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08-Mar-11 ZK-HOI Robinson R22 Fiordland, New Zealand

Crashed in a clearing close to a second R22 which was carrying out a deer recovery operation.  Subject helicopter was observing, initally from 15m up, just prior to it coming down.  Pilot aged 64 OK, passenger aged 55 needed medical treatment.  Both from Warkworth, north of Auckland... Read more

23-Jan-11 PT-YDW Robinson R22 Guaiba River, Brazil

Emergency landing made on edge of river after suspected mechanical problems.  Two occupants uninjured... Read more

18-Jan-11 HB-ZKL Robinson R22 Chatel, Switzerland

Pilot Jean Marcel Grillet Aubert seriously injured, Passenger (unnamed) not injured... Read more

30-Dec-10 VH-PUG Robinson R22 Emerald, Australia

Low level accident.  R22 ended up on its starboard side.  1 POB not seriously injured... Read more

16-Dec-10 Robinson R22 NAS North Island, US-California

Emergency landing following carbon monoxide warning illumination... Read more

14-Dec-10 PT-YYG Robinson R22 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Forced landing in Avenida Tiradentes, heavy enough for skids to splay out.  Helicopter remained upright.  helicopter was operating for Radio Eldorado, and neither occupant was injured – pilot reported as Andrew Smith, and reporter Flavio Perez... Read more

13-Dec-10 VH-FDL Robinson R22 Georgetown, Australia

During the cruise, the engine failed. The pilot conducted a forced landing. The passenger received serious injuries and the helicopter was seriously damaged.... Read more

09-Dec-10 G-CBVL Robinson R22 Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France (2F)

R22 crashed in a steep sided valley while en route from Sospel to Avignon. French press named the deceased as Martin Rutty and Simon Lichtenstein... Read more

27-Nov-10 I-WWWW Robinson R22 Paganella, Italy

Encountered sudden winds taking off in mountainous region, landed no side in snow. Pilot Paolo Ferrazza (35) was not seriously injured while passenger Andrea Zampedri (38) was virtually unscathed... Read more

24-Nov-10 PT-YDU Robinson R22 Goiania, Brazil

According to the Fire Department, the helicopter pilot Cristiano Felipe Rocha, 23, suffered a broken nose. The passenger, identified only as Leonardo, suffered minor injuries.... Read more

09-Nov-10 VH-TCG Robinson R22 Rolleston, Australia (1F)

Pilot Russell Parker, aged 39, died in this R22 accident while mustering cattle... Read more

04-Nov-10 PT-HOL Robinson R22 Campo de Marte, Brazil

Training accident, ended up on starboard side... Read more

02-Nov-10 ZS-RNN Robinson R22 Rooival, South Africa (2F)

The two fatalities on a licence re-validation flight were owner Bevan Bertholdt (39) and flight instructor Boeta Austin... Read more

29-Oct-10 Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

FAA report “heavy landing”... Read more

20-Oct-10 N844SH Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

FAA prelim report stated that this R22 “ended up on its side”. We note that we have another report dated 29th October of the same type of helicopter in Prescott AZ – perhaps the FAA got the wrong date on this report?... Read more

14-Oct-10 ZK-HIP Robinson R22 Bluff Harbour, New Zealand (2F)

Instructor Jason Wright, 29, of Bluff, and his pupil Allan Munro, 67, of Avondale, 75km north of Invercargill, were found with the submerged but intact Robinson 22 2km southeast of Colyers Island inside the harbour, ending a 24 hour search.... Read more

12-Oct-10 Robinson R22 Torwood Station, Australia

Helicopter was involved in scouring the property to map mustering locations when the accident happened... Read more

12-Oct-10 N853DS Robinson R22 Long Beach, US-California

Low level training exercise and right skid snagged the ground causing the helicopter to imbalance and turn over onto its side.... Read more

05-Oct-10 ZK-IIL Robinson R22 Kaituna Valley, New Zealand

Pilot believed he had a mechanical failure and tried and pick a spot to land for an emergency landing... Read more

28-Sep-10 G-HRBS Robinson R22 Goodwood, UK

The pilot over-controlled the aircraft on experiencing dynamic rollover during take off. The aircraft became airborne and began rotating, before impacting the ground and sustaining serious damage to the tail. The pilot was unaware of the damage and continued the flight although he subsequently landed without further mishap.... Read more

05-Aug-10 ZS-RVB Robinson R22 Kenhardt District, South Africa (2F)

One fatality was famous rugby player Andre van Wyk... Read more

14-Sep-09 N796SH Robinson R22 El Toro, US-California

14-Sep-09 N796SH Robinson R22 El Toro, US-California... Read more

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