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10-Jun-17 N7482F Hughes 300C Tallulah, US-Louisiana

Substantially damaged by ground resonance


Oceania Aviation to train Pakistan 300C engineers

Oceania Aviation to train Pakistan 300C engineers

Oceania Aviation are pleased to announce the recent signing of an agreement with Pakistan authorities for the training and development of government-nominated engineers in the overhaul and servicing of leading dynamic components, rotor blades, piston engines and calendar parts for the Sikorsky S300C. The agreements will see Engineers from Pakistan accommodated in New Zealand for… Read more »

Source: Oceania Aviation, 17-Mar-16

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22-Sep-15 C-GNET Schweizer S300C Dawson City, Canada

Helicopter was hovering approximately 40 feet AGL to assess the landing area. The helicopter moved laterally to the right in order to increase the visibility of the landing area. During this time, the helicopter rotated to the right and started to spin about the vertical axis. An attempt to control the rotational spin was made,… Read more »


12-Sep-15 D-HHLB Schweizer S300C Delitzsch, Germany

Reported engine failure with a total loss of engine power whilst on aerial photography, and helicopter rolled onto starboard side and suffered significant damage.  The 39-year-old pilot and his 65 years old co-pilot were slightly injured


23-Aug-15 N315TV Schweizer 300C Mesa, US-Arizona

The pilot reported that during the approach, he noticed erratic cyclic control movements and subsequently landed hard.  Postaccident examination of the helicopter by an Federal Aviation Administration inspector revealed that the main rotor blades and tail boom were substantially damaged.


18-Aug-15 N17YS Schweizer 300C Las Vegas, US-Nevada

hard landing off field.  Substantially damaged


01-Jul-15 N9490F Hughes 300C Asotin, US-Washington (2F)

Two fatalities – later named as Hudson Simmons and Hayden Simmons. Unknown circumstances Location is very close to state line. Incident location reported relative to both Lewiston ID and Asotin WA which are opposite sides of the river forming the state line at this point.


01-Jul-15 N2096W Schweizer 300C Chehalem Airpark, US-Oregon (2F)

Crashed on routine night training flight, killing instructor and student.  A later report named the instructor as Anthony Gallerai and the student as Kristian Blackwell


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23-Oct-14 C-GLVP Hughes 300C Chemin du Lac Mourier, Canada

During the landing approach at a height of about 20-30 feet above the ground, a quick right yaw occurs. Pilot lost control resulting in a hard landing and the helicopter rolled to the side and suffered significant damage, but the pilot was not injured. CADORS 2014Q2226


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22-Sep-14 N1675U Schweizer 300C Grand Forks, US-North Dakota

Touched down hard, striking the tail rotor


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11-Aug-14 N7432F Hughes 300C Darrington, US-Washington

Force landed, pilot had minor injuries


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09-Aug-14 OE-XRL Schweizer 300C Stockerau, Austria

Helicopter fell over onto port side on landing.  Male pilot uninjured, female passenger slight injuries.


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24-Jul-14 C-GMJQ Schweizer 300C Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse, Canada

Struck cables while crop spraying, extensively damaged. CADORS 2014Q1500


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13-Mar-14 PH-OKE Hughes 300C Hilversum, Netherlands

Three injured (one seriously) in low level accident at base airfield


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28-Jan-14 C-GMCI Schweizer 300CBi Pitt Lake, Canada

2POB escaped unharmed.  helicopter rolled off bank into the waters of Pitt Lake, British Columbia CADORS 2014P0128


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21-Jan-14 N2110J Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida

Landing accident, helicopter on its side


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28-Dec-13 N2056J Schweizer 300C Westchester, US-New York

Landing accident on training flight, helicopter ended up on its port side.  Both occupants to hospital


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06-Dec-13 RA-2097G Schweizer 300C Rostov Oblast, Russia (2F)

Two killed on instructional flight.  Reports state R44 as helicopter type but photo evidence shows S300C.  Tail boom and tail rotor separate from the rest of the wreckage which was completely burned out.


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23-Nov-13 N368RW Schweizer 300C Bakersfield, US-California

Minor rotor blade damage on departure


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Sikorsky restarts production of the Schweizer S300C

Sikorsky restarts production of the Schweizer S300C

Sikorsky have confirmed to that they have restarted the Schweizer S300C production line at Coatesville, Pennsylvania, and delivered the first two helicopters from that line in July 2013.  Our research suggests these are serials S1954 and S1956 to customers in China. A total of 19 S300Cs are being built at Coatesville, serials S1954 to… Read more »

Source:, 18-Nov-13

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14-Nov-13 ZK-HJL Schweizer 300C Te Kauwhata, New Zealand

During a tea tree spray operation in a gully, helicopter turned into a wire, 20-30 ft. AGL. Pilot was aware of the wire.  NZ occurrence ref 13/5709


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01-Nov-13 N17880 Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida

Force landing in muddy area


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02-Oct-13 C-GGUV Schweizer S300C Lake Manouane, Canada

“Collision with terrain”.  Operator specialises in agricultural work. CADORS 2013Q2216


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22-Jun-13 N2091E Schweizer 300C Medford, US-New Jersey

Minor damage on landing at base.


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11-Jun-13 Schweizer 300C Semarang, Indonesia

Training flight, minor injuries to 2 POB


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06-Jun-13 Schweizer S300C Guanghan, China (1F)

Training flight, one fatal, one injured.  Helicopter ended upside-down on the banks of a river


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31-May-13 N9507F Hughes 300B Chautauqua Lake, US-New York

Helicopter ditched in lake shortly after take-off.  2 POB (pilot Gordon Wuebbolt and his daughter) swam ashore.


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Cherokee Nation Industries earns $5.1M S300C contract from Sikorsky

Cherokee Nation Industries earns $5.1M S300C contract from Sikorsky

Cherokee Nation Industries is furthering its relationship with industry leader Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. The tribal enterprise was recently honored as a 2013 Sikorsky Gold Supplier and awarded a $5.1 million contract to provide frame and instrument panel assembly for the S-300C helicopter. “Aerospace and defense manufacturing is a core industry in Oklahoma and our business… Read more »

Source: Cherokee Nation, 09-May-13

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01-May-13 N322MH Schweizer 300C Hamilton, US-Montana

Minor damage during training flight


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25-Feb-13 FAP-667 Schweizer 300C Centro Poblado Camacho, Peru

Training accident, helicopter ended up on its side in grassy field.  The two occupants of the aircraft were identified as pilot Captain Manuel Poblete FAP Pardo Aguilar (30) and passenger Major FAP Candle Italo Fernandez (36)


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21-Aug-12 I-GUAN Schweizer 300C Arena Po, Italy

Two occupants, substantially damaged


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24-Jul-12 N9679F Hughes 300C St Petersburg, US-Florida

General media reported it as a tail rotor issue while hovering.  Helicopter came to rest close to a fence


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07-Jul-12 N565LH Schweizer 300C Shreveport, US-Louisiana

Unknown circumstances, according to FAA records


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23-May-12 Schweizer S300 Wazirabad, Pakistan (2F)

Helicopter crashed into a river on a training flight.  Student pilot Captain Shmer and instructor Major Zahid Bari missing, presumed dead due to the fast flow rate of the river. Update – student’s body recovered some days later.  Helicopter type confirmed from 26s in to this video


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02-May-12 N380TL Hughes 300C Phoenix, US-Arizona

Crashed in a residential neighbourhood, both occupants hospitalised -Alan Cottrell and Ron Ponce


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Indonesian Aerospace buys two S300Cs, plus options for four

Indonesian Aerospace buys two S300Cs, plus options for four

Sikorsky Aircraft has announced the sale of two S-300Câ„¢ helicopters with an option for four more, to IPTN North America, a subsidiary of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI)/Indonesian Aerospace (IAe). These S-300C helicopters will support the Indonesian Army’s requirements to train more than 100 new pilots in the next few years. In March 2012, the Indonesian Minister of… Read more »

Source: Sikorsky, 16-Apr-12

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25-Jan-12 VH-FUJ Schweizer 300C Long Hill, Australia

During the return from crop spraying operations, the engine lost power, resulting in a forced landing. The pilot was not injured, however the helicopter caught fire and was destroyed.


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05-Sep-11 N17YS Schweizer 300CBi Orlando, US-Florida

Tail rotor strike during autorotation


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20-Aug-11 D-HSEA Schweizer 269C Hamburg, Germany

Emergency landing on harbour-side dock.  Pilot listed as Frank Proebster, aged 41


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29-Jul-11 N39SH Schweizer 300C Darlington, US-Maryland

Heavy landing which damaged the helicopter after pilot Steven Rindone experienced severe in-flight vibration and put the helicopter down as soon as he could.


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12-Jul-11 N3623Z Schweizer 300C Malaga, US-Washington

The pilot reported that while flying low over a cherry orchard to dry the cherries, the engine experienced a loss of power. The helicopter subsequently settled into the trees.


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03-Jul-11 N72DC Schweizer 300C Katy, US-Texas

Agricultural operation


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Sikorsky Global Helicopters Honors Edra Aeronautica at Heli-Expo 2010

Sikorsky Global Helicopters Honors Edra Aeronautica at Heli-Expo 2010

Sikorsky Global Helicopters, a Sikorsky company, today at Heli-Expo honored EDRA Aeronáutica of Brazil for its contributions to law enforcement flight training through the use of S-300 series helicopters. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). EDRA has been a distributor for Sikorsky light helicopters since 1997 and has been… Read more »

Source: Schweizer, 21-Feb-10

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25-Jan-09 ZK-HVX Schweizer S300C Waitakaruru, Waikato, New Zealand

25-Jan-09 ZK-HVX Schweizer S300C Waitakaruru, Waikato, New Zealand


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