine trouble on approach.  Pilot was only occupant, and was not injured.  After the landing, the helicopter was on its side in about a marshy area near the side of a lake (see photos in third link below)... Read more

07-Mar-12 N54BA Robinson R22 Randle, US-Washington

“impacted the side of a hill”... Read more

21-Feb-12 VH-HRY Robnison R22 Beauchamp Station, Australia

During mustering operations, the helicopter collided with terrain. The pilot was not injured, however the helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

19-Feb-12 N7508Y Robinson R22 Rio Vista, US-California

Crashed into field after mid-air collision with fixed-wing Beech Bonanza.  Minor injuries.  R22 pilot was experienced fixed wing pilot logging night hours as a student.... Read more

06-Feb-12 Robinson R22 Megara, Greece

Emergency landing after suspected mechanical issues on night flight in gusty weather.... Read more

16-Jan-12 G-FIRS Robinson R22 Llanwddyn, UK

Attempting to land on the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel`s designated helicopter pad. Cam down approx 100m short of the pad.  Fire was put out – foam evident in the Photo here  2POB were a male aged 30 and female aged 32.... Read more

15-Jan-12 Robinson R22 San Liberato, Italy (2F)

Crashed after hitting cables on approach to airfield, killing Filippo Sini, 39, and Vittorio Mestichelli, 57.  [Warning – some photos in the Italian press show at least one of the bodies without it being covered up]... Read more

10-Jan-12 D-HHTA Robinson R22 Egelsbach, Germany

Accident on first solo.  R22 ended up on its port side... Read more

06-Jan-12 G-CHZN Robinson R22 Witchford, UK (1F)

While on planned route Manston to Fenland, crashed in open field.  Helicopter ended upside down with roof of cabin and rotorhead apparently taking the bulk of the impact – tail boom mainly undamaged.  Port skid had been ripped off, and tail was separated but only a few metres away from the boom.  Registration confirmed in... Read more

06-Jan-12 Robinson R22 St Petersburg, US-Florida

helicopter made a hard landing and ended up on its side... Read more

03-Jan-12 VH-FHR Robinson R22 Richmond, Australia

After takeoff, the helicopter lost power and the pilot made a forced landing. The helicopter rolled onto its side and was destroyed in a post-impact fire. The pilot sustained minor injuries.... Read more

23-Dec-11 ZS-RNZ Robinson R22 Port Alfred, South Africa

Training accident from low level, helicopter ended up on its starboard side.  Instructor and pupil light injuries only and walked away.... Read more

14-Dec-11 N4052G Robinson R22 Tucson, US-Arizona

Early reports of private helicopter down on Raytheon property nr Tucson Airport.  Pilot airlifted to UMC Trauma Center, no info on the other person on board.  FAA spokesman said pilot reported engine failure prior to landing.... Read more

07-Dec-11 N817AB Robinson R22 Honolulu, US-Hawaii

Substantial damage in field landing while practicing autorotations... Read more

28-Nov-11 C-GVAR Robinson R22 Waterloo, Canada (1F)

Appeared to lose power approximately one mile south of the airport. The helicopter was observed in a rapid descent into a wooded area south of the airport. 1 fatal, 1 injured.  Fatality later named as instructor Tiffany Hanna, 29.  CADAORS 2011O3540... Read more

27-Nov-11 VH-RKN Robinson R22 El Questro, Australia

During an approach to land, the low RPM light and warning horn activated and the helicopter made a hard landing.... Read more

07-Nov-11 VH-CME Robinson R22 Julia Creek, Australia

During mustering operations, the main rotor blade struck the ground resulting in the helicopter coming to rest on its side.... Read more

05-Nov-11 N413RM Robinson R22 West Palm Beach, US-Florida

Helicopter was on a low-level aerial tour when it lost height over a residential area... Read more

11-Oct-11 PT-YEC Robinson R22 São Paulo, Brazil

Heavy forced landing and ended up no its starboard side.  Had just taken off from Campo de Marte Airport bound for Guarulhos... Read more

04-Oct-11 N4170M Robinson R22 Hibbing, US-Minnesota

landing accident, substantially damaged... Read more

29-Sep-11 VH-RTB Robinson R22 Maningrida, Australia

During aerial mustering, the helicopter’s tail rotor collided with a tree and the helicopter landed heavily. The helicopter sustained serious damage.... Read more

24-Sep-11 N3070S Robinson R22 Douglas, US-Wyoming

Skids struck the ground while hovertaxying... Read more

03-Sep-11 N7197W Robinson R22 Clearwater, US-Florida

Photo shows helicopter on its port side... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HHSA Robinson R22B Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

11-Aug-11 N62JF Robinson R22 Titusville, US-Florida

On long finals, the pilot accidentally switched off the fuel flow.  Helicopter made an engine-off landing on a residential street, sliding some distance on its skids before reaching some trees which arrested its movement and it ended up upside down under a tree... Read more

08-Aug-11 N8332T Robinson R22 Deer Park, US-Washington

Substantially damaged in landing accident... Read more

27-Jul-11 VH-YOL Robinson R22 Fitzroy Crossing, Australia (1F)

48-year-old Jill Jenyns was believed to be returning from mustering cattle when she crashed fatally into a sand hill on a trip from Big Rock Dam to her homestead at Brooking Springs Station near Fitzroy Crossing.... Read more

20-Jul-11 N83509 Robinson R22 Dayton, US-New Jersey

Very heavy landing, both occupants injured.  Skids splayed out, tail boom broken but stayed upright.  The pilot is 27-year-old Edwin Eilbacher of Hillsborough, N.J. His passenger is 44-year-old photographer Julia Armstrong-Robertson of Newark, Del.... Read more

16-Jul-11 Robinson R22 Kaeo, New Zealand

helicopter rolled and caught fire after it landed heavily... Read more

15-Jul-11 G-JERS Robinson R22 Cumbernauld, UK

The instructor reported that as the helicopter slid forward along the ground while practising running landings, it moved into an area of longer grass causing the front of the skids to become caught. The student raised the collective in an effort to pull the helicopter free, but this caused the skids to dig in and... Read more

14-Jul-11 JA007J Robinson R22B Sabaekoizumi, Japan

Fell off side of helipad after landing... Read more

10-Jul-11 N10786 Robinson R22 Lantana, US-Florida

Hard landing shortly after take-off... Read more

27-Jun-11 N7779M Robinson R22 Garfield, US-Texas (1F)

An eyewitness described the aircraft as having “disintegrated” mid-air, according to Austin-Travis County EMS spokesman Warren Hassinger  “Fire rescuers and EMS personal arrived on the scene and pretty much confirmed that it was not a survivable crash,” Hassinger said, adding that the victim was “burned beyond recognition”.  Pilot later named as 60 -year-old Steve Titsworth. ... Read more

27-Jun-11 EI-EAS Robinson R22 Sligo, Eire

Eye-witnesses said the small helicopter — which was carrying a 31-year-old pilot and a 19-year-old girl — appeared to get into difficulty for reasons which are now being investigated.... Read more

18-Jun-11 N334DC Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

Aft portion of tail boom separated on landing... Read more

29-May-11 N8313E Robinson R22 Redding, US-Connecticut

Precautionary landing after tail rotor issue... Read more

09-May-11 VH-DSD Robinson R22 Julia Creek, Australia (1F)

1 fatality.  Mustering accident, according to Queensland Fire & Rescue.  Official report here... Read more

03-May-11 N927SH Robinson R22 Yancy, US-Texas

Hard landing, rolled over, broke skid... Read more

27-Apr-11 ZK-HMU Robinson R22 Arawhata Saddle, New Zealand (2F)

Instructor Graham Alan Stott, 31, and student Marcus Hoogvliet, 21, were on a training flight when their R22 went down on the Arawhata Saddle, at the head of the Matukituki River... Read more

26-Apr-11 I-ETEC Robinson R22 Sulmona, Italy (2F)

Initial reports are suggesting a wire strike in less-than-ideal visibility. Fatalities named as Danilo Ricuperati (31) and Matteo Franchini (27)... Read more

10-Apr-11 N372LE Robinson R22 Lake Charles, US-Louisiana

Destroyed in hard landing (per FAA), but “There was only moderate damage to the aircraft and no damage to the runway or any impact on our commercial operations,” according to airport director Heath Allen.... Read more

06-Apr-11 ZK-IXR Robinson R22 Coleridge, New Zealand (1F)

Pilot died – later named as Adrian James Mayberry, 59, of Christchurch.  The passenger was seriously injured... Read more

06-Apr-11 N268SH Robinson R22 South Valley Regional Airport, US-Utah

Hard landing on training flight  – skids splayed out although helicopter remained upright.  Tail boom sliced by main blades.... Read more

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