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IAR Signs $72 Million Contract with Romanian Defence Ministry

IAR Signs $72 Million Contract with Romanian Defence Ministry

IAR, a Romanian aircraft maintenance and repair company, signed a $72.7 million contract on 30 December 2016 with the Romanian Defence Ministry for the modernization of their IAR 330L PUMA helicopters. The contract, which will run until 2019, will ensure that the 330L helicopters will fly for the next 12 years, reports HeliWeb. .

Source:, 09-Jan-17

21-Nov IAR330 Puma Malancrav, Romania (9F)

Eight of 10 POB killed in accident during military training exercise after helicopter crashed from low level and caught fire. Ninth victim died later 9on 8th December) in hospital

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07-Mar-13 Eurocopter/IAR SA330L Bacau, Romania (2F)

Two killed and three injured when helicopter crashed on training flight.  The two fatalities were named by the Romanian military as Petty Officer Lawrence Chiru and Sergeant Basil Manolache