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21-Aug-15 I-GBVD Airbus AS350B3 Arzana, Italy

During fire fighting activities, the helicopter, equipped with bambi bucket, immediately after the first water drop experienced control problems. Trying an emergency landing in a nearby area 1 km away, the helicopter in the final phase of the flight, started an abrupt spin and crashed.  Helicopter was on contract to Forest Service of Sardinia. Only… Read more »


24-Oct-14 I-DUEK Airbus AS350B3 Trodena, Italy

During take off (aerial work ops) in a mountain and wooded area, the main rotor hit a tree.  Damages to the main blades, to the tail boom and the tail rotor.

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16-Oct-13 I-HASB Eurocopter AS350B3 San Bernardo di Mendatica, Italy

Main blades struck tree during aerial work operations